Hurricane and Storm Preparedness

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Are You Ready?

Be prepared for an upcoming Hurricane, such as Hurricane Sandy, or any storm that could cause powere outages it is really important to do.

This past summer we had a terrible storm that caused all kinds of damage, and the widest spread power outages that Dave and I had ever experienced in Ohio. We were one of the few lucky ones, that did not loose our power. But, one thing we took for granted was being able to purchase gasoline. Because the power outages were so widespread, there were very few gas stations that has generators that were able to stay open and pump gas. The other side of that was that they didn’t have their charge card readers going… so everything was cash only. Dave and I hardly ever carry any cash, and were lucky that we had come off a vacation and did have some cash available.

hurricane sandy

I think most of us think of the obvious things we are going to need in a power outage.

*Food – Non perishable items
*Water – One gallon of water, per person for 3 days
*First Aid Kit
*Chainsaw and gas (if you live in an area with a lot of trees)

hurricane sandy

But here are some things that I didn’t really think about having on hand before:

*Extra gasoline
*Having a plan if you have to evacuate your home
*List of phone numbers of family, friends, Doctors, hospitals
*Whistle to signal for help

I know there are many other things you should have ready. I’ve never had to think about hurricanes before, since I live in Ohio. But this is a hurricane that the high winds are going to affect Ohio (at least they predict that), so we also need to be prepared.

Here is a complete list from the National Weather Hurricane Service, with links to specific lists so that you can be completely ready in case of storm emergency.

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2 Responses to “Hurricane and Storm Preparedness”
  1. Hey Sandy!

    Just came across your blog and subscribed! Really great stuff… I’m in Northern VA and we are all anxiously awaiting the big storm to kick in and I just went around the house to gather all the recommended supplies! Thanks and looking forward to more great posts!


  2. Ann says:

    While I haven’t posted on my blog in almost a year, I used it this week to catalogue the things we did to prepare for this storm. I’m on Long Island and parts of our area were hammered. Gas is still 4+ hour lines to get to if they don’t run out first. It’s bad but we prepped really well and could have gone quite some time without power or even a generator. But there are some ideas on there that some people might not know about. :) Keep praying for us on the East Coast. 100,000 homes were damaged or destroyed on Long Island. We were fortunate to only lose one large tree that hit nothing but others are dealing with no homes and loss of family/friends/loved ones.

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