Help Chris Mann Win The Voice

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Vote for Chris Mann on The Voice

Watch & VOTE for @IamChrisMann tonight! #MannFans

It is SO cool that Chris Mann made it to the final four of The Voice! I know he is good enough to win, but the other three people who are singing are also really good.  He will need all our votes tonight!

Hey look what Chris sent me!

Chris Mann thanks Sandy & Organize w Sandy community for Voting on THE VOICE from Chris Mann Music on Vimeo.


Yes and I know I just totally hashtagged out my title – but I want as much twitter exposure as I can get for him!

chris mann

I love this video – Chris had it on his newsletter this morning and I grabbed it for my post. (Hope you don’t mind Chris! lol)


Watch The  Finale of The Voice TONIGHT,  Monday May 7 at 8pm est (7pm cst)

You can vote several ways after the show tonight starting at 9:55pm est.  Don’t Vote Early or else it won’t count!

Here are instructions from Chris’s newsletter today on voting

1.  Buy Chris’ NEW song performed on tonight’s show on iTunes
You can “gift this song” to 10 friends for 10 votes!  Click on the arrow next to the price and click “gift album.”

Only purchaces of TONIGHT’s song count as votes!!!

2.  Use your Facebook account(s) & vote TEN times on The Voice’s FB page

“Like” The Voice’s facebook page and vote!

3.  CALL by Phone TEN times from your landline & TEN times from any cell phone


4. Vote through the website

You can vote multiple times here as well!!!

5. If you have Sprint you can vote via text messaging

The number to text will appear on-screen after Chris’ performance
Your text vote will NOT count unless made via a Sprint cell phone
Using all methods you can VOTE 50 TIMES!!!  (or more with more phones in your house)

Watch the twitter stream.  You will see #MannFans #Vote4ChrisMann #ChrisMann #TheOperaGuy #TheVoice #TeamXtina and @IamChrisMann is Chris’s Twitter handle. Follow Chris on Facebook at Chris Mann Music

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Cheap Sally Party & Collective Bias

Best Party at Blogher 2011 This Year!

cheapsally That is simple!!  The #CheapSallyParty! It was slated to be the best party – that can be a bit scary! Expectations are high! But guess what?  There was no question. Hands down, this was the best party – and not by our accounts…. but by almost everyone who attended!  Collective Bias sent me to Blogher (loved it! I’ve never been to San Diego in CA before.. now I know why people love it so much!) this year as their photographer for several events. I was primarily behind the camera lens this trip, but had plenty of pictures with me in them too.

The atmosphere was amazing! We had the entire Stingree Nightclub to ourselves.  Three floors of awesomeness!

There were food stations, plenty of drink stations and no problems finding a place to sit, talk and relax.

cheapsally party

The rooftop was the highlight of the party! We couldn’t have had better weather if we had ordered and paid for it!

The Brands had exposure in the cabanas that gave them plenty of attention, but they weren’t in your face. This was Collective Bia’s cabana – our community of bloggers is called Social Fabric.

social fabric

Aren’t our Collective Bias pillows awesome! Love them!

collective bias pillow

It was a nice place for bloggers to come and know they would find Social Fabric members.  Here is Kim @craftymamaof4 and Michele @scrappinmichele

collective bias

Udi’s Gluten Free Food gave us a loaf of their bread in our swag bags. They also gave us some granola. Later that night I sat in my room and worked… I was starved. I opened up the loaf of bread, fully expecting some terrible tasting stuff (I don’t eat gluten free… can you tell?) I was completely shocked to discover it was moist, tasty and I really liked it. I didn’t have anything to put on it, like butter or jelly… and didn’t miss it. I ate some more the next morning along with the granola (dry) and enjoyed that too.  Totally recommend this.


I loved this space.  KMart is coming out with a new line of Gordon Ramsay kitchen accessories this fall.


Doesn’t this look cool? I’d love to try out some of those pans… they look nice.

Gordon Ramsay

I also loved that they gave away all the items they were displaying there to a local food pantry that helps the homeless. Really … so much cooler than giving it away to the bloggers (we get so much at these conferences)

The Bloggers were able to go and visit and talk sitting on comfy couches, pick up awesome swag at the cabanas as well as in their swag bags on their way out.

Cheap Sally announced an awesome giveaway! I mean … really awesome!! The Cheap Sally Bring Home The Bacon Contest!!


They are having a contest and the winner will get a contract for a year – to write one blog post a week on the Cheap Sally blog for $100,000 for the year! Can you say OMG!!

This is Brian Markley (a Top Chef and owns two restaurants in San Diego) beginning the announcement for Cheap Sally Bring Home the Bacon Contest.

Brian Marlarkey

We had several of our bloggers interview Brian at the beginning of the party.  Melissa had him laughing!

Brian Marlarkey and Melissa

Ok.. I wanted a picture too.

Melissa and Daniel (ConsumerQueen and ConsumerKing) are so sweet. I always love seeing Melissa and enjoy when Daniel gets to come to the conferences too.

Consumer Queen and Consumer King

One of the things I LOVE about any blogging conference is when we can meet people in real life that we are used to just talking to online.

One of my favorite people to meet in real life was Lily @MiliaryFamof8. I discovered that Lily is extremely shy and wasn’t real happy that I was taking her picture. But she is SO giving, has such a loving and giving spirit and looked absolutely hot! Her hubby bought her outfit for her to wear and she was very uncomfortable. She had not been to other blogging conferences and has a comfort behind the computer.. not in front of it (not unusual at all for many bloggers).  But she got to meet many people from Social Fabric… how could you not love her?

kim and lily Check out her shoes! Aren’t they great!!


Here are Amy’s shoes… love them too.

Amy Callahan from Collective Bias looked great. This is her and Lauren before the party.

Again at the end of the party with Kate Berg

Sears Style had a booth and the ambassadors that went shopping (that post will be coming soon). They were manning the booth and handing out some awesome swag too! Don’t they look great?

searsAnd more.. I’m excited about the age defining cream (I can use all the help I can get you know!)


Liz from Smarties is the bomb! Can you imagine being a 5th generation candy maker and looking like this? I think I’d be a two ton tessy if it were me!

smartiesShe made a swag for her booth using the candy necklaces! lol

We also discovered that you can put Smarties into a Martini and it was dubbed the Smartini! Can I tell you that when your drink is gone… eating the martini soaked Smarties… was the highlight!

There was also Smartie appetizers all over!  (yum)

The evening  was beautiful…

Loved taking pictures of everyone! Mel from MamaBzz met Ted Rubin

Mel and Ted

Ken Barnett and his wife were there. Ken is the CEO of MARS Advertising.

Ken barnett

Debba from Girlfriendology with some of the UPS Store crew

Lifetime Moms was one of the sponsors

I don’t know who this is, but they were sitting in the Lifetime Moms area… and I love this peach dress! I felt like she looked so beautiful in it. I had to ask for her picture.

That was one of the things the bloggers loved. They felt they could relax, visit and have a space to visit with the Brands that was not pressured… not crazy crowded.

Amy Lowe looked so cute. She has been helping me so much writing tweets for cbSocially!

Amy Lowe

I was excited to meet Shelby @GlitterfulFelt  She and Steve did daily videos when we worked on the Lean Cuisine campaign. I felt like I already knew her because I saw her on video. She was so cute with her (fake) tattoo with Steve’s name on it!

These two wonderful ladies are from Canada.  It was fun to have someone be excited about having a picture taken with me!  Melissa @TimeOutMom on the left and Margarita @DownShiftingPOS (another professional organizer!!) on the right.

Kim, Monica and I posing inside the Social Fabric Cabana. Look at our cool Collective Bias QR code badges (Jay is the bomb!)

kim monica and sandy

Courtney, Kim and I out front before the party began.

Everyone left with plenty of swag (including these great flip flops from ViX Swimwear…these are no cheap little ol’ flip flops ladies!!)

They got a bag as they left which also had more goodies in it (other than what they picked up at the cabanas.) Like Peets Coffee! Yum…. good coffee!  I also found out they sell it at my local grocery store.. so it’s all good!

I had a wonderful time, even though I was running around taking pictures of everyone (that was fun!) and what was nicer was knowing that everyone else had a great time too.

Thank you to all the sponsors and Dawn and Elizabeth from Party BluPrints (thank you for your book in the swag bags!)  along with everyone from Collective Bias who put in so many hours and so much time to make this party happen.


Collective Bias sponsored my trip to Blogher11.

I was not asked to write this post. I did that on my own because it was so stinkin’ awesome!

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Cake Boss

What an Experience Meeting Buddy Valastro

Sandy Jenney and Buddy Valastro

I was lucky enough to be asked as a blogger to attend a fun day at the Giant Eagle Market District Store in Columbus, Ohio back in March.

We watched an amateur cake decorating contest that Buddy judged and then we got to see him do his stuff in front of over 300 people in the main section of the Market District Store.

Donna Pahel from the Market District Store out of Pittsburgh was wonderful and is giving us our copy of Buddy’s book in this pic.

Donna Pahel from Giant Eagle

I also got to see one of the Columbus Crew Soccer players (although I didn’t catch his name).  They picked him to come up with Buddy as one of the 3 Dads to decorate a cupcake.
Columbus Crew

We had a great time!  Kim from Crafty Mama of 4 and Beth from The Plus Size Mommy were also there along with Wendy from Celiacs in the House as bloggers.

Since I’ve done just a little bit with some cake decorating lately, I wanted to share this.  This took place in March, but I thought you’d still enjoy reading about it.

See my complete story on my Explore Ohio Blog. I have the complete story and many more pictures on that post.

I was invited to meet Buddy in a small group for the cake decorating contest, which took place before the main exhibit for Giant Eagle Market District. I was given a signed book and a swag bag from Giant Eagle Market District for taking the time to come. My opinions and pictures are my own.

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Organizing the Freezer

How Does Organizing Your Freezer & Chris Mann Go In The Same Post?

You’ll See…

Now that we have the refrigerator finished…. of course the freeze is next.

I did it at the same time as the refrig, but the post would have been too long! lol

Here is my little freezer!  Messy…. and packed.


The top is usually the family food and if I have food just for me, example Lean Cuisine then I put them on the bottom.


Here is the bottom shelf


Here is the freezer door.  Frozen veggies, baking soda that is past it’s date.

freezer door

You know what we do next don’t you?

Take everything out!

freezer food

You need to go through and see what has freezer burn or something that you know you know you won’t eat.

Here is the empty…. dirty freezer


You can take the self out, but the top shelf wasn’t so bad… so I just wiped it down and got some good soapy water to clean out the bottom.

Also clean out the door.

freezer door

I realized that I didn’t take any pictures of the clean empty freezer…. Oh well..

Time Out for a Chris Mann Commercial Break!!

Because he sings so freakin awesome I wanted to tell you all!

Ok… just a side note for all of you.  I have been listening to Chris Mann sing live on his #MannChat while I worked on this post. So I wanted to tell you about him.  If you don’t know who he is… omg.. you should.  Awesome singer.  He is one of the Warblers on Glee…. he just sang the theme song to that Lifetime show – A Beautiful Life on Lifetime about the solider who died.  He is also an awesome friend to a lot of bloggers.  He came to Blissdom 09 and sang for us and has been to several other events we have been at. He is always nice, poses for all the pictures we ask him to also. lol   The last time I got to see Chris was in NYC at Blogher. We had invited him to sing at a function that ended up getting canceled. But he ended up coming up to our small room party with about 15 ladies. Sang Happy Birthday To Courtney (@courtneydetroit) and just being the sweet self he is.  So here are some links to check him out yourself and you can become a Mann Fan!  Tell him I sent you if you stop by!

Chris Mann – Web Page and blog

Here is my last pic with him… of course I look like crapoloa…. but…he still looks hot as ever. Yeah… I can say that even though I’m old enough to be his mom (and I’ve talked to his mom too online) … cuz I’m not blind you know!

chris Mann

This post has been sponsored by me!  No… I didn’t get sponsored to say or post any of that. I just wanted to.

Ok… let’s get back to the freezer (boring stuff now huh? lol)  Chris…. has your freezer been cleaned out recently? #justsayin..

Back to your regular programing…

Oh yeah.. the Freezer –

Reassemble Your Freezer – Like with Like

I again decided to use these plastic baskets I found in the freezer too.

I put the meats in the top basket.. and see – you can pull it out and down and see what is in the back of your freezer!  I know this looks funny…. but I’m tipping it down so you can see in it.


The lower one has frozen fruit in it. I also put my cool whip in there, because I like it on my fruit.


I put a few things in my door.  The frozen vegetables and also my bag of cut up onions.  When I cut part of one for a recipe… I finish cutting it, or even if I have them and get all the yucky stuff out of the way at one time.  Then I separate it into 1/2 cup servings into little freezer bags…. take all those little freezer bags and put them into one big freezer bag. (If it is a really strong onion and I can smell it through that… I’ll put it into another freezer bag!)   Great for when you want to cook something fast that takes onions.

frozen onions

Then I opened up a new box of baking soda

baking soda

Took off the lid and put it in my freezer.  I put the date on it so that I’d know when 3 months was up and to change it again (unlike I did on the last one that was in there)

baking soda in the freezer

Now I want to see YOUR Freezers! I also want to know how many of you checked out Chris Mann’s music!
I’d love for you to link it up to my Organizing Mission Monday Link Party
It will be open until April 9, 2011 to link to, so you have time to work on your pantry and refrigerator

Organizing Mission Monday

I LOVE your comments

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I’m in Woman’s World Magazine

My ideas were published in a National Magazine! Hoot!!

Womans world October issue

I was asked by a reporter from Woman’s World Magazine, Gabrielle Lichteman – for some ideas on how to organize a kitchen using some inexpensive options. I offered her several ideas and she published 2 of them.  I think it is cool to see “Organize with” in print on a magazine page!!  hee hee

womans world magazine

You can see them a little better in this cropped version of the article.

Organize with SandyYou can read them in the number 4 and Number 5 options.  She did get a bit confused on the Number 5 option.  I suggested a rack on the back of the pantry door, but it is a rack that is wire so that you can put cans etc in it.  I use a clear shoe organizer on the back of other doors for things like hats, gloves, small toys… but I didn’t suggest that for a pantry.

Here is the blog post I did on organizing your pantry for less. It has both of the ideas I am sharing here in the article.  Using the un-used space I like to do using wire hanging baskets (off of the shelf) and using floor space and tall cupboard space.

pantry door organizerI’m not upset at all that things got a little confused, but this is what I was telling her about.  But over a phone it could have easily gotten mixed up.  so I understand.   If you did use a clear shoe organizer you could put packets of Kool-aide, small packets like onion soup mix, cake decorating sprinkles and supplies, even spices that are used frequently. So I suppose you could use that, but I hadn’t thought of it before. lol

But isn’t it cool that I have my ideas in a National Magazine?  I don’t know about you but I’m thrilled with that!  What is even neater is that when I was at the Toyota Tour in Evansville, IN last week – I had one of the other bloggers when she was introduced to me say, “Hey, you were in Woman’s World weren’t you? I just read that the other day!”.  Hee hee… so someone actually read it and related it to me.

This was the October 4, 2010 edition of Woman’s World Magazine, page 35.

I have also been recently featured on the Cleveland Moms Like Me blog page as their “Meet the Blogger” for this month.  Cool huh?

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Hanes and Organized Undies Drawers

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Is your underwear drawer Messy or Organized?

I was in New York City for the big BlogHer conference for bloggers.  I was invited to this Hanes party and what do you think I thought when I saw this display? LOL  Yep…right up my alley!

This place was decorated so cute with underwear on pillows and umbrellas made from T Shirts. But they had a display showing a messy underwear drawer and an organized underwear drawer.

And then an organized drawer.  Aren’t these cool?

Now…here is the kicker. They were having contest to see who could organize a drawer the fastest. They were giving out gift certificates. They had one more contest and of course my friends nominated me.  Ok…this was too much pressure. I am the organizer…of course everyone would expect me to win… and I should right?  LOL

There was a laundry basket of underclothes, sweatpants, underwear, socks, tshirts and bras. We had to take them and fold them and organize them in our drawers the quickest. The fastest time before our last group was 1 min. 50 some seconds (I think).

My hands were shaking!! Literally.  But….. I didn’t win. The girl you see in the picture beat me by a split second. I think our time was in the 1 min. 30 second range….so I also beat the record. Does that count? LOL

But it was fun….

Michael Moloney from Extreme Home Makeover was there as the MC. He was so nice!  And of course very nice looking! {drool}

But it got me thinking. My underwear drawer is not really very organized. I have everything in it’s “area” of my drawer, but I don’t have any official boxes or “sectioned off” areas.  Hmmm….I might have to do that especially with the new fun undies and bras that Hanes gave me as swag.

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Tips from Peter Walsh (part 4)

More Tips Directly from Peter Walsh

These Tips were given to me by Office Max to use if I wanted to.  The above picture is of the new line of products that Peter Walsh has coming out in the Office Max stores called you.organized.

Calendars: You might feel like multiple schedules lead to more confusion. For a little planning relief, combine home and work calendars. Simply choose various colors to mark important dates: one for professional tasks and meetings, one for personal appointments, one for social engagements, one for your children’s activities, and so on. (Peter Walsh)

I’m with him on that one. I have tried to keep a calendar in my purse and one at home.  I like having my calendar with me.  I have solved that problem with using a google calendar on my computer and it syncs with my blackberry.  The google calendar does have color coding for events, so that helps.  It isn’t my favorite calendar and I’m always looking for other options….but it has to sync with my phone so I have my calendar with me on the road.

Cork Boards & Sticky Boards: No need to hang lists, phone numbers and reminders all over your cubicle walls. Instead, create a one-stop message center with a cork or sticky board. Hang your daily to-do list, phone numbers, and a weekly calendar of events and meetings. That way, you’ll have all your need-to-know information in front of you. (Peter Walsh)

If you give yourself the limit of a bulletin board or magnetic board…and it gets full – then that is a sign that too much is on there and you can clean it off.

Email: Stay on top of your electronic inbox. Check email when you arrive, and immediately sort each message into an appropriate folder. Even if you don’t have time to deal with the contents of a message or even read it fully, sort it for later action. (Peter Walsh)

E-mail boxes are always a problem. It is easy for them to become very full very fast.  Do use the folders that you can create to sort e-mails you need to keep. Delete junk emails.  Here is a post I did on E-mail organizing.

  • Closing Thoughts: Remember that your desk sends a clear signal about who you are and how you approach your work. You should have an organized desk at the start and finish of every day! (Peter Walsh)

Disclosure: I was not paid or given anything to do this post. I was given the above info if I wanted to use it…and I did!


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Tips from Peter Walsh (part 3)

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Peter Walsh Shares His Knowledge


More tips from Peter?  Here a a couple of thoughts directly from Peter Walsh. These were given to me from Office Max to use if I chose to.  I did decide to pass on this info..because I figured you would enjoy learning from him as much as I do.

Filing: Use a vertical file organizer for “active” files. Reserve your desk inbox for items that need to be dealt with pronto. Name your file folders with nouns. Use the ones that first pop into your mind when you need the material. Banish the concept of a miscellaneous file from your life. If something is worth putting in a file folder, it’s worth putting in a folder than has a specific label. (Peter Walsh)

My question for Peter on the video I did with him was about filing.  Paper work seems to be one of the biggest stumbling blocks for most clients.  How to make a file system work for you. So it is something that you will use.  A perfect system set up but unused is of no good to anyone.  Filing like anything needs to be maintained.

Binders: For travel, business and leisure create a different binder devoted to your important documents. For example, when creating a travel binder, include pocketed folders to store airline tickets and receipts, a contact section storing important phone numbers, and a location portion highlighting hot spots and destination details.

I love using binders.  I have one (color coded mind you) for different projects I am working on.  Depending on how big the project is, I can use just a folder with pockets too.  But bigger projects and for my different clients I do use binders and keep them in different colors for visiual quick identification.

Disclosure:  I was not paid to do this post. It was my decision and the information from Peter was given to me. The orange comments are my own.

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Tips from Peter Walsh (Part 2)

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Peter Walsh's you.organized line

Here are some Office  Organization Tips & Inspirations directly from Peter Walsh

These are some tips that were sent to me from Office Max that Peter Walsh gave them for us to use. I wanted to share them with you!!  I have added a couple of my own thoughts after each one…

  • Desktop Organization: There’s no faster way to inspire an immediate change in attitude than with an uncluttered, clear and pristine desk. Think of your desk as a reflection of your head. No matter how creative and brilliant you are, you’ll perform better with an organized desk. You shouldn’t have anything on your desk that isn’t “active,” meaning it still needs to be dealt with.  (Peter Walsh)

Isn’t that the truth?  I have said before, Clutter in your home = Clutter in your head.  Think how nice it would be to walk in to work in your office and see a nice clean desk to work out. Ahhhhh…. is the feeling you get rather than…..Gggrrrhhhh!!

  • To-Do Lists: When writing a to-do list, group alike tasks together such as making calls or running errands to increase efficiency. But avoid getting overwhelmed with your workload by breaking it into small, manageable tasks. Write to-do list items on individual sticky notes and put them on a wall calendar. Rearrange them as your priorities change. At the end of the day, review your checklist and cross off completed items. Move any pending items to a fresh list for tomorrow.  (Peter Walsh)

I like this idea.  I am hoping to try (hoping to review, but if not…I will probably buy myself) his new you.organized wall modular unit.  I think you could use this with his sticky note idea.

  • Paper Clutter: Deal with new papers first. No matter how high the old piles are, begin by devising a system for the new arrivals. Decide immediately what to do with each piece of paper that comes across your desk. Do not postpone these decisions. Paper piles are messy monuments to a long series of small procrastinations. Once you are faithfully dealing with new papers in a systematic way, haul out all unfiled older papers and take them through your new system. (Peter Walsh)

Reminds me of what I used to say when I sold Creative Memories scrapbooking supplies.  Start with the new pictures first. If you look at that huge back log of pictures, you will never do anything because it is too over whelming. You start at the present.  Works the same with the paper clutter.

The above picture is a picture of the line of products that Peter Walsh created and is being carried in the Office Max.

Disclosure:  I was not paid to do this post, I was offered the information to use if I would like to use it.  It was my decision to use the information because I think Peter Walsh rocks and love what he has to say.

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My Interview with Peter Walsh! (part 1)

Interviewing the King of Organizers!!

I was thrilled to be able to interview Peter Walsh today via web cam.  He could not see me (thank goodness because I was sitting with my sweatshirt on and no makeup!) but I was on the phone.

I was asked by Office Max if I wanted this opportunity. Heck yes!!

Peter is coming out with a new line (they are soooo cool) of organizers for the office called the you.organize series and we are lucky enough to get a preview here.  I am glad….I was sure hoping he would.  My favorite is the wall modular system! I love the look of it and it is so functional.

I asked him about filing though. That seems to be my biggest challenge when I work with clients. I wanted to see what his thoughts were. Also on the programs where you log all the information into your computer and each file folder gets a number. Then you put in a key word and it shows you where your file is.  They work great and I have used a version or one with one client. But….I do not like that you can’t open the file drawer and find your file without logging onto your computer first.  *The client I had use this system, I still labeled the front of his files with the file name & the number.

Enjoy my interview (as nervous as I was…) with Peter Walsh. Plus the fact that I could see him in the video but was talking to him on the phone. Well when we were  making this…his voice didn’t match his mouth! I felt like I was watching a foreign film. LOL  So I had to keep looking away from the screen because it was throwing me off. (You know as I get older it doesn’t take as much to throw me off! ) Thank goodness on the final video he talks just fine!

Thank you SO Much Office Max and Peter for this opportunity!

You can follow Peter’s Facebook Page to get answers to even more of your questions.

Tomorrow I am going to share some tips that are from Peter.

Disclosure:  I was not paid for this interview with money or products. I also did not have to pay them to have this interview.  My reward? I got to interview Peter Walsh!!!  yippee & squeels!

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NAPO 2010 Expo

NAPO 2010

I had to make a hard call this year. The NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) convention was in Columbus OH! That is my home town. So I had to go. But it is certainly not an inexpensive conference, and unlike my blogging conferences, there was not going to be a sponsor for it.  Because I was at home, I decided to get a Market place table in the expo hall and sell the pouchees and Card Cubbys.

I had a great time and although I missed some wonderful speakers, I did get to make some new friends and see some old friends.

Here are the names and links to those who were in my video:

Linda Easton from Extraordinary Organizing

Linda had a table just 2 away from me. She began her Home Show Organizing business a couple years ago, but because she had to care for a sick husband, it took a little longer to get going than she hoped. But it is off the ground now and going to fly high! She is super friendly and would be great to work for! Get in the the ground floor if you have any desire to build a business

Angela Ploetz from a red bench

Angela had a table right next to me.  She was a speaker at the conference too.  I didn’t realize that I had seen Angela at the 2008 NAPO conference while I was waiting to take a picture with Hellen Buttigieg. I took the picture of them in the slide show.  Just happened to see this as I was going through the pictures and realized it was Angela! Funny huh?

Hellen Buttigieg from We Organize U

I loved watching Hellen’s TV show, Neat when it was on. She was at the NAPO 2008 conference that I was at.  She came up to my table at this expo and I didn’t realize who she was at first. But I felt like she looked familiar. I realized it before she walked away and asked what she was doing now. She is speaking at events and running her business.

Olga Lucia Cobo de Morales – Oargniazr es organizar

Olga and her mother stopped by my table and loved the pouchees. They were so cute. Speaking in Spanish to each other (thank goodness not to me, otherwise I wouldn’t have understood much of anything.) They came all the way from Bogota – Columbia. She posed for me with the pouchee showing how much she loved it! So cute!!!

Heather Lovold – Card Memories

Heather and I kind of knew each other.  I did a review and giveaway of her invention – The Greeting Card Keeper last year. So it was really fun to get to meet her in real life. She was so excited to be a part of the expo at NAPO. I told her this was exactly where she should be because Organizers NEED her products for their clients. Then she was so sweet to give me one of her card albums before she left.

Tanna Clark – Complete Organizing Solutions

Tanna is one of my blogging buddies!!!  It was so fun to see her at the NAPO conference. We are both Professional Organizers and have blogs about organizing. We met for the first time at Blissdom 2009 (I think) because we were both organizers.  While at blogging conferences all those people are into the social media like we are. At NAPO there are some of the Organizers who participate in social media…but not many. So it was like “home” to see Tanna. I wish we would have had more time to visit.  But we’ll see each other again soon at the next Blogging conference.

Marcy Melton – Bullseye Organizing Solutions and Debbie Gilster – Center for Growth and Productivity

Debbie stopped by my table and then brough Marcy back to show her the Card Cubbys and pouchees.  I took this picture as they were looking at the Card Cubbys.

Jim Deitzel and Erin – Rubbermaid

Jim is @Rubbermaid and Erin is @RubbermaidErin on Twitter.  I never did meet Lauren who is @Rubbermaid2 . They are so nice and responsive on Twitter. I have to admit they have increased my awareness of Rubbermaid in regards to organizing for me.  I am sure they have for many other organizers also. When they were closing up their display they told me I could help myself to what ever I wanted from a pile of things they were giving away.  I picked up some drawer tray organizers!  I did a review on these and liked them….so was thrilled.

Kathy Jenkins – Organized A to Z

I have been working with Kathy for over a year. I have the pouchees I sell in her online store. I will soon have the card cubbys also.  She has been great to work with and has a very successful online organizing store.  It was fun to meet her in real life too!

Monica Ricci – Your Life. Organized

Monica is one of those Professional Organiers that is up on the top of the Professional Organizers scale. She has been on TV and is a sought after speaker. I remember seeing her in the lobby of the Reno hotel at the 2008 NAPO conference and got the nerve up to say hi. She stopped and talked to me for a minute and was telling me how important it is to come to conference. I was thrilled that she talked to me.   We talk now on Twitter @MonicaRicci and Facebook.  So when we saw each other at this conference she came around the table to give me a hug.  You feel like you know people better when you have talked to them online.  We help each other by tweeting out our blogs on twitter and facebook. It’s all about networking and working together to help each other grow. It was great to see her after talking online.

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Spring Cleaning – The Coat Closet

Organize that Front Coat Closet

By the time spring hits, the coat closet is usually a mess.  Winter hats, gloves that don’t have matches, boots and coats that are stuffed in.  It is about time to get rid of the winter coats and hats and time to get out the spring jackets and raincoats.
This is a video I did last year for NBC 4 First at 4 with Ellie Merritt.

I had to get a picture with Ellie before she left my house. By the way, I there was a mix up in our times for this interview. She was supposed to come the following day and called me about 45 minutes before she arrived to ask if it was ok to do today. I had been ill and in the ER with diverticulitis for the 3 days before this & had planned to get ready that day. I knew what I wanted to do and had in my mind things ready. But with 45 minutes (thank goodness my son was home from school because he helped me get the house in shape too. – Remember I had been in bed for 3 days…so my house was a mess) Ellie was so sweet on the phone, she told me not to worry about it they could film around it. But of course I couldn’t do that. So we were racing all over. I had to dumb my baskets of hats and just throw them up on the shelf to show what it might look like.
Then like 10 minutes before they got there I realized I hadn’t done my hair, so I ran up and threw my head under the tub facet and did my hair and makeup like fast. LOL Anyway…it was probably a good thing that I didn’t have time to be nervous!

Ellie Merritt from NBC 4 News

Ellie Merritt from NBC 4 News

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Oprah Radio Show

SXSW – Pepsi Refresh Contest. I was on Oprah Radio!

Derrick Ashong from the Oprah Radio Show

Derrick Ashong from the Oprah Radio Show

You can cast your votes on Twitter by using the hashtag #RefreshCQ every 2 hours until 11:59 pm on Monday night.
Melissa and I have gotten up and spoke up on the flash panel. Then we were interviewed by Derrick Ashong from the Oprah Radio network. Then came to do a quick interview (only the campaign managers) so @consumerqueen (Melissa told about my idea….Oh thank goodness….she is good!)

Disclosure: Pepsi is not sponsoring me for this event.

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Give a Day – Get a Disney Day

Give a Day – Get a Disney Day Promotion

Breakfast for Disney Social Media Moms

Breakfast for Disney Social Media Moms

We were really excited to see what was in store for us this morning. We knew it was geared around the “Give a Day – Get a Disney Day” promotion.

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Disney Social Media Mom’s event in Orland Florida at Disney World.  Our first morning there we were given a very nice breakfast and got to hear a great speaker, Guy Kawasaki.

From there we were walked over to another part of Disney Epcot (and for Florida it was a cold walk).  We were ushered into a huge room with a balloon filled stage and hundreds of chairs set up.  Yeah….we were here! To learn more about the Give a Day – Get a Disney Day There was all kinds of media in the back and cameras. The middle section was empty at that point and the Social Media Mom’s (us) had sections just for us.

Ty Pennington at Disney to unveil the can sculpture

Ty Pennington at Disney to unveil the can sculpture

They brought in a family from every state (except 2 that got held up by the winter storms) to represent the volunteerism that has been taking place. Disney started a promotion this year that you can give a day of service at participating places and get a free Disney park pass in return. Their hope was to get 1,000,000 participants and just 6 weeks in they have had 600,000 participants! Better than they ever expected. I think that is great. I knew someone who signed up at our local zoo to help take down Christmas lights. The projects don’t have to be big and scary. One of the points they kept making over the couple days we were there is how much better you feel and how just giving a day of service somewhere benefits not only those that you are helping….but it benefits you.

Disney's Largest Can Sculpture

Disney's Largest Can Sculpture

There are enough cans here to make up 70,000 meals for people who need them. Wow…is that fantastic. They then used many volunteers after this presentation was over to pack up the cans into boxes to take to those needy people.

They had these cool cans all over

They had these cool cans all over

They were colorful, decorative and had a message:

The back of the Volunteer Disney Can

The back of the Volunteer Disney Can

They really decorated and had the Volunteer theme going all around. Great

How can you help?  Check out the Disney site and see how you can also Give a Day – Get a Disney Day yourself!

If you liked that, maybe you would like to see this also:

Disney Social Media Moms

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Disney Social Media Moms Conference


Thoughts on the Disney Social Media Moms Conference

As I write this post I am sitting in the Orlando airport waiting to board my flight home from the Disney Social Media Moms Conference and I am reflecting on how much I got from it.  I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it due to the weather and some other factors…and after missing my initial “great flight that would have had me there by noon” I spent 12 hours getting to Orlando and got into my room about 11:30 pm this last Wednesday.  But it was worth it.  Getting home is another story since I had one of my “old lady brain farts” when I scheduled my trip and instead of arranging my flight for Saturday the 13th at 7:30pm I scheduled it for Sunday Feb 14 at 7:30pm. (Yes…Valentines day). I changed that flight so that I at least get home by 10pm instead of 11:30pm tonight. Just because I’m an organizer doesn’t mean I don’t mess things up. (for sure)

Guy Kawasaki giving his presentation

Guy Kawasaki – Founding partner of Garage Technology Venture & Co-founder of

Our first speaker of the trip was Guy Kawasaki. He gave me some new insights on twitter.   He discussed twitter  and how he uses it and how we can best use it to further our businesses.  He shared that he was originally against it, not caring that “Jimmy was drinking his coffee” , but realized that it can be an invaluable tool in your business.  Some of the tips that I gained from listening to Guy was that we should tweet out 4  times each thing we tweet.  He schedules them about 6-8 hours apart so that he doesn’t lose page views.  He states that more than 4 times is too much, but less than that we are losing valuable page views.  He also doesn’t tweet what he is doing during the day and he is not talking about tweeting out responses to people 4 times.  He is constantly searching for information that others will find interesting and informing us of that on which is linked to his All Top Site which of course then brings him more traffic.  The site is a pure meca of information!  He also stated that we need to have a tweeter-feed. So that each time we post something new…it shows up on twitter. (I need to do that)

Maxine Clark founder of Build a Bear

Maxine Clark – Founder and Chairman of Build a Bear

Maxine if my new idol I think.  She is the founder and chairman of Build A Bear. She shared with us how she has a love of bears and how much her bear meant to her as a child. Persevering and believing in your dreams and working to achieve them was her message.  She was truly amazing. She told us about her 2nd customer and how neat it was that a boy can get a Teddy Bear and dress it up in Army gear and it’s acceptable for him to get that and be a kid too.  She has kept in contact with these people. She listened to a little girl in Canada who e-mailed her and told her she would like a Build a Bear store in her town and why. That little girl was at that store on opening day along with Maxine. How cool is that?  She manages her own Twitter account, e-mail account and answers people back. She is a very busy running a Build a Bear empire….but she still has time to talk to her customers and friends…she is real. She is a gem.

Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan – Eleven year veteran of Social media and Author of Trust Agents

To be honest I was excited to listen to Chris Brogan at our conference, but I didn’t know how entertaining  he would be. When I saw him at Blog World speak….he was on a panel with a few other people and no offense at all….he didn’t really get to “shine” like he did when he was on his own. I didn’t expect to be laughing as hard as I was. But he also passed on some really great information to us. Listening….Connecting…Publishing… The 3 pieces to Social Media that Chris spoke to us about and the importance of them.

Marissa Jaret Winkour

Marissa Jaret Winkour

Marissa Jaret Winkour – Tony Award winning Broadway Actress and Veteran of Dancing with the Stars

You may remember Marissa on Dancing with the Stars. I never saw her in Hairspray the Broadway play she won her Tony for.  Since she was on Dancing with the Stars she has dyed her hair blond and lost a lot of weight and has a son. She told us she was due to have a baby 2 months after she was on Dancing with the Stars. She shared that she was a cancer survivor and before she under went her treatments she froze some eggs and her surrogate was 7 months pregnant with her child. She then went on to tell us about her life as a actress with a baby and how difficult it was.

Kathy Ireland showing us a pose (more as a joke)

Kathy Ireland showing us a pose (more as a joke)

Kathy Ireland – Surprise guest appearance

Kathy Ireland was not on our programs and we didn’t know she was going to speak to us. She came out looking beautiful as ever. She told us about her work ethics and a business she began going bankrupt, her 22 year marriage and her new book about daily devotionals due to come out soon. (She didn’t push her book, I think someone knew about it and asked her the question…and she answered)

Maryellen Hooper absolutely cracked me up.

Maryellen Hooper absolutely cracked me up.

Maryellen Hooper – Veteran in the world of Stand-up Comedy

I can’t tell you how hard I laughed. She was cracking me up.  Her act was about motherhood and life as a wife. She has a blog called  Stinky Flowers that you will have to go visit. You will have to get her DVD…she is really entertaining.

Disclosure:  I was not sponsored to go to Disney Social Media Moms conference.  I paid for the conference on my own. We did however get a discounted rate on the conference, our room and Disney tickets, and some of my meals as that was part of the conference package I purchased. I was not asked to blog on it, so any blogs or pictures I post are because I have chosen to do so.

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Interview with Maria Bailey!

This was an interview that I did while I was at BlogHer09 with Maria Bailey, one of the co-founders of MomTV,, Bluesuit Mom, BSMmedia, award winning author, radio talk show host, Nationally known speaker….and I COULD go on! Anyway..I was thrilled to be able to even talk to her, let alone be interviewed by her.

Ok..yes I looked nervous (and I was) at least at the beginning. I wasn’t scheduled to do my interview until the morning. I happened to be at the right place and the right time and Maria asked if I could just do my interview then. She is one great lady!

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Peter Walsh and Office Max

Peter Walsh and Back To School Web Cast With Office Max

I took part in a web cast with Peter Walsh that Office Max sponsored yesterday. He had with him in this picture from left to right a Teacher, a middle school student, Peter, a Mom and a High school student. He would ask different questions and then compare how the different people viewed the different situations.
He went over how to get organized to start school. I want to share the information that he gave because I think it is valuable.
(My pictures aren’t very good of this because I took a picture of my computer screen and I kept getting the glare back)

These are the screens he put up. I wanted to show this one to show you what we saw..but I will just write up the test of them.

1) Find the vision you have for a space (what do you want it to look like)
2) Make Organization a Family Value
3) Use the Right Tools for Organizing

1)Show that you value Organization
2)Establish Clear Limits and Routines
3)Always Finish a “cycle”. Finish a task

1)Establish Clear Routines
2)Involve Kids with Classroom Organization
3)Use Word pictures and color to help Organize

One of the things that the teacher pointed out that really doesn’t have to do with Organization but I thought it was a wonderful thing to mention was – That teachers do not want wooden apples and little gifts for holidays etc. They want classroom supplies. Peter Walsh said on the average teachers spend about $1,200 a year of their own money on classroom supplies. So next time instead of buying your teacher another little trinket that will add to her clutter at home….buy her things she can use for classroom supplies.

Peter got on twitter for about 15 minutes after the web cast. Of course remember he has over 200 bloggers all trying to “chat” with him via twitter. I said a few things, but he did respond to me.

I wrote him, Thanks @Peter_Walsh You are like chocolate to an Organizer.
He actually saw it and said Thanks Sandy.
I know that seems crazy….but it made my day. LOL

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BlogHer 09

(I saw this on a couple of blogs and loved the idea…so I did steal the idea of taking a picture of all the business cards. I know I was excited to see mine in someone else’s pile….so look for yours and leave me a comment if you see it!!)

I have so many thank yous to everyone at BlogHer. Thanks yous for putting it on , thank yous for coming up to me and saying you recognized me (those were the coolest!), thank yous for being the first person to introduce yourself in line at the hotel (@mom101), for asking me to sit down and eat lunch with you and your daughter that first day (@Mamacita) my roommate who gave up her free room to help me out since I had 2 people back out on me. (@Military_Mom) A big thank you for helping me feel comfortable in an uncomfortable place and for being nothing but nice to me (@craftymamaof4). I have big thank yous for these two Walmart 11 Moms for treating me as an equal although in the blogging world we are no where close (@mommybrain and  @consumerqueen). Thank you to all the sponsors for all the fun swag they gave us and sponsoring all the parties and food and drinks. I feel I learned so much although I wasn’t able to make it to hardly any sessions. (that is crazy isn’t it?)
Thank you to the Label Daddy team for asking me to eat breakfast with them at the Newbie Breakfast.
Thank you to Annalisa from GM for discussing the GM cars and organizational features for a possible review with me.

Thank you to John Andrews from Collective Bias and who started Walmart Eleven Moms for talking to me. I had never been able to meet you and was thrilled to realize how down to earth and nice you really were!
I will be anxious to see the video I made about how wonderful my husband is…although I stumbled through it. Your team was awesome to talk to at BowlHer.
It was a pleasure to meet Ted Rubin.
Denise from Brother was great to talk to and I look forward to working with you in the future.

I was thrilled to meet so many people that I see and talk to online IRL (in real life…I thought I would translate for a few like me who were slow to figure that one out)

To the Sponsors that I have pictures for…and this is such a small portion of you. But Thank you for all you did. Thank you for talking to us about your Brands and how we can help each other in this economy. Thank you for coming out to BlogHer and making it so much fun.
I especially want to thank my sponsors for helping to get me to BlogHer.
The Sock Sacks are a great way to organize your socks in the washer/dryer. LOL Kids and adults both will put their dirty socks in their own sock sack. Then you simply put your sock sack into the washer then the dryer…bring them out and NO SORTING! No more lost socks in the wash/dry cycles. I love them! Thanks Sock Sacks for helping me to be able to go.
The pouchee purse organizer is my other sponsor (well…that would be me, but I sponsored myself! LOL ) I did not make this purse organizer (I wish I did) but I do sell them because I am sold on how wonderful they are at keeping your purse organized.

My daughter was thrilled with this new Moxie Girlz Doll that we received at BowlHer as part of our Swag. They aren’t coming out until September. My daughter had a blast using the markers and painting the motorcycle and I think her shoes? She was showing me her wonderful art work and was so proud.

The kids ended up with so many fun things….book lights from PBS Kids, also a autographed picture from Nina from The Good Night Show on Sprout, a cute pin from Disney  (plus Disney had wonderful Mickey Mouse ice cream bars that saved me on one of my “I missed lunch” days), Disney also showed us a laptop computer made for kids that has a safe internet environment (Hint..hint…I would love to do a review and giveaway of one of those for you Disney!! ) and bears from Build a Bear, a Mr. Potato Head  from Playschool, coloring books and so much more.
Jump Start was there. It was nice to talk to them as I am going to be doing a review and giveaway for them of one of their programs that my triplets are having a great time using.

Nikon put on a wonderful party and I was thrilled to go.
Pepsico also had drinks for us everywhere!
Tropicana had wonderful and cold juice for us to drink that was lower in calories!
This was the Quaker Oatmeal Smoothie bike! (yummy they were good)
So did you know that Pepsico had more than just Pepsi? I didn’t….they have Tropicana, Quaker Oatmeal, Frito-lay, Gatorade Brands. See what you can learn at BlogHer? LOL

Michelin Tires was there with the Michelin Man!

The Swiffer company had a dress up area (as you can see!) at the SocialLuxe party and it was a riot to watch.
Tide gave us a really cool bounce 4 month dryer bars. I haven’t put it in my dryer to try it yet…but can’t wait. I won’t have to have all those used dryer sheets that want to fall out of the dryer onto the floor floating around any more.
They also had Tim Gunn visit their booth. I didn’t have time to get in line to take a picture with him, so I snapped this one on my way through. I think its funny that it looks like the word bubble is coming out of his mouth. Thanks Tide.
There are many more …I mean many more sponsors…and this post would be way too long to list them all. I just want to give them all a very big Thank you!

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Chris Mann

If you have followed my blog you might remember that I did a post about Chris Mann after BlissDom in February of this year. He is a great singer with lots of personality and likes to woo us bloggers!!
He sang at the People’s Party the first night of BlogHer. He had a table set up and I went up to him to ask if when his CD was coming out. He said to me, “I remember you, you were at BlissDom.” I do have to say that I was surprised…and pleased. (ok…let’s hope its not because I am like this freak tall old woman who drools all over when I hear him sing? LOL)

Anyway….to get on with my story… I told him I would like another picture with him before the weekend was over because I had such “bug eyes” when I got a picture with him and @alihooper at BlissDom.

(Yes..embarrassing picture…) So nice guy that he is, he says to me, “Well let’s just get it right now.” So he moves his table and comes out with me to get the first picture above with me in the orange jacket. And of course I have the “bug eye” thing going again!! I don’t know why…I keep doing it in pictures lately. Trying to give myself an eye lift maybe?

But I did find out his CD comes out on August 11th! Also the itunes download etc… (I don’t understand all that other stuff….amazonmp3, rhapsody etc..) But it comes out on all those formats on AUGUST 11th!

After I left that party I saw a few woman with these T-shirts that said Mann Crush. I asked them where they got them and they said that Chris gave them to them. I thought….hmmmm I really WANT one of those. After declaring myself a true Mann Fan it seems only fitting doesn’t it? {picture me running back…. kicking woman out of my way and screaming through the crowd…”I have to get a Mann Crush T-shirt..outta my way!!” heard of the swag stories at BlogHer..but did you hear about the Mann Crush T-shirt stories? LOL }
Actually, I saw him later and asked him about the t-shirt. He said he was out of them but he would save me one and give it to me at BowlHer 2 nights later..but I needed to send him a direct message on Twitter to remind him. (I sent 2)
BowlHer night comes…it was a great party by the way. He came over sat down and told me he had brought me the shirt..and he would get it for me in a few minutes. He got called away. {Saved by the bell}

A little bit later I saw him talking to a Bantering Blond and @childhood (they are sooo nice by the way) and I walked up to wait my turn. (It did remind me of the Bachelor show…crack myself up!) Anyway…he got up to get my shirt and I had to get another picture of him with my shirt (and the BowlHer boa) and do my best not to “Bug My Eyes” out. I’m shameless!

Seriously…you do need to go listen to some of his music on Chris Mann Music and you too can become a Mann Fan… and no sorry, …I’m not giving away my Mann Crush T-shirt!
Thanks Chris for being such a real guy and being so nice to us older drooling mom bloggers! Next step…To become one of your official Mann Boo! (LOL)

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Tall Woman

Tall Girls at Blogher 2009

First of all you need to get some perspective of this photo.
I am 5’10” tall. I am almost always the tallest woman in a room! For some reason both at Blissdom and Blogher I did not feel uncomfortable. I had some tall blogger company!! I was standing at the Nikon party behind these two woman and I interrupted them to tell them, “I just have to get a picture with the two of you, you are so tall…I love it!”.
We are all standing flat footed. I do not think either of them had on heels..I know I did not.
This was Angie McCullagh from Half Assed Kitchen and Georgia Getz from i am bossy
They were so sweet to take a picture with me..a total tall stranger.

This is my buddy Kim from Crafty Mama of 4. I met her in person at Blissdom and then again at Blogher.
I love feeling shorter than other woman. I know it sounds dumb as so many ladies would love to be taller. Here is a secret…when I was in school I would be the first to take off my roller skates at skating parties. Just so I could walk around in my socks while others were still in their skates and were taller than me. LOL
Sorry tall ladies if you find me hanging around you at future Blogging conventions….it just makes me feel good to “fit” in and see other woman face to face.

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