Organizing Closets (Part 3)

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Reloading Your Closet

Now that you have everything out of your closet and you have some extra shelves or space in your closet….how do you “reload” your closet?

If you have sorted the clothes down to the ones that you really do wear, you should have less clothes to put back in than when you started.

There are a few tips that you can try if you would like when you put your clothes back in….just to see if you REALLY wear them.

1) Turn your hangers backwards when you hang up your clothes. So that you have to reach under and hook.  When you wear it, turn the hanger correctly. After 6 months or a season, any clothes are still flipped backwards – you haven’t worn that item. Donate it.

2) Put a hanging mesh bag in your closet (or child’s closet).  Any clothes that you don’t want to wear, or have a stain or tear and you aren’t wearing – put into the mesh bag. Each month or two, empty that and sort into donate or throw away.

Bins and Baskets and Hangers

I suggest plastic or wooden hangers for your clothes.  I used to think it was just silly and that the wire ones were just fine. But as I started using the plastic ones I noticed my clothes hung nicer on them and had less “hanger marks”.

You can also Color Code with your hangers if you use plastic.

1) Advantages – you can see who’s clothes are who’s at a glance. It makes taking them up and putting them in closets easy.

2) Disadvantage – Making sure you have enough of the right color for that person. When you run out, going to the closets and gathering them up.  Or when you go to buy more (as in my case) of a fun color like bright green or hot pink – they do not have those colors anymore.

I have used shades.  I use the bright green, orange and pinks.   Hubby uses black or brown. Kids use white, blue and purples.  So it is still general, but not as specific…so it simplies but still gets the same point across.

There are also many different hangers that help you add space to your closet.

Bins, Baskets and Dividers

There are many different closet organizers on the market.  You can pick up inexpensive baskets or bins at your dollar store or discount store. Be sure that they are ones that you can either see down into when you place them, or you can see through.  You do not want to have a bunch of pretty baskets or bins that you have no idea what is lurking in them.

You can find Wire Shelf Dividers in several places that can help you divide jeans, sweaters or towels.

When placing jeans, sweaters or towels on your shelves. Be sure to put the fold side out. It will just look neater and be easier to grab if you have the fold and not the open side facing out. (does that make sense?)

Make a place for each item. If you find you do not have room for it all – then back to some more donating. If you put too much in, you will not have a place for everything and then you will have a mess again soon.

Remember that when you bring in a new item – donate an item.

Disclosure: The links in this post are NOT affiliate links. I just wanted to give you some help where to find things or to show you what I was talking about.

I liked this post to:
A Bowl Full of Lemons Getting Organized Challenge for Closets

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Campus Quilt Review

I Love My Quilt!!

campus quilt
I can’t say enough about Campus Quilt Company and how happy I am with this family keepsake.  There are so many times we keep special things…but they are bagged or boxed up and we might see them every several years and have a happy memory for a few minutes…and then repack it.

The best way to honor a special memory is to display those most special memories. Not everything….but just those special few. This is one great way to be able to display many in one spot. They specialize in T-shirt quilts…I just gave them a hum-dinger!
They are very generously giving away a $150 gift card towards a quilt or pillow. (Please keep in mind this will not be finished by Christmas)

To Purchase:  To to Campus Quilt Company

To Win a $150 gift card for your T-shirt Quilt or pillow:

Go to Campus Quilt Company and tell me which size quilt you would order. Come back here and leave me a comment.
** Your e-mail needs to be either on your comment or easily accessible in your profile.

For Extra chances to Win:
**Each of these HAS to have a separate comment written please. (I know its a pain, but other wise you won’t have as many chances if you don’t)

1) Subscribe to my Organizing blog with the feeder or by e-mail. (use feedburner button or go to 5 extra chances.
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See….lots of ways to enter to win!

This is open to US mailing addresses only. One person per mailing address only.
You will have 48 hours to reply to my e-mail if you win to be eligible. If I don’t hear back then I will go to the next winner.

Disclosure policy

Campus Quilt generously provided me with the making of this quilt and pillow.

e.l.f. Medium Makeup Collection (ends 12/23/09)

e.l.f. Medium Makeup Collection (ends 12/23/09)

Consumer Reports Best Baby Products Book (ends 12/21/09)

Consumer Reports Best Baby Products Book (ends 12/21/09)

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BedZak Bed Pockets Review

I am very happy with this product. I had been using another bedside organizer that I bought and it didn’t work at all.

(I had a whrrl story on here for the review – but for some reason it has gone hay wire). I did want to put a picture up so you could see the bedpockets.

This product is awesome. He has a sturdy metal frame that goes under your mattress. Then it is adjustable so that it doesn’t matter how tall of a mattress you have, this can adjust right where you need it. Your comforter can cover it all up so that nothing shows when your bed is made. Perfect!
There are pockets for basically anything you need at the bedside…and also a loop on the side if you would want a water bottle or such at your bedside.

The fabric is sturdy and durable. Over all this product is made extremely well. I have been using it since I did this review and can highly recommend it.

They are $29.95 with free shipping (holiday season).

To Win:

Go to BedZak and tell me what the 3 color options are.  Come back here and leave me a comment.
Your e-mail needs to be either on your comment or easily accessible in your profile.

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See….lots of ways to enter to win!

This contest will run until 11:59pm est on Thursday December 17th, 2009   THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. ANY SUBMISSIONS THAT COME IN AFTER THE DEADLINE WILL BE DELETED.  THANKS
This is open to US mailing addresses only. One person per mailing address only.
You will have 48 hours to reply to my e-mail if you win to be eligible. If I don’t hear back then I will go to the next winner.

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BelleDangles Jewelry Organizer Review

BelleDangles Jewelry Organizer

BelleDangles Jewelry Organizer

I have issues with my jewelry box. I have one from when I was growing up and I have my mom’s. But I hate that my necklaces are always getting tangled up. In one of the boxes there are some little hooks to hang your necklaces on the lid…but they fall off and I don’t like using it.

The BelleDangles Jewelry Organizer solves that problem! I like it. I have it hanging in my bathroom, actually over my soaking tub. It is right behind my sink and since there isn’t room on the wall I would really like to have it on…I had to make due.

Necklaces have little grooves that keep them from getting tangled in each other

Necklaces have little grooves that keep them from getting tangled in each other

There are places on this Classic Model to put all your Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings and Earrings. There are grooves so that the necklaces won’t get tangled. The top shelf can hold all kinds of goodies.

This can also be used to hang purses, hats, scarves, belts, ties…and the list could go on! Use your imagination.

It is really sturdy too! It’s made out of rod iron. There is no flimsy materials here. There is a nice shiny finish on it too.

To Purchase Your Own:

Go to and purchase. It costs $34.99 (plus S&H)

To Win:

1. Go to and tell me which of the 5 rotating pictures on the main screen is most helpful to you.

2. Come back here and leave me a comment. Your e-mail needs to be either on your comment or easily accessible in your profile.

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entry for each one you add.

See….lots of ways to enter to win!

This contest will run until 11:59pm est on December 8th, 2009


This is open to US mailing addresses only. One person per mailing address only.

You will have 48 hours to reply to my e-mail if you win to be eligible. If I don’t hear back then I will go to the next winner.

Disclosure Policy –  I was provided with a belle dangles wall hanger to keep without cost.

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Walmart Room Reveal

I finally am able to share my Walmart room reveal with you.  I have had a few issues along the way, but we finally got the room complete and just love it!!

Our journey was so fun to do Tim’s room.  Tim, 16 years old and Drew, 15 years old shared a room.  They made the decision together who would keep the Walmart room and who would have a room in the presently unfinished basement.  Drew decided he wanted the basement room. He calls it his “Man Cave” and loves it.

We used the Walmart Your Zone website to do our decision making.  There were things on the site that we couldn’t find in the stores, and seeing it all in one place and being able to use the virtual room make over feature on the Walmart site made it easier.

Over all we have been thrilled with the Your Zone line. Yes…we really did do the “Happy Dance”. The colors are fun, the products are very reasonable and you can create so many different looks for your teen.  I would have no  problem recommending Walmart and the Your Zone line to any of you.

We got the bed in the store and actually my 16 year old was able to assemble it himself. I was impressed by that.  We ordered the Your Zone desk, comforter and a gadget holder that he can use to keep his cell phone and Ipod in to charge off the site.  There was a problem with the area and a tax change (somehow there was a glitch in the system)  so I could not  order the products  for a couple of weeks.  But  Walmart had several people working on it and I was contacted personally by phone by them letting me know what was going on and that it would be resolved on August 20th.  It was and I was able to order them.  They came within a few days. You can also order “Site To Store” and they will ship the product to the store for you to pick up and that way there are no shipping cost for you to incur.

I do have a couple of concerns with two of the products that I want to share with you.  I pride myself on being honest on my reviews…so all of the good stuff you can believe!! And 99% of it is good..but here is the 1% I feel I need to tell you.

Tim got to work putting the desk together as soon as it came and while he was doing it the shelf broke…he was turning it on an angle to screw in another piece and it snapped. Walmart again was wonderful and told me they would send me a new desk.  When it arrived my husband put it together.    It is a great desk for a student and is a wonderful price, but he said that he had to be very careful putting it together.  The screws were stripping very easily and he couldn’t screw them in as tight as he felt he needed to.  It isn’t wobbly at all though.  He also was very careful when he came to the part where it broke for Tim, it had to be flat instead of the angle you might want to put it at that point (it does tell you to have it flat in the directions). Now that it is up and in the room, he loves it…and I don’t see any problems with it. It does seem very solid.  If it seemed real “cheapy” I would let you know…but it doesn’t at all and I do not see any future problems with it.

The other problem we had was when the gadget holder came (online only) it was damaged.  I had thought I would order another one, but was concerned after seeing this one, that it might not be the quality that I had hoped it to be, so I just returned the one and did not order another one.  If it had not been damaged it would have worked out fine I am sure, but it was not as solid as I had thought it would be.

But with both of those negatives being said…I have to say I would do it all again. I would order the desk and I would order the bed and everything else that is in the room.  My son is absolutely thrilled with his room. He has taken pictures on his phone and sent them to friends to “show off” his room.

I have been so impressed by the selection, products and the great prices.  It makes it possible for most any of us to remodel a teenagers bedroom for very little money.  Who doesn’t like that?

Thank you Walmart, Your Zone for making this possible.  Thank you also for offering my readers the chance to make over a room themselves.  I can’t wait to see the make over room of my winner!!

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Protect-A-Bed Mattress Pad Review

img-mattress-padsMattress pads are something that I typically hate to spend money on, but it is one of those necessities.  It seems it would be more fun to buy new sheets or a comforter, doesn’t it?   But when you realize the reality of what can breed in our mattresses…you will realize a good mattress pad is well worth it!

I was sent this mattress pad to test out and I am happy to say I have been very pleased with it.  We have been using it for a couple of months now and it is comfortable, no plastic wrinkly noises, no sweating (because it doesn’t breath) and even though I can’t see is nice to not worry about the mites and bacteria. (Mites I know are around and I don’t want to think about them…but bed bugs I have never had and don’t ever plan on having!..uh ..yuk!)

Mattress pad bed bug pic

This shows the Miracle Membrane which is described on their web site as “a new age air vapor porous barrier fabric, which is waterproof and protects mattresses from all liquids and bodily fluids.”

mattress pad review

The top is a natural terry cloth fabric that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter (who doesn’t love that?). I hope you can see the texture from this picture. It looks like a soft smooth robe.

It is hypoallergenic, prevents dust mites and bacteria from breeding in the mattress. It is recognized as a Class 1 Medical Device by the Food and Drug Administration.

side view of mattress pad

It washes up great and one of the things I noticed right off the bat was that it fit our mattress! We have a large pillow top mattress (you can see where the pillow top starts through the fabric, so that is a tall mattress to cover and I have a hard time finding sheets to fit…but this fits great)  The other wonderful thing about it is that it doesn’t “pop” off the corner of the bed everynight. Literally every morning my husbands corner of the bed had the sheets and mattress pad pulled off (I don’t know what he does over there every night when he sleeps….) but since we have had this mattress pad I have not had one time that has happened. I am 100% satisfied with this mattress pad and thrilled that they sent it to me to try out. (disclosure policy)

To Purchase Your Own:  Go to Protect-A-Bed and order today.

To Win:

1) Go to  Protect-A-Mattress and find the Bed Bug video. Watch it and tell me what can protect your mattress and really work to prevent Bed Bugs.   Come back here and leave me a comment.
2) If your e-mail needs to be either on your comment or easily accessible in your profile

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Walmart $500 Bedroom Makeover Giveaway!

August 20, 2009 by  
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Just one of the Cute products that Your Zone at Walmart have to offer.

Just one of the Cute products that Your Zone at Walmart have to offer.

I was lucky enough to be asked by Walmart to do this bedroom makeover  and I am thrilled to be able to pass it onto you. They provided me with a $500 gift card to redo one of my teens rooms. I have to present a video of the finished product to them and they will feature it on their “Get Inspired” area of their web site.

Walmart has a great line of products for Teen bedrooms called Your Zone. These are all mix and match, very reasonable priced products that make it both easy and affordable to completely redo a bedroom for a price that most of us can handle.  I know for me, bedrooms are lower on the list of priorities for spending much money on…so this was so much fun to do. They have a really cool tool on their site that lets your virtually design your room.  We were able to use the make over section and Tim helped to figure out what he wanted in his room.  (Of course I had to make sure I had some organizing features in it too…you will see when my video is complete.)

We have 5 children living in our 2,000 sq ft home.  We are a little cramped…but its all good. We have had our two teenage boys sharing a bedroom. Tim 16 years old and Drew, 15 years old have had a set of bunk beds, two dressers and not much else in this 12×12 room (approximate). I discussed this project and the two of them made the decision. Tim was going to stay upstairs and have his room redone by Walmart.  Drew was going to go to the basement and have an unfinished portion of the basement made into his “Man Cave” (as he has nick named it) So off we go. Stay tuned to my blog as I will have pictures of Drew’s basement transformation too.

I will soon have Tim’s room complete. We have his bed up and most everything purchased, walls painted and we are almost ready to go. Stay tuned for the completion video.

RULES TO WIN (Please follow if you want to be eligible to win)

To have a chance to win this $500 gift card from Walmart to be used to purchase Your Zone products to redo your teens bedroom..this is what you need to do.  I am going to include a little younger than teen also. I have 8 year old triplets and they love the products. So since I do need to pick a cut off age, instead of going 12- years and older (this is really geared more for the 12-17 year age group)….I am going to go down to 8 years old (by August 20, 2009) and no older than 17 years old…be eligible for this giveaway.  The winner will not be picked by a voting process because I want all of you to have a fair chance.

You must agree to spend the $500 to redo the bedroom  if you win.  I would like a before and after picture that I can  post on my site.


1) Go to the Walmart Your Zone site and tell me if you would be remodeling for a girl or boy…their age and which bed is your favorite.

2) Your e-mail address has to be easily accessible either on your blog or preferably  in one of the two above comments.

FOR EXTRA CHANCES TO WIN: (Each of these has to have a separate comment.)

1) You can  subscribe to my blog either by e-mail or by feeder. Come back and comment in a separate comment that you have done so.

2) You can  blog about this contest with the link back to this post. (10 extra chances…make sure to add a comment for each. (example…blog#1, blog#2…)

3) Follow me on Twitter

4) Tweet this contest. You can do this up to 3 times per day – leave a comment with link for each one.

5) Facebook – follow me.

6) Facebook – Tell about this contest on your wall. You can do this up to 3 times per day – leave a new comment with link for each one.

7) Stumble Upon This

8) Recommend to Technorati

9) Follow me on Linked In

10) Pick up any of my 3 buttons and put on your sidebar (Blog, Review or Pouchee). For each one – leave comment

11) MomTv – (5 extra chances to win)  Sign in and join me on my live show Monday nights at 8:30 pm est.  Leave the name you signed in with for the show, so that I will know it is you. Be sure to add 5 comments…MomTV #1, that you get credit for all.

See there are lots of ways to enter!!

This contest will be open to US residents only.  You must respond within 48 hours if you win.

This contest ends on Thursday September 10th, 2009 at 11:59pm est *THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED ANY COMMENTS AFTER 11:59pm est on SEPT 10th WILL NOT BE COUNTED**

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Bedroom Remodel

August 3, 2009 by  
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Room Remodel

We have begun! We are completely redoing my 16 year old son’s bedroom thanks to Walmart. Today is painting! ( son hasn’t been sleeping on the floor without any bedding. LOL) We already carted out the the bunk beds that were previously in there. He did share a room with my step son. We have moved Drew down to the basement. {He chose it and is calling it his “man cave”}
We have already planned out the room on paper. We have purchased most of what we are going to use in the bedroom. I have a couple of things on order that Walmart does not have in the stores.

Now for the paint. My sister is an artist. She has such an eye for what looks right. So I consulted with her. We have decided to go with a very dark gray on 2 of the walls. I know it sounds really strange…but you will just have to follow along over the next couple of weeks to see how it is going to look.

See the follow up on this Room Remodel

The Big Room Reveal

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Bedroom Decorating

July 20, 2009 by  
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Remodeling A Teens Bedroom – Where To Start

You have decided you want to redo your teen’s bedroom? Your teen or almost teen has outgrown The Dora the Explorer or Scoobie Doo comforters and are begging you to make their room a little “older”.

Where do you begin?

Steps To Remodeling

1) Take a “Before” picture. I love before pictures…it lets you see how far you have come once you finish the project.

2) Decide on your budget. This is important BEFORE you go shopping for anything. It will determine if you are shopping at a high end store or garage sales.

3) Get some graph paper and figure out your scale. 1 square = 1 foot or 2 squares = 1 foot. Measure your room dimensions and then measure any furniture that will be staying in the room. Then you can cut out the pieces and play with different arrangements in the room.

4) Pick a theme / colors for the room. (That is the fun part!)

5) Clear out the room and clean. Paint if you are going to paint

6) After you know how your furniture is going to fit into the space, then move the new or old furniture back into the room.

7) Add your new decor and you are done.

The Sorting Process

Be sure that when you take things out of the room…you go through your sorting process.

You can be in on the announcement I made on my show if you watch my momtv show playback!
Or you can wait a couple of weeks and see it on my blog!

You can see my Before and After Remodel posts below.

Room Makeover is in Progress

Walmart Room Reveal



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Boys Bedroom

July 16, 2009 by  
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Remodeling a Teenagers Bedroom.

A portion of my two teenagers bedroom.

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to take you on a journey with me. I am going to take a teenagers bedroom and overhaul it. Thanks to Walmart I have been given the opportunity to completely overhaul my teenagers bedroom. Now…for us we have two teenagers in this room. We gave the boys the options..and this is what they decided. The older of the two boys is going to get this room. The younger of the two (and he had the final decision) picked to move his room to an unfinished room in the basement. So not only do we have one bedroom to have completed (before Aug.7 by the way)…we are actually overhauling two rooms!!
In this room (which is about 10×12) there is the bunk bed set you see, two dressers and that is about it. So they are thrilled to be getting their own spaces.
Here is the deal that Walmart has offered me. This is sooo cool! They have a new line out in their stores for teenagers that is called “Your Zone”. You can mix and match from furniture to decor…and you can do it right on their web site. It is fun to play with.

Contest for You!!

But all you who are thinking how lucky I am to have this chance to change my teenagers room…guess what….YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE A CHANCE TOO!!!!!
In the coming weeks…so you have to keep watching….I will be having a contest so that one of you also gets a $500 gift card to redecorate your teenagers room!! Is that too cool or what!!??? I am so excited to be able to offer this to all of you!
I just found out about this whole thing at the end of last week, so I am still in the planning stages (and don’t have a lot of time for the whole thing). I am taking a trip to Walmart today to check things out in person.

Follow by looking at these posts:

Walmart Remodel – In Progress

Walmart Room Reveal

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Closet Organzing

Organizing Your Kids Closet


Closets…you either love the closets in your house, or you hate them. I would have to guess that the majority of people are not happy with their closets. The biggest complaint I get is that they are too small.
It would be ideal for each of us to have someone come in and install a complete closet system wouldn’t it? But that isn’t realistic.
So we have to make due with what we have and be able to expand on it to make it more usable.
You can buy a hanger extension for as little as $9.99. It just hooks onto the bar above and gives you a 2nd hanging bar. This works great for kids. They all of a sudden can reach their hangers!! They can get their own clothes and hang up their own clothes. Not only does it help you, but it gives them a feeling of accomplishment.
Putting in an extra shelf or two in a closet isn’t hard. Most homes today have the wire shelves built in. But there is a lot of wasted space above them. You can fit another shelf above in most cases.

Using the backs of doors can be a great alternative to finding extra space in a room. These over the door shoe hangers can be used obviously for shoes. But you can also use them for toys, combs, brushes, small stuffed animals, barbies, suntan lotion, sunglasses, winter gloves…and the list goes on.

Here is another option for the back of a bedroom door or inside a swinging closet door. It has little pockets for the kids items, blackboard and bulletin board. I found this one at JoAnn’s. But I have seen them also at Walmart. They run about $15.
You can also hang magnetic boards, or just hooks for clothes to go on. The list is long, it just takes a little imagination. But don’t waste that space behind or inside of a door.
Under the bed storage is a great option. Usually the only thing you find under their beds is clothes and toys that have made it there in a “clean up” attempt. You can store out of season clothes in them. Don’t rule out this option if you have very limited space and more than one child in a room. If they don’t have much closet or dresser space…use it for their daily clothes if needed. But be sure to get something that is easy to pull out and easy to open up. Or don’t even put a lid on it if they are using it daily.

Keep things bright and colorful if you can. Baskets make a great addition for organizing socks, underwear, toys etc. This basket I put up on her shelf to put clothes in that she has outgrown. When you or your children come across something that doesn’t fit, instead of shoving it back in the drawer..take it out and put it in the basket (or a hanging laundry bag or garage bag works too) to get it out of your drawer.

Use your floor space as best as possible. Otherwise it just gets filled with shoes, clothes and toys that hit the floor.
If you have room for a drawer unit like this, it is inexpensive and can house toys, workbooks, paper etc.. or can be used for socks and underwear if a dresser is limited.
The white shelves also can be used as such for shoes, but these are also a great space for baskets for any number of items.
Be creative and try and use all the space available.

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Organizing a Bedroom

June 30, 2009 by  
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Organizing Your Child’s Room

Kids rooms can be a challenge. We want them to be cute and fun, but they also need to be practical. Spending a lot of money on the kids bedrooms is not always an option for many of us (including me).
I did my Mom TV show  last night in my step daughter’s bedroom. I explained that as cute as it is (at least I think so), it was very inexpensive to do. I think I maybe spent about $50 when we married almost 3 years ago and my husband and his kids moved into my house. I painted all her existing bedroom furniture. It had been a set that his sister had when she was a kid. I am sure many of you had seen it, white with little rose bud designs. But this was worn and didn’t look so great. I used pink, purple and lime green as my color scheme and went to work.

I found this shelf at a garage sale for $2. It was white and falling apart. My husband put in a couple of nails and I painted it and it is great! If you are able to use wall space..then do! You can add storage space and make it look cute at the same time.

I took a white bookshelf that we had elsewhere in the house and could re-utilize and painted it pink to go in the room. I added hooks on the side of it. You can put up several and use them for necklaces, belts etc. She uses her for her robe and ballet bag.

A bulletin board can be a great place for the kids to put up their artwork. If you have a closet door that opens out, on the inside of that is a great place to place one. The back of a door can also work.

This is a fun little storage option. I found it at Ikea. We have not hung a hook for it, and my step daughter made her own solution because she wanted to use it. She hung it on one of the hooks that holds her Twitter laundry bag. These come in the longer version (shown) or one that just has 4 cubbies slots.

You can use these for little stuffed animals, small toys and knickknacks. You can even use them in a closet for underwear and socks or baby’s room for small baby clothes or diapers.
You children’s rooms need to follow the same direction that the rest of our house does. Too much clutter can make them feel “cluttered” and anxious.
We need to teach them that they need to have a limited amount of “stuff” in their room and start them early on not being pack rats themselves and thinking they can’t part with any of their toys.

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Organizing Children’s Dresser Drawers

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Are you always scared to open your children’s dresser drawers? Do you wonder why you ever fold their laundry? Are the socks in every drawer and the shirts in the pants drawer. Do they even have specific drawers for specific things?

For your kids to have an organized dresser…it starts with them being taught how to organize their dresser.

*Make sure there is a specific drawer for each item.
It is easiest and makes most sense to me to have the socks and underwear in one of the top and usually smaller drawers. If there are enough drawers to separate them, that is wonderful. Belts can go in here also.

Have a shirt drawer, pants drawer, shorts drawer, winter gear or sweatshirt drawer and one for P.J’s.

*It is OK to label the drawers to help your children out. You can make fun and fancy labels, or even have the kids make their own labels.
At least when they are young, this helps them to learn that clothes have specific places to go. When they are older, they probably won’t need the labels anymore.

*Keep on top of their drawers with them. My kids put their own clean clothes away. I work to teach independence to my children, so when they are out on their own, they know how to do these things.
But in doing so, I have to say that the drawers usually are not as I would want them. I do have 2 of my 5 children at home that keep up with their drawers (and they are 2 of the 8 year olds). I go in every couple of weeks to the other 8 year old and help him pull the shirts out of the underwear drawer where he has stuffed them as a quick get away. Put his underwear back into the underwear drawer and refold many items.

Three of my four older boys have ADHD, so this is normal routine for me. I am surprised when I see one of the triplets reorganizing his drawers on his own! (Wow)

That is why the labels are so helpful. They may not always follow it, but it does help to reinforce where things should go and works to get them into that routine so they can learn it for a life time.

Organizing their dressers can help to save time. They can find their clothes when it is time to get ready to school. They know right off the bat if their band shirt is clean for the performance the next night and they look nicer if their shirt didn’t just come out of a sock drawer all wadded up.

Most children will not do this on their own. They need help from you to make it work.

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7 Easy Steps to Transferring clothes

Do you dread the “changing of the clothes” as much as I do? Getting out the summer clothes and putting away the winter ones?
With five children it can be quite the production. I worked on it yesterday most of the day.
I am lucky that my kids can pass down to each other. I still have some clothes from my 20 somethings to pass down to the 15 and 16 year olds. Then the clothes that the 15 and 16 year olds are being saved for the 8 year old triplets boys. With 7 of my 8 being boys, passing down works well. Even works that one of the triplet boys is a size bigger than the other, so we pass down there also!
Such a pity that I have to buy my girl clothes each season isn’t it? I know I just boo hoo all the way to the girl section. (LOL)

7 Easy Steps to Transferring The Clothes

1) Get your supplies ready. White (donate) and black (trash) trash bags, sharpie
marker, labels (sticky address labels work great, bins (clear are best).

2) Get out the summer clothes from storage.

3) Start in the kids rooms and pull out one drawer at a time. Determine with each
* Will it fit someone in the family in the future? (If not dontate)
* Is it in any condition to save? (If not then throw away, don’t donate clothes
that are torn, stained or are better for rags)
* Will the next child wear it? Was it worn at all this season? (Do they like it?)

4) Make piles.
* Save for next year
* Donate (white bag)
* Trash (black bag)

5) Go through the new season clothes and do the same thing as you put them away in
the kids drawers. Make sure they will fit your child this year and it is
something they will wear.

6) Take the bins you have for next year and be sure to label them.
Put sex, season and size on each label. For instance, Boy – Winter – Size 10

7) Donate can be taken to friends who can use them, sold at a garage sale or resale
shop or taken to a facility such as Good Will.

Transformation complete.

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Ikea Expedit

Ikea Bookshelf – Great Organizer

I could spend all day in an Ikea store. There are so many cool ideas and I see something new every time I go.

ikea expedit

I love this piece! It is so functional. The cubbyhole’s can keep your books neater than a regular bookshelf. You either need bookends or you have all your books fall over when you take out several on a regular bookshelf. You have spaces to display things and the size of the cubbyholes are big, so that taller books and albums will fit.
I would love to see this in a playroom. It does come in white so that it may go better in a playroom with that.
You can add either doors (like on the bottom ones) in different colors, or you can get the little bins to go in to hold little things. It would work especially well if you have several ages of kids. The younger ones can use the toys at the bottom but would be unable to access the upper levels (where games that had small pieces and books could be kept).
If and when I get a different office, this piece is going to be in there! (At least I hope so).

You can get this at

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Organizing The Home

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Organizing My House


Yesterday and today I have had time off from one of my clients that I didn’t expect. So I decided that I needed to organize the home…. this home! My house is not perfect but I wish it was. I have needed to get back into the kids rooms and switch out the summer for winter clothes. Sort through and see what can be donated or put into a bin that will still fit them next year. With the triplets it is kind of nice that Z is about 3″ taller than A and weighs about 12 pounds more, so that usually Z can hand down to his triplet brother. Then of course with the older two at home who are 14 and 15, they are wearing the same size, and their clothes that are too small have to wait a couple of years for Z and A to fit into them. E  being the only girl doesn’t have family that passes her down clothes, but we have had a dear friend who has given E some wonderful clothes from her daughter.
I spent about 5 hours yesterday working on their two bedrooms. I worked on their closets and drawers and over all reorganizing and getting rid of extra stuff that accumulates over time.
Here is a picture of E’s room. Two years ago I painted all of her bedroom furniture the pink, purple and green. I found that shelf at a garage sale for $2.00 and painted it. The bed canopy thingy (what do you call those?) was from a garage sale and cost $5.00. I love it!
Today I am going to tackle the kitchen. I have a pretty small kitchen and pantry. For seven people in the house I have a hard time fitting everything. Things have become a mess again in my cupboards and it has been driving me crazy!! I have a husband and kids who do an ok job putting things where they should go, but I would love it if they always put things away like I wanted them to.
I will get some before and after pictures of the kitchen. They will actually be pretty embarrassing for me….because things are pretty bad right now. I also do not have the time to go to the store and find any organizing products like I would like to do, so I am going to have to figure some things out.
Here goes!!!

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