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Kids Love a Good Scavenger Hunt!

I decided to repurpose this post again this year. I had forgotten it myself, until I was going through some old posts. The kids had SO much fun doing this last year. It is something I am for SURE going to have them do again this year. Doesn’t cost a thing, keeps them busy for awhile and they get exercise. What could be better?

Do you remember going on scavenger hunts as a kids while at a friend’s party or with a church group?  I do and I loved them!  The triplets were a little on the bored side (can you believe that? Summer and nothing to do? lol) and I wanted to encourage them to be outside.  I do not allow TV, computers or video games during the day, unless it’s raining. I want them to get outside and play, explore and use their imaginations.

scavenger hunt

I decided the other day to send them on a scavenger hunt.  Our town is on the small side, so I felt comfortable with it.  I wrote up a list of things that I knew they could find and a few they’d have to search out.  I sent them with our home cell phone (nope… they do not have their own yet…. the only ones their age according to them!).

I sent them with a list of things to hunt out and they had to take pictures of them with the phone.  No knocking on doors and bringing back an entire bag of stuff (like we used to do).

Here is the list I sent them with:

scavenger hunt

They had a blast! They took their friend with them and were gone close to 2 hours.  I did talk to them during that time, so I knew everything was going well.  The only thing they couldn’t find was a garage sale.

I also sent along $5 and told them they could stop at the gas station and get a snack that they all could split, but that they had to have their list completed before they stopped for their snack.

There is now talk of doing another one and competing against another team.  One of the mother’s saw I had sent them on a scavenger hunt because I posted it on my Facebook page that day and she said her kids would love to do it with them!

I think I’ve started a new tradition!

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3 Responses to “Scavenger Hunt”
  1. cathy says:

    Brought back memories. And I love the modern twist using the phone. Fabulous.

  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks Cathy!

  3. You’re a great mom with great ideas. Must be fun at your house.

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