Gutzy Gear Backpack Straps and Patches

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Kids Love Gutzy Gear Backpack Straps

I had the opportunity to have a Gutzy Gear home party and my triplets were so happy. I had a problem trying to get kids together with all the sports and sports schedules we have. It finally took a broken arm and Christmas break to get kids over here. lol

Gutzy Gear

I got all the straps ready to go. They come in single boxes, so you can purchase just one strap if that is what you’d prefer.

Gutzy Gear

The girls started out by coloring and making cards with some of the fun things that Gutzy Gear sent me.

girl party

The Gutzy gear patches come in packages of two. They have velcro on the back of them, and adhere to the straps easily.

gutzy gear patches

I opened all the rest of the packages so that they girls could pick out what they wanted. We spread them out on the table (so they wouldn’t all stick together from the velcro. lol)

gutzy gear

The straps go on easily. They just wrap around the backpack straps. They are padded and help to protect the kids straps, along with being decorative.

back packs

The littlest one, was more than eager to pick out her favorite patches. I started out by asking the girls all to pick out two patches they wanted. She quickly grabbed up six of her favorites! lol Her mom had to talk her into putting a couple back for the other girls. lol

gutzy gear

Her mom called me when they got home and told me again how excited the girls were with their Gutzy gear straps and patches. They were all very shy when they were here.

gutzy gear

Our second youngest participant, Amy’s @Happy4Deals youngest daughter was showing her mom what patches she liked, on the back of the package.

gutzy gear

After the kids decorated their book bags, we all ate some goodies!


Elise broke her arm at Basketball practice a couple weeks ago. She had her initial soft cast on with a sling. After the 2nd day with the sling on, she had a nasty red mark on the back of her neck from her sling strap. We were trying to figure out what we could do. She isn’t allowed to wear a turtle neck to school, so we were trying to figure out a way to protect her neck. I said, “Elise, I know what we can do!!  We have those Gutzy gear straps in there waiting for us to have our party. Let’s use one of those!”.

OMG.. it worked perfect!! No more red neck, she was so happy because it felt so much better.

broken arm

Of course we had to get a couple patches to decorate it! This was SOOOO perfect for this.

gutzy gear

Here are the party girls with all their decorated backpack straps.  Alex and Zach had them on their back packs, but I think in 6th grade they were just a little too conscious of their friends. One of the brothers of the other girls who came did bring his back pack too… and took two straps and patches, but didn’t join in the party.

I did see the Gutzy gear products in Target, last time I was there. They were in the aisle with luggage and back packs. You can also find them online on their Gutzy gear site. 

Gutzy Gear

Thank you Gutzy gear for providing all the backpack straps and patches for our party. I was not compensated in any other way.

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