Amazing Finds and Walmart Deals at the Sawmill Road Grand Opening!

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I Found Some Totally Cool Things At The Walmart Grand Opening In Dublin, Ohio!

By Amy

I attended the Walmart Grand Opening as a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a shopper social amplification for Collective Bias and it’s advertiser. #GOWalmart  #CollectiveBias #WMT2774

Amazing Finds at Walmart #GOWalmart #shop

This morning I attended the Grand Opening of the brand new Walmart Supercenter in Dublin, Ohio!  It is a beautiful 176,000 square foot building in the Olde Sawmill Center.  The new Walmart boasts an entire Grocery Department with Deli and Bakery, clothing for the whole family, Electronics, Home Décor, Pharmacy, Garden Center, and a whole lot more!  I had the opportunity to tour the facility and see what I could find. I felt like I was on a treasure hunt, and let me tell you I found some pretty amazing treasures in that store!  Let me show you a few of my favorites.

Most Amazing Finds-Walmart #GOWalmart #shop

I walked into the Outdoor section and instantly fell in love with this beauty!  Deluxe Orbit Lounger with adjustable head and feet positions!  I can just picture myself next to a pool on this baby.  Well, first I need a pool, THEN I can lounge all day long on this while my lovely perfect children can feed me grapes and massage my feet…. Hahaha!  Yeah right, but still a lovely piece for my patio, where my children can keep bugging me every 5 minutes while I TRY to read a book.

Most Amazing Finds-Walmart #GOWalmart #shop

These took my breath away!  Foxgloves and Delphiniums are two of my favorite garden flowers and as you can see, they are GORGEOUS!  Their Garden Department was filled with lovely blooms and vegetable plants all ready to be planted.

Most Amazing Finds-Walmart #GOWalmart #shop

Oh I wish I had a little one to dress this in for the summer holidays! My youngest is a bit too big for this outfit, but I saw it in the little girl’s section and it just made me smile.

Most Amazing Finds-Walmart #GOWalmart #shop

This Walmart has pink guns!  Well, they also have other normal guns, but they have pink ones too!  Not every location sells rifles and shotguns, but this one does!  Pink Camo?  If I were in the market for a gun, I’d be buying that one!

Most Amazing Finds-Walmart #GOWalmart #shop

I was walking down the dishes aisle and this color stopped me dead in my tracks!  These dishes are hand crafted and look at that color!  B-E-A-Utiful! I could handle eating off of these babies every day for the rest of my life.

Most Amazing Finds-Walmart #GOWalmart #shop

You know, I’ve decided it’s the simple things in life that make me happy, and this is exactly one of those things.  My kids are needing new laundry hampers and these are what I’m buying!  I also love that it has wheels!

Most Amazing Finds-Walmart #GOWalmart #shop

And last but certainly not least, we must end our tour of Amazing Finds at Walmart with dessert, of course!  These scrumptious Dessert Shots are the same kind of little desserts  you overpay for at one of those fancy schmancy restaurants with the expensive meals and snooty waiters.  Just grab these delights, and once you’re home and the kids are all in bed, treat yourself to one, two or ALL of these puppies because who needs to share?

Now it’s YOUR turn to go find some Amazing things at your local Walmart!  Let me know what Amazing Things YOU find, I’d love to hear!

Love to all! ~ Amy

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