Creating Space In The Family Room With Ikea Expedit Units

January 7, 2013 by  

Have A Smaller House And Need More Space?

I love using cubby wall units. I’ve used the Ikea Expedit shelves for several areas of my home. In the garage for my bedroom, mud room and in my actual office, that I don’t really use anymore (I have gone back to my mini office in the family room, to be near the family).

Now I have gone out and gotten a couple more of the large 5×5 Expedit units. When I make the drive to Ikea, I usually have a big list; since it is over two hours away from me. On this trip I bought two of these! I got a white one for my kitchen (that post will be coming) and I got this one for my family room. I painted the wall deep brown that is on the long end of my family room that runs into my kitchen.

ikea expedit

The other thing I did with this unit was to put it on casters. The reason I did that was two fold.  One, because this unit is large, when it is in “guest” mode (I’ll explain in a min) it covers a heater vent. This will still allow that heat to escape and not be completely covered up by the unit. The main reason I put it on casters is so that I can easily move it when needed.  You see, I again have created a mini “office” to work.

This is how the unit is the majority of the time. It is scooted up so that I can access the cubby units for work.

ikea expedit

It works great for me. I have my essentials at my finger tips.

ikea expedit

I know that it doesn’t look the best when people come to visit, so I also have a “guest” mode.  When we have guest over, I can simply pull the unit over on the wall so that it isn’t up beside the couch.

ikea expedit

This works great for me. I also have a smaller 2 cube unit that I have as a side table. I have one of the bins on the top of it that I use for my trash can. Below it I have a portable file that I can access.

side table

It’s a solution that works great for me. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a decorating diva, nor will I ever be. I am very practical with what I need and cost. These units are very sturdy and work great for what we need them for.

This is not a review that I did for Ikea Expedit Shelves, nor did I get compensated in any way for it. I just used them, love them, and want to share what works for me.



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4 Responses to “Creating Space In The Family Room With Ikea Expedit Units”
  1. Funny you should post about this! We are planning on going to get this in Red for the kids playroom!!!

  2. gregg says:

    Hi Sandy — Looks great! Quick question — do you think these would hold up in a high-trafficked area of the house with a 3.5 and 1.5 year old? It would be on wood floors, and I’m worried if there’s a chance it might be wobby and could tip! How sturdy and safe do you think these would be (would store small kids toys, books, etc in them…

  3. Sandy says:

    I think for any kind of wall unit.. when it comes to small kids it should be anchored to a wall. Kids love to climb and these are sturdy enough and heavy enough to cause some injury if they’d fall on a child. They do come with wall anchors. But I think they are awesome for a playroom. I wish they were around (or I knew about them) when my oldest boys were young. Toy shelves are nice because the kids can see what is available to them. You can also place items that you don’t want them playing with themselves on the higher shelves.

  4. Sandy says:

    Love the red! Wish I could use it somewhere. Although my couch looks bright red in the pictures, it is not that kind of red, so that one would never have matched in my family room. Yay!

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