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January 9, 2013 by  

Look At The Photo Blanket My Boys Got For Me!

My four oldest boys couldn’t stand to wait until Christmas Morning to give me my gift. They were so excited to give me the photo blanket they  had made for me.

photo blanket

I couldn’t believe it. They started unfolding it, and as soon as I saw there were family pictures on it.. the tears started flowing. As I’m sitting there trying to take it in, of course one of my first reactions was to grab my camera and then my phone and take pictures of it. lol (Truly a bloggers legacy).

They worked hard to make sure this photo blanket was perfect, picking up events from the time I met Dave and beyond. They worked hard to make sure that everyone was in the same amount of pictures evenly. They originally had our serious family photo for the bottom right pictures and then decided that our “goofy” one was perfect.

This photo blanket is one of the most awesome gifts I’ve ever been given. Isn’t it great?

I’ve had several of you ask where they got this photo blanket. I’m not actually sure where they got this exact throw, but I’ve seen them in a couple different places.

Walmart has them. The one that seems the closest is a 50×60 size that is 100% cotton. It says you can have up to 30 photos on the “Photo Collage Woven Throw”.  It also looks like you can customize them with a title. It can also be washed in cold water.What it says right now on the site (1/12/13) is that you can buy one and get one free ($99 cost for one).  I have no idea how long that deal goes on, but you can check. Obviously they must do it once in a while.

Hopefully that is helpful to you. Thanks!


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7 Responses to “Awesome Photo Blanket”
  1. Betty819 says:

    Your kids are so special to surprize you with this! Did your husband know about it before Christmas and keep it a secret? I’ve seen this done once but it was at an aunt’s funeral. Her kids had done a quilt like this with all of her 12 out of 13 kid’s pictures on it. It was beautiful. Now I wonder if Aunt V ever got to see her guilt before she died.The kids buried her with it, that was something very special.

    I know you were so proud of your kids for doing this for you. That shows you have done a good job raising them! Congrats!

  2. Mary T., IL says:

    I LOVE IT!! What great guys!! Can you tell me how/where they got it done? How long it took to get it done? My Mother-In-Law will be 70 yrs old this month and I think she would love something like this!! Thank you!

  3. Sandy says:

    I’m not sure where they did mine – but I saw that Walmart does them. I’d try that. Yes… I’m sure she would love it!

  4. grace says:

    what a wonderful gift you received.

  5. Judy Bradley says:

    Oh that is beautiful! It is beautiful to look at and more so to know your boys would do that for you! How wonderful!

  6. Sandy says:

    Thanks Judy. I know… I was so touched.

  7. Sandy says:

    I totally agree!

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