A More “Grownup” Bedroom

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A Bedroom Redo For My Daughter

by: Amy Trauntvein

You can redecorate a bedroom on the cheap also!

Grown Up Room

The time had come, all too quickly, for my oldest child to leave the nest (sob!).  He embarked onto college and now is in California serving a mission for 2 years and will be heading back to college once he’s back, so that meant changing up bedrooms, much to my 2 middle children’s utter excitement!  My second child inherited the “bachelor pad” downstairs so that left his bedroom empty.  It didn’t take long for my 13 year old to lay her claim on a new (bigger) bedroom along with her complaint that her current room was “way too young” and “way too pink”!  Yes it was pink, 2 colors of pink in fact along with bit of purple too.  Yes, we agreed it WAS time for a change, and time for her new room to reflect a more grown up style.

First, she needed a new bed.  The one she had was fine, but it is a twin bed and with all the sleepovers she has, I wanted to find her a full size so they could stop sleeping on the floor or even worse, squishing themselves both onto the twin bed!  Man, I could have gotten some great pictures!

As luck would have it, about a week after deciding to get her a new bed, a good friend and neighbor was having a yard sale and selling a whole bedroom set!  Full-size bed, nightstand and dresser!  Lucky me!  The set was a very sturdy, solid wood but a honey brown color.  No problem!  I just ran to my nearest home improvement store and bought sand paper, primer, and white paint.  It took me about 4 days to refinish it all in the garage.  We also repainted an old desk she had ,white with black drawer fronts, and the chair shiny black.

Grown Up Room

Grown Up Room

Once the furniture was ready, I needed to tackle the bedroom walls  and repaint.  Boring beige, not a fun color for a teen girl!

Grown Up Room

Grown Up Room

I had noticed that the white baseboards were no longer white.  After living in the house for over 7 years, they had really yellowed so after taking off all the electrical covers to prepare for painting, we taped off the carpet and tackled the baseboards.  Yellowed trim does NOT look good with any color!

Grown Up Room

When painting trim, if the walls are getting new paint too, you don’t have to be exact on the top.  The wall paint will cover your overage as long as you don’t leave any “clumps” of paint.

Grown Up Room

Emily loves bright colors and had decided on turquoise with black accents.  As luck would have it once again, my sister had 2 gallons of brand new turquoise paint that she wasn’t going to use.  We popped open the lid, and it was exactly what she wanted, thanks Rachael!   I was a bit worried at first, since it is so bright, but once it was all up, I loved it too and it totally matches my daughter’s personality. Here’s the room mid-painting.  My hubby had taught me how to paint edges without taping which saves a TON of time and even looks better since you don’t have to deal with paint seeping under the tape.  If I paint again sometime I’ll show you how.

Grown Up Room

Painting finished, furniture getting put back together and figuring out where to put everything.  It only took me a day to do the trim and walls.  Sorry about the lighting, it was late.  :)

Grown Up Room

The final product!  She absolutely loves her new “grown up” room!

Grown Up Room

The scrolled mirror and picture frames were all white before, I just bought some glossy spray paint and made them all black instead of buying new.

Grown Up Room

The storage cubby came from my second child’s room which he no longer needed so we gave it a clean coat of paint and bought the two black fabric drawers to match.  The top outer shelves hold her favorite books and the middle top shelf houses keepsakes from around the world (her own trips and presents from grandparents trips).  And look!  Open shelves to grow with!

Grown Up Room

Every girl needs a spot for jewelry…

Grown Up Room

And no “grown up” girl should be without a vanity table….

Grown Up Room

Emily LOVES nail polish and has quite the collection.  She used to hold it all in an ugly box in her closet that honestly was overflowing.  Why not display all the beautiful colors?  Bowl from Michael’s craft store, $7.99- 40% off coupon. Cheap and easy!  My kind of idea.

Grown Up Room

Onto the closet… When we bought the house, all the closets came with the standard wire shelving which we quickly tore out.  Sorry, to me I dislike the wire shelving.  So we re-purposed it in our garage for storage and hung solid shelving with a double shelf and rod on one side and a single rod on the other for dresses and other longer items.  The top rod holds her school uniform tops, sweaters, skirts and jackets and the bottom hold her everyday tops.  The metal basket on the top shelf holds new items I’ve bought on clearance for the upcoming season, (flip flops, shorts, swimsuits etc.) and the metal basket on the bottom shelf hold her belts.

Grown Up Room

We also have realized how much unused space is in the ends of bedroom closets so my hubby also built four shelves to hold “stuff” as I call it.  Top shelf  (not seen) holds items for Marching Band that she isn’t using until the fall. The second shelf hold keepsakes that she still wants, but doesn’t necessarily want displayed.  The third shelf hold her school uniform pants and shorts (easy access in the morning).  And the fourth shelf holds all of her “layering” tops (cami’s, plain short-sleeves) also for easy access.  They just got all jumbled up and wrinkled in drawers when she was looking for just the one she wanted. Bottom floor are her flip flops and sandals and come warm weather, we will put her boots there and bring out the sandals for easy access too.

Grown Up Room

Other side of the closet…  Her dresses. Top shelf holds more keepsakes including a quilt she made with her Grandma and Great-Grandma this past summer.  She gets it down and uses it, but it stays in the closet so no one else can.  ;)  And look!  More open space on the bottom rod….Yay!  We did A LOT of purging before she could move in to her new space.  She only kept things she loved and used.

Grown Up Room

I gave her a crate that we already had to hold her bags/purses in one neat spot inside the closet.

Grown Up Room

When we got her bed set up, I wondered how I was going to do a bed skirt since it has side boards and going without one completely wasn’t an option because the naked box spring would show.  Not good.  We found a perfect solution.  I just bought a single fitted sheet in black (the contrast color of her bedroom and sheets) and covered the box spring in that.  Nice and neat!  And since I can see under her bed now, no shoving stuff under there and telling me that her room is clean.  Yep.

Grown Up Room

As for the black embellishments on the walls, they are vinyl wall stickers.  I bought mine out west on clearance last summer at their big warehouse clearance sale, but I’ve seen the exact ones I have here at major retailers in the home decor section. Target, Kohls, Meijer.  My favorite is the chandelier.  I was so excited when I found that one!

Grown Up Room

I hope you had fun joining me on my daughter’s room redo and I hope maybe this has gotten your wheels turning if you’re thinking about a room change!  Since I know I will get questions on where I purchased things, I have included a shopper’s guide…

The Home Depot   ~ Paints–White (no color added), Semi Gloss by Glidden  ~Sweet Rhapsody, Egg Shell by Behr  ~Black, Glossy by Glidden  ~ Drawer Pulls

Target                      ~Comforter Set  ~Sheet Set ~Black Fitted Sheet ~Accent Pillows ~Curtain Rod ~Sheer Black Curtains ~9 Square cubby shelf ~Black Fabric Drawers

~Metal Baskets (bought a few years ago)

Michael’s                ~Glass Bowl

IKEA                        ~Sphere lamp

Kohl’s                       ~Dress Form Jewelry Holder

Various Major Retailers  ~Vinyl Decor

Love to all!  ~Amy






I have been married for 23 years to my awesome hubby, Todd and we have 4 equally awesome kids who keep me young! Our favorite thing to do together is travel. I enjoy gardening and puttering around my yard. I am very active in my church and am currently serving the children, and I love volunteering at my kids’ schools doing whatever I can to help the teachers and staff.

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Ziploc Storage idea for Guest Bedding

Ziploc Has An Easy Way To Store Entire Bedding Sets

I found Ziploc totes are an easy way to store guest bedding all together in one nice neat package. I  now have five sons who live out of the house, but come back to visit often.  Since we don’t have a large home, we have air mattresses and futons they usually sleep on.  Each time they come, I have to go to several different places to get a clean pillow, sheets and blankets.

I decided I wanted to figure out a system, so that I could have them all together in one place. I was going to get clear plastic trash bags, but  I decided to try the Ziploc Extra Large Storage Totes I have seen in the stores, instead. I purchased (this is review I’m doing, I wasn’t asked to do via the Brand and the products were not given to me) several of the 22 gallon bags.  I bought one at Krogers for $5.99 on sale.  I realized they were going to work and wanted to get a few more.  I saw them later that day at Target for $7.49 or $7.99 (I forget which), but they weren’t on sale at the time. I went back to Kroger to buy a few more.  My guess is that there might also be coupons out there for them, but I didn’t have one.


This is a more expensive option than buying clear plastic bags, but I like that they have zippers and that there is a defined shape to it.  The plastic seems pretty heavy duty… so I’m assuming they were last for awhile. (At least I hope)

I placed a pillow, twin set of sheets, blanket and a comforter in this bag.  I’m sure I could have done a little maneuvering, maybe rolling the sheets or making them all Martha Stewart like in how I folded them… to make this look a bit neater.  lol  But I was so excited it all fit!!


My next step was to label each bag with the size of the bedding and contents.  Again… you could make a darling label for these for display, but obviously I didn’t.  Mine are going into a metal cabinet in the basement.


The plan is to give each of the boys a bedding set when they come to visit.  They will bring up the dirty bedding to me when they get ready to leave, along with the plastic bag.  At that point I can wash the bedding and place it right back into the proper plastic bag, so they will be ready for the next time they visit.

Of course these bags can be used for many other storage needs than this, but this solved one of my storage issues and I was excited enough about them to share it with you!

Let me know how you store your bedding for guests.

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Organizing and DIY Monday Link Party – Week 18

Springtime Can be Busy Time! Organizing and DIY will help

organize and DIY

How is the spring finding you? Busy? Anyone graduating soon? Weddings to plan? Vacations to go on? It seems like so much starts happening this time of year. If things are organized, it certainly helps. DIY projects can help save you money!

We have one graduating this year and have vacation coming up in just a few weeks. It is amazing how time is flying by!

Thanks for linking up to my blog last week! I have three bloggers that I am featuring because I loved what they linked up.

Julie from Redhead Can Decorate did an entire kitchen make over. It looks awesome. I’m going to go back and look around her blog some more, her premis is that she can decorate for affordably.

organizing and DIY

I like some of the ideas that Dagmar from Dagmar’s Momsense found for organizing. She found pictures from around the web of things she would like in her perfect house.  This shelf has magazine holders as the base for storage. Cool idea!

organizing and diy

Closets! Who doesn’t like organized closets? Margo from Joyful Homemaking redid her closet for $150.

organizing and diy

Link up to my Linky Party! I’d love to see the ideas you create yourself or find from other inspiration online!

1) Link to your specific post – not your blog
2) Please Link back to my blog with my button or link (url code under button tab )
3) Blog post related to Organizing or Cleaning or DIY or crafts or decorating are WONDERFUL!
4) No sales pitches or web sites.
5) Feel free to link up more than 1 post.
6) By linking up to my post, I might use your pic (with link and credit to you) next week in my post!


Looking for other link parties? I have a whole list of them. Thumbnail via day above and keep scrolling down to find a more extensive text lists by day on my link party list. If you aren’t sure how to link up… see my link party tutorial here. It is simple. If You Are On A Reader and Want to View All the Great Link Up’s on this post please Click here 
This party will be open until May 13, 2012 at 11:59pm est.

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Decorating Ideas

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Decorating Ideas To Decorate My Bedroom

I have found several decorating ideas and want to share them!  I am excited to redecorate our bedroom.   I have known the headboard I have wanted to put up since last year when I found it on a blog.   My husband actually has started this portion of the project already.

decorating ideas

This is the picture that the gal above found her inspiration for her headboard.  The one thing I love on both headboards is the white creamy color. It has such great contrast with the walls.

Here is another picture, I think it is actually the inspiration that the woman above found to do her daughter’s bedroom headboard.  This one is so beautiful, but the wall is not acting like the headboard in this case.  My wall will be my headboard, since we don’t have one.  We also have two windows positioned on either side of our bed, just like these two pictures do.  I guess that must be a popular configuration for a bedroom? lol

decorating ideas

Dave has the wood slats up, not painting is the next question.  I really didn’t know what color to go with. So I searched pinterest for color inspiration and this is what I came up with.  I love the deep dark brown against the white.  I’m going to go with it.

decorating ideas

I bought a couple of the little sample paints at Home Depot for Behr paint to test colors.   We still need to buy the paint and get the paining done.  I really need to also refinish the dressers.  Time is the main factor here.  Don’t look for the finished product in the next week, not sure when it will be completed.  But as soon as I get it finished, I’ll certainly share it with you all.

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Memory Quilt

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Use Your Cherished Items in a Memory Quilt to Enjoy!

I am in total love with my Memory Quilt that was made from all our special items! This will be something I can pass down in my family for generations.

Although this quilt fits my queen size bed, we don’t use it for a quilt on our bed. I’m going to be hanging it back up once our room is painted.  I had this made by Campus Quilts in 2010 and LOVE it!  It incorporates all kinds of special items that mean something to everyone in our family of ten.


Although the picture is a little hard to read (that black type is not actually on the real quilt. lol ) it shows the following:

Top left pink square: The Flower girl t-shirt my step daughter wore at our wedding
Top right white square: The ring bearer pillow (one of two) that my two step sons carried
Bottom left square: The bow on the back of Elise’s flower girl dress
Bottom right square: A section of the back of my wedding dress

I had a square made with a handkerchief that my mom had for her wedding and her wedding gloves that I had sitting in a silk bag in the back of a drawer for years.

The left square is my oldest son (now age 28) baby blanket
The right dress is the first dress I ever got to buy for a little girl. My step daughter when she was 3 years old.

Although this is not a good picture at all… sorry about that but I have included the following:

Three of my oldest son’s baby blankets
One of my older sons bunnies
The white ties & handkerchiefs were from my step son’s wedding atire
My garter from my wedding
My husband’s favorite old t-shirts
T-shirts from my older boys high school
Football jerseys and cheerleading outfits from the triplets

This quilt is so precious to me!!   Instead of having all these pieces of clothing packed away in boxes, they are now in a quilt that will be on my wall to see everyday and enjoy all the memories!

I originally did another post on this when I got this quilt. The Campus Quilt company did sponsor this quilt for me back in 2010.  They also made my pillow from my wedding dress. This post is not sponsored in any way, I just wanted to share another way to use your cherished things in a creative way.  I can highly recommend them… it was a simple process… .they send you what you need to decide where you want each piece, you label them and send everything back to them. They then send you your keepsake.

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Organizing and DIY Link Party – Week 5

Dresser Drawer Organizing and DIY ideas

You can get some ideas for organizing and DIY ideas from checking out the links others have linked up on the linky list.

organize and DIY button

Do your dresser drawers look like this?

Organizing and DIY


Or do they look more like this?

Organizing and DIYIt isn’t hard to organize your dresser drawers.  I did a post on Organizing Your Dresser Drawers and showed you how easy it is to do.  I used organizers that I found at Ikea and a few I also found at Old Time Pottery, but you could also use shoe boxes or other boxes that fit into your drawers and achieve the same thing.

Share your DIY, crafts, decorating, organizing projects!

You can find the link for my button on my top “Buttons” Tab. (right now I only have the Organizing Mission Monday button, so it is fine to continue to grab that) 
1) Link to your specific post – not your blog
2) Please Link back to my blog with my button or link (link just above underneath my button)
3) I’d love if you’d follow me on google and/or FB. The google is new and I’m trying to build it
4) Blog post related to Organizing or Cleaning or DIY or crafts or decorating are WONDERFUL!
5) No sales pitches or web sites.
6) Feel free to link up more than 1 post.

Looking for other link parties? I have a whole list of them. Thumbnail via day above and keep scrolling down to find a more extensive text lists by day on my link party list. If you aren’t sure how to link up… see my link party tutorial here. It is simple. If You Are On A Reader and Want to View
This party will be open until Feb 5, 2012 at 11:59pm

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Cubby Storage

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Using Cubby Storage In Your BedRoom

I LOVE cubby storage, as most of you know who have followed me for awhile, so I decided to utilize them in our bedroom. I am in the process of slowly making over our bedroom.

cubby storage

We don’t have the finances to go into a beautiful bedroom set (that happens when you have eight kids right? Everything else like college and food come first! lol) so we do the best we can with what we have.  I also love Ikea, and I found some tall cubby storage units that we could use to help with our clothes storage.

We were storing our jeans, sweaters and sweatshirts on wire shelves in our closet. I tend to be more practical & functional than decorative, so I didn’t have a problem with open clothes storage in our room.

We have three of these cubby storage units in our rooms.  They are five shelves tall, with Dave having two of them and I have one.  This one is on the other side of the room from the top picture.  I got him two baskets also to help out with socks and T-shirts.


We also got two smaller cubbies that are on either side of our bed. We each have two baskets in them.  Yes that is my gun safe if anyone is wondering. You can see my cool pink gun on my pinterest board. (no nasty comments about me having a gun please)

cubby storage

There are plans to paint and also plans to make one of the cool headboards that I found on Evolution of Style  blog. Isn’t this awesome? I pinned it on my DIY pinterest board . This is in her little girl’s bedroom.   I loved it because it is right inbetween two windows which is the exact set up we have in our bedroom. I am still trying to decide on a paint color (not pink, I love it.. but poor Dave) and think my headboard will be the brown/black to match my Ikea pieces. Thoughts?

diy headboard


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Jewelry Organizing

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Do You Still have a Jewelry Box?

jewelry boxesI do!!  Actually I have two of them.  I call it the double stack!  Why do I have two?  Because one was my mine and one was my mothers. When she passed away I kept it.I do not have a lot of “mom” memorabilia, but I do enjoy having this on my dresser.

Because I didn’t want to take up my dresser space with having both of them separate, and I do not get in them very often, it just made sense to stack them.  Does it look good… no, and that is part of the reason I wanted to take care of it.

What a mess huh?

jewelry box

Here is my other jewelry box, the one that used to be Mom’s.
jewerly box

Step One:  Sort

The hard part is going through and deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. You decide jewelry just like any other item you have to sort through.  Ask yourself these questions:

1) Do you love it?
2) Have you worn it in the last year?
3) Is it broken or un-usable in some way?
4) Is it valuable or costume jewelry?


Sort into piles:

1) Keep (You wear it frequently, or at least once a year)
2) Sell, ebay or give to family – Jewelry that you don’t want, but is valuable
3) Donate – things you don’t like, wear
4) Trash, recycle – broken, not worth fixing or selling for gold etc.

Once you have sorted out what you will actually wear (I bet there is MUCH less than you thought) you need to put it back into the jewelry box (or whatever means you have to organize your jewelry)

jewelry boxI decided to give this jewelry box (which was mine) to my step daughter.  I didn’t need two and even though I like how this one is laid out a bit better than Mom’s, it wasn’t a big deal.  I wanted to continue enjoying seeing my Mom’s jewelry box on my dresser.

I put back in the items that I knew I would wear. This is really just my nicer jewelry.


I keep most of my costume wearable jewelry in the bathroom on my twirly hook and other Belles Dangle jewelry shelf.

twirly hanger

This is the Belle’s Dangle shelf.

belle dangles jewelry

I now have just one jewelry box on my dresser that is sorted through. I am going to sell a couple things on ebay (hopefully), I gave a few appropriate things to my step daughter and I will donate the rest that is in good shape.

It looks better, feels better and I have a very happy step daughter.

jewelry boxWhen was the last time you went through your jewelry?








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Dresser Drawers

July 5, 2011 by  
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How Organized Are YOUR Dresser Drawers?

Here is my dresser…. before.  A mess isn’t it?  I have two jewelry boxes.  One is my Mom’s, one is mine (I have organized and that will be coming up soon).

The pillow – is the bodice of my wedding dress.  (Yes, I had my wedding dress taken apart. Hmmm.. another blog post opp. isn’t it?)
The candles and flowers are from my wedding.  (Dave and I were married 4 1/2 years ago).
The stuffed bear is from Dave from Valentine’s day. I love stuffed animals. The little elephant I got at the Murphy’s trip in January.
The pillow on the right behind the bear is a needlepoint pillow my grandmother made.
I have a weight and a ruler on there too.. no meaning.. just more clutter.

The actual dresser is from my Aunt from when I was first married (first marriage back in 1983). I’d love a matching new bedroom suite, but I’ve never had the extra money to spend on one. So a remake of these might be coming up at some point in the near future.  I want to redecorate my bedroom soon.




I have never micro organized my dresser drawers.  I have always sorted my clothes into specific drawers, I fold my shirts and clothes and pair socks, but I have never taken the effort to organize my undies, t-shirts and socks.

Before pictures


I’m going to be brave and show you my messy dresser drawers…. are you ready?  (ugh.. embarrassing!)  See…. for the few of those who think I’m perfectly organized everywhere in my house… you will see… I’m certainly not.


dresser drawers

T-shirts that I wear under a lot of clothes

dresser drawers

Kind of a mess of a drawer. I have my PJ’s, lounging outfit (winter) and a swim suit in here.

dresser drawer

Work out clothes. (They haven’t been used in awhile.. ugh)

dresser drawer

dresser drawer

I decided to give it a go!  I found a couple different drawer organizers.  I bought a couple sets from Ikea. I made the cardinal mistake of not measuring my drawers BEFORE I bought them.  I bought two packages of the Skubb organizers them at $9.99 each. skubb drawer organizer

Once I got home I realized they did not fit in my top three drawers.  The top drawers were too shallow for them.  But I knew I’d be able to use them in some of the other drawers.

I did measure them before I went to Old Time Pottery. I found these drawer organizers there.  These were $3.99 each.

drawer organizers

I knew they were going to be shallow enough to work.  You are able to add the dividers in if you want them.

drawer organizer

I put all the dividers in.

drawer organizerI then went through and sorted everything in my drawers.

I asked myself these questions:

1) Do I wear it?
2) Do I like it?
3) Does it fit?  (The killer since I’ve gained weight)
4) Are there any holes or can I not wear it because it need repaired?
5) Is it seasonal?

Then I had to decide if I was going to:

1) Keep
2) Donate
3) Store the out of season clothes is it fits, is in good shape & you like it.
3) Pitch

After pictures

Undies drawer now!  I love this. I got rid a bunch of undies that I never wore.  Yes.. I did that too. Pick a pair up and realize they are ones you don’t like. So why didn’t I throw them out right then? I don’t know.  I’d just throw them back in and get another pair.  So, I got rid of all those I didn’t like. 

Bras on the left (my others are being washed) and undies on the right.

underwear drawer

Look at my socks drawer. (I never showed a before pic because I forgot to get a before pic)

socks drawer organized

My T-shirts

dresser drawer

My real Tee-shirts.  This is a top drawer and I didn’t have any organizers that fit it.

drawers 28

Second Tee-shirt drawer using the Ikea organizers

Third Tee-shirt drawer

dresser drawer

Here are my other drawers – PJ’s


Workout clothes
dresser drawers

Hose, slips etc..


I have to tell you, this is the first time I have ever organized my drawers so extensively. I love it!!  To go in and not have to pick through to see what I want!  Awesome.

I also cleared off some of the stuff on top of my dresser.  One of my jewelry boxes is gone (I’ll be posting on that later).  Until I redecorate this room with new colors and refinishes (of this dresser)… it will look like this. But one of these days it will look awesome!

dresser drawersOh yeah!!  Doin’ the happy dance with my organized drawers.


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Spring Cleaning – Declutter Winter Gear

Spring is (almost) here. Let’s clear out winter clothes & gear!

Winter clothes, coats, hats, gloves, boots, shovels, sleds are just part of what can be either decluttered from your home or stored away until next winter.

When you go through your winter gloves make sure if you are going to keep them that:

1) They all have a match
2) They still fit your children and there are no holes in them.

If they are in good shape but are too small for your children, then put them in the donate bag.  If you only have one, then don’t keep it, and certainly don’t throw it in the donate bag (someone one other end of sorting will just be the one to have to get rid of it)


For your hats and coats and boots – Go through the same thing. For those items that will still fit next year and are in good shape, store them in a clear bin and label it.

For your snow shovel and sleds and skies.  Ski racks on your garage wall would be ideal.  The same for the snow shovel if you have the space.  Look UP in your garage. Use your wall space.  If you have rafters in your garage… use those for storage!

snow shoves

8 Easy Steps to Transferring The Clothes

1) Get your supplies ready. White (donate) and black (trash) trash bags, sharpie
marker, labels -sticky address labels work great, bins (clear are best).

white and black trash bags

2) Go through the drawers & closets. Pull out each piece of clothing and evaluate it quickly.

* Will it fit someone in the family in the future? (If not dontate)
*  Is it in any condition to save? (If not then throw away, don’t donate clothes
that are torn, stained or are better for rags)
* Will the next child wear it? Was it worn at all this season? (Do they like it?)

dresser drawer

3) Make piles

* Save for next year
* Donate (white bag)
* Trash (black bag)

4) Get out the summer clothes from storage.

5) Go through the new season clothes and do the same thing as you put them away in
the kids drawers. Make sure they will fit your child this year and it is
something they will wear.

6) I prefer using clear bins if possible. Get ones that fit your space to store and latch closed. They will go from season to season. Now for really long clothing storage, you might want to look into another form (but I don’t suggest long term clothing store of any one item …usually)

spring clean clothes 37) Take the bins you have for next year and be sure to label them.  The labels don’t have to be fancy printed out labels!  Just get something you can see clearly and you can peel off or stick over for next season.
Put either sex or child’s name, season and size on each label. For instance, Boy – Summer – Size 10

8) Your donate bags can be taken to friends who can use them, sold at a garage sale or resale
shop or taken to a facility such as Good Will, but get them out of your house as soon as possible.

We have so much cold winter gear, that just putting it away or giving it away makes you feel less cluttered doesn’t it?

I’d love to see how you clear out your winter clutter!  Blog about them and then come back and

link it to my Organizing Mission Link party – Mission Spring Cleaning !!

Organizing Mission Monday

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Shopping Saturday – Master Bedroom Envy

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Wow… I want this master bedroom!!

MI Homes master bedroom

This master bedroom was part of a Parade of Homes I attended.  This was a master bedroom from the MI home. I would like to shop and buy a house that had a set up similar to this.

You can see the man’s master closet to the left of that little kitchenette, the woman’s walk in closet is to the left. (omg I’ll have to show you the closets next week.. I’d love those too!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have this little kitchenette in your room too?  How fun!

Feel free to link up or just visit my Organizing Mission Monday Link Party!

Organizing Mission Monday

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Organizing with Pegboard Walls

Pegboard walls can be lots of fun in a Teenagers room

peg board wallsThere is plenty of space and opportunity to use his walls! No worries about nails! LOL!!

pegboard wallsHe can hang not only pictures, but also his clothes!

By his bed he has a CD holder for his CD’s and then he has his cords (you can see a couple of them on the right) hanging for headphones etc.

This has turned out to be a great basement bedroom for him. We spent probably about $500 total in supplies between the peg and wall board, electrical components to add more power and light for his room, paint, piece of carpet and closet supplies. Not bad for a makeover in an unfinished basement!

Actually it is really functional.  He thinks it is great!

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DIY Closet Under Stairs

In my teens Basement bedroom we had to create a closet underneath the stairs.

With his new room he was going to need a closet.  The kids had used this area as a fort before, so we had to remove all that stuff and do just a little prep work.  Creating an organized closet under the stairs doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. I think the only thing we actually bought was the hardware to put up the clothes rod and the light fixture.

closet under stairsHere is my step son’s closet underneath the basement stairs.  Ended up working great.  My husband put a light in the closet.  He has a rack for clothes, laundry hamper for dirty clothes, baskets for “stuff” and the shoe hanger with a basket above it.

closet under stairsMy husband just had to put the rod in (right after he finished…so all his stuff is still sitting there.)

So… you can be a little creative and create some good usable space where you don’t think you have it.

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DIY Basement Bedroom

Taking an unfinished basement room and turning it into a organized teen bedroom.

basement room

We moved one of our teens down to the basement (his choice). The problem was that we have an unfinished basement. The budget was not there to actually finish it. So we improvized.
pegboard walls

We used a combination of pegboard and hardboard to finish the upper walls and cover up the insulation. Ok…the reason the paint looks purplish? Well…. my step son wanted blue walls and ceiling. My sister who is an artist told me it will look way too cold with blue. She said to make sure to I got red in the blue…added a little violet to the blue. Well….I am not great with colors and the swatch didn’t look purple next to all the other purples. It looked grayish blue. But…. it looks purple on the walls. The ceiling is a darker shade of it. But thank goodness my step son actually likes purple…so he is fine with it. {phew}
pegboard walls

You can see the solid hardboard on the far side of the picture. We used magnetic paint on that area. It didn’t work as well as I hoped it would. We were very careful to follow the directions on it…. only did the size we were supposed to – the only thing we didn’t do is buy special magnets. I still don’t know that it wouldn’t make the difference.

I’ll show you the rest of the room this week.

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Hanes and Organized Undies Drawers

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Is your underwear drawer Messy or Organized?

I was in New York City for the big BlogHer conference for bloggers.  I was invited to this Hanes party and what do you think I thought when I saw this display? LOL  Yep…right up my alley!

This place was decorated so cute with underwear on pillows and umbrellas made from T Shirts. But they had a display showing a messy underwear drawer and an organized underwear drawer.

And then an organized drawer.  Aren’t these cool?

Now…here is the kicker. They were having contest to see who could organize a drawer the fastest. They were giving out gift certificates. They had one more contest and of course my friends nominated me.  Ok…this was too much pressure. I am the organizer…of course everyone would expect me to win… and I should right?  LOL

There was a laundry basket of underclothes, sweatpants, underwear, socks, tshirts and bras. We had to take them and fold them and organize them in our drawers the quickest. The fastest time before our last group was 1 min. 50 some seconds (I think).

My hands were shaking!! Literally.  But….. I didn’t win. The girl you see in the picture beat me by a split second. I think our time was in the 1 min. 30 second range….so I also beat the record. Does that count? LOL

But it was fun….

Michael Moloney from Extreme Home Makeover was there as the MC. He was so nice!  And of course very nice looking! {drool}

But it got me thinking. My underwear drawer is not really very organized. I have everything in it’s “area” of my drawer, but I don’t have any official boxes or “sectioned off” areas.  Hmmm….I might have to do that especially with the new fun undies and bras that Hanes gave me as swag.

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Keepsake Box

It’s Ok to save a little

You can tell your teen (or yourself) that it is ok to keep a few keepsakes.  Keep in mind however that if they are really special, they should be on display somewhere so you can enjoy them.  But to display things – do it in small numbers.

However, if you would like to have a great way to give your teens some freedom to keep some things (thus making it easier to purge other things) – the easiest way is to have a defined limit on how much can be saved.

Keepsake Box

Find a container. It can be a box – from shoebox to larger box.  Be sure it is not too big to fit on a shelf in your basement or closet. I would suggest a clear box, so you can see what is inside.

The Limit – They can keep no more than what can fit into their keepsake box (you can make up your own name for it). One of my clients and I named it her “Happy Box”.  If they have more than one box…then they have to make decisions.  Which item is it that is really worth saving?

Remind them that they can take pictures of items they give up.

Keep the goal in mind: To clear out the clutter. To have a room that is peaceful and calm – a place to think and getaway.

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Organizing a Teens bedroom

Once you have sorted and have decreased the clutter, then you need to find a place to put it.

Here are some examples of products you can purchase to not only have storage in your teens room, but can use to decorate also.

This is actually a closet organizer. I used it under his loft bed to organize “stuff”.  But there are shoe slots, net baskets on the side (see notebook) and I bought the drawers to put in it.  I think this is so cool. It comes in different colors. I got it a Walmart.

I added some baskets under the desk for extra storage.  There is the lime green plastic drawers for all that little stuff.  Be sure to have a waste basket in their room along with a laundry hamper. (Not that all the dirty clothes make it into the hamper or trash into the trash can….but at least it makes it much easier to clean up!)  These items including the desk were all purchased from Walmart

Another item from Walmart that helps with places to put stuff.

You can find all kinds of solutions for storage – the green hamper on the left is his laundry hamper.  (This is the room in the unfinished basement)

Here is a shoe organizer that can go on the back of a door.

You can find many different solutions for storage for their room.  If they have a very small room…be sure to use the wall space for shelves and baskets.  Utilize all of that closet.  You can get under the bed storage containers to help too.

Try to keep the storage items usable (they don’t want to have to open a drawer and open a lid to put something in….or else there will be no chance of that item getting in! LOL

Disclosure: The first few pictures were items I got from WM when I did the room makeover. I am was not asked to do this post for them and I am not receiving any kind of compensation for mentioning them. I just thought you might want to know where I got the items.

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Teenage Rooms

Usually the first step is to find the floor!

Usually teens (like most of us) have too much “stuff”. There is more stuff than places to put the stuff – so it is easier to just throw it on the floor. Keep in mind this isn’t always the case. My oldest son (at home) has plenty of storage space…but stuff is still on the floor – but he could still stand to declutter again.

Starting at the Beginning means starting with Sorting

Be armed with Black trash bags (trash) and white trash bags (donate).

Then remember your sorting basics.  Don’t spend more time on each item than about 5-10 seconds.  You don’t want to start reminiscing or you will never get the job done.  If they still have all kinds of stuffed animals or toys from their childhood (and they are teens)..help them pick out a couple special ones to keep (if they want to keep any). Take pictures of others if they are having a hard time deciding or not sure about getting rid of things.

If there are clothes that you need to keep to pass down to other children in your family. I suggest clear bins (so you can see what is in them) and be sure to label them well.

Work with them and have them decide: Make paper sorting cards to help remember what to do with their things.

1) Keep – Do I LOVE it? Do I WEAR it? Do I USE it? Does it FIT?
2) Donate – I DON’T like it and will not wear it, It DOESN’T fit, I DON’T use it.
3) Move – It doesn’t BELONG in my Bedroom
4) Storage – This can be season sports supplies or things they need to keep but don’t use but once or twice a year.
5) Trash – It is trash, broken, torn or worn out

Let them just make piles (they love piles anyway right?)  on the floor for the different categories.  If there is not floor space to begin with. I suggest piling everything in one big pile and then going through it.

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Teen Room

June 13, 2010 by  
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What is it with Teenagers and the need to have a messy Room?

I decided to go take my camera and take a completely candid picture (I just opened the door and shot the pictures…I didn’t move a thing – oh believe me….it was difficult for me to do!) of all 5 kids bedrooms.

I have to admit – I used to go spastic on my 4 boys growing up with their rooms.  I would come in the morning to either wake them up or say good morning…I would open that door and instantly get mad.  Who likes to be woken up with “This room is a mess! You need to pick up your clothes, put trash in the trash can and clean off that dresser!!”.  Nope….not a nice way to start their day and would instantly put me in a bad mood.

So….once I was a single mom of 4 boys (in 1999) I decided at some point to let it go.  I had to discipline them in so many other ways…they had chores to do around the house and their rooms were just a constant source of irritation to me (and them).  I had a friend tell me that I need to pick my battles. That hit home. I decided that I didn’t need to make their room MY battle.   So for the most part I try to avoid the teens bedrooms.  I will let it go a week (maybe even 2 sometimes) before I get on them and really make them clean it. I don’t insist that their beds be made every day (although they know that I want them to do that), and I don’t hang them by their toes if they don’t put their dirty clothes in their dirty clothes hamper …right in their room).

Today I will show you the “Messy” Teen rooms….and over the next few days we are going to talk about teen bedrooms.  (I’d love your pictures of your candid teen bedrooms!!)

The oldest we have living at home (17 years old boy)   Note how the futon is down. He sleeps there.  We were lucky enough last year to get a Bedroom Makeover From Walmart & Your Zone. (you can see what the room should look like in the video) At the time he picked the loft bed. I thought he would get real tired of climbing up there because if he really had his way, he would sleep on the floor over the heater/air conditioning vent. (Yes…really)  But he thought the bed  was cool. I told him that if he got the loft bed…he had to sleep in it. The futon that we had and moved in here was to sit on.  “Mom..I will sleep in the bed…it is cool. I promise!!”.  LOL ….yeah..sure.

Example #2.  My step son is 16.  He chose to have his bedroom in the basement when we got the room make over. They used to share a room. We gave the older of the two – first pick. Did he want the basement room (unfinished basement) or the room makeover. He said he was fine with either and let his step brother pick.  “D” (step brother)  picked the basement.  He loves his “man cave”.  I’ll do a post this week on how we made this room over.  But…note here – no pillow cases on the pillows! Ewww….!  why?  That just seems so yucky to me.  I have a whole basket of pillow cases that he could pick from if for some reason when his sheets got washed….he couldn’t find his pillow cases.  Bed is not made (its hard to tell in this shot)…here, I’ll give you another look from a different angle.  You can see the unmade bed…and the stuff all over his dresser in this shot. But over all the room is not too bad.  Keep in mind this is after his Dad told him to clean his room yesterday.

I also got pictures of the triplets rooms.  They aren’t teens, they are 9 1/2 years old, but I thought I’d show you anyway.

The boys A&Z share a room.  It’s not too bad. But we do try to stay on them more to keep it clean.  A is great about cleaning his portion of the room (most days). Z really could care less.  You frequently hear A saying, “Z your stuff is a mess in here. You need to clean it up.” LOL  So if A wasn’t in the room with him and if we didn’t have them pick up their room daily…I’m sure Z will certainly turn into the typical “messy room” teen.  I’m not so sure with A.  I think he will keep his room clean on his own….like his sister.

Now…my step daughters “E” room almost always looks clean.  She gets up and makes her bed (as does A – but Z rarely does) every morning.  She keeps things picked up. Don’t you love the fish pillow?  Her pick when we went shopping at Cabelas last year!

So – I have “bared all” in my kid’s bedrooms to you. See..I always say my house is far from perfect…I’m human just like you guys!!  But I want you to show me some of your teens rooms.  Tell me what the hardest thing for you is?

Do you “stay on them” like I used to do with my kids? Or do you just “chill” and try not to get worked up over their rooms?   (at least for 1-2 weeks..I just can’t take more than that).  Do you ever make the really clean them?

Please share!

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Playroom Organizing – Part 4

More Storage Solutions

I am going to take you on an Ikea shopping trip with me.  These are all pictures I took when I went the year before last.  I love this store, but I am not getting any kind of affiliate, commission or any other compensation by telling you about them or posting this.  I just love some of the solutions they have for toy storage.

Keep in mind that there are many other alternatives for where to purchase like items. Target has great cubbies, and is where I get mine.  So look around, this is just meant to give you some ideas.

If you read me at all you know I LOVE cubbies.  There are many different styles and inserts you can get for cubbies.  Many stores have them, although not a lot of others have the full wall units like these.
Like OMG isn’t this the cutest?  These are slide out bins.  I do wish the colored ones were clear though.  But I still love it. You can mix and match and make your own set up with this system.

Here is another option with the same kind of units.

To have an art desk or homework desk would be awesome in a playroom. (Keep in mind that doing homework in a playroom is not a real good idea unless your child can really focus).

Here is another desk idea for a playroom. These also would be great in a child’s room if you had space for them.

This is a cubby unit that hangs on the wall. Then you can have storage space underneath it.  You could also use this above a desk or higher on the wall to keep the games away from the little ones.

These hanging net cubbies are cute for those little stuffed animals or trinkets.

Here are some other little cute storage ideas for the walls.  Of course these are fabric and you couldn’t hand anything too heavy in them, but wouldn’t they decorate a wall cute?

Here is something for the little bit older group.  A locker.  They could use it for game storage, DVD or CD storage like pictured. But they could also put books, have fun decorating it inside and out and use all those cool locker gadgets you see at the stores (but a lot of schools don’t allow).

I also saw these cute colorful frames there. They were only $1.99 each. What a cute way to showcase their most special artwork!  It would be another cute way to decorate the walls of the playroom and make them feel really special.

So I took you on my Ikea shopping trip.  It is to give you ideas. If you see something you like…shop around for it. There may be other places you can find it…or try ebay or amazon too.  Or you can do like me….garage sales, dollar store and Target & Walmart. Really Ikea’s prices are not bad at all….I want to take a shopping trip down to the one in Ohio again soon. The only one I went on was with my husband….and how fun is that?  LOL

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