Old Time Pottery Review

Do You Have an Old Time Pottery Store Near You?

old time pottery

Hopefully you do! If you’ve not been there before, then you need to go! You will find a massively big store that has just about anything you could need for your home.

Be sure to give yourself plenty of time! This is not a store that you zip in and back out of quickly. I don’t know if I have ever spent less than an hour in here.  Oh wait… yes I have. I had to run in to get some extra baskets one time and spent only about 15 minutes in it. (But that was an exception)

One thing about Old Time Pottery stores is that merchandise varies in each store.  They buy huge quantities of merchandise (hence the good prices for some high end products) and they get new shipments in each week. This is one of those stores that it really pays to shop frequently! And if you see something you really like, don’t hesitate to buy it, because there will be others who like it as well…. and it might not be there next time you go to the store!
hour glass
Ok, so you know many stores like that right? But do they also have discounted prices on everything? That is why it is so fun to go to Old Time Pottery.
I have made many trips there recently. I used plastic baskets from there for my pantry, refrigerator and freezer reorganization.  These are the ones I used on my pantry, I got red ones for my ref. and freezer.

old time pottery baskets
I also got some wire organizers that I used under my sink, and pantry and also plastics cupboard.

It isn’t your fancy-smancy store.  It is very basic. Grab your cart and start your adventure.

old time pottery

There is a little bit of everything.  I love all the baskets they have there.

old time pottery baskets

But I have recently been there for items to decorate in my dining room.  (You’ll see those in a later post when I show you my finished dining room….but if you watch the video close you’ll see what I got on the check out counter) Here are a few other fun things you’ll find at Old Time Pottery (that you haven’t already seen in my video)

They also have a contest going on. You can see rules for the VIP Old Time Pottery card contest below (hint…. it can earn you five extra entries into this contest! Double whammy goodness!)

old time pottery


old time pottery


old time pottery


old time pottery

To Enter to Win 1 of four $25 gift card to Old Time Pottery!!!

Tell me: If you have an Old Time Pottery Around You. Which store (or state if you don’t want to be specific)  If you don’t know go to Old Time Pottery and plug in your zip code to find out. (sorry, no online sales – in store only) **Be sure to come back here and leave me your answer in your comment. Your e-mail has to either in your comment or on your profile.


**Each of these HAS to have a separate comment to win. The winner is picked using Random.org. It just goes the number of comments….not by what you say.

1) Go to the Old Time Pottery Web site and sign up to be a VIP OTP (Old Time Pottery) shopper. No purchase necessary. You will register and then you can print out a coupon to take to your OTP store to enter. You are entering to win a $50 gift certificate! (They are picking weekly winners) This promotion is good until June 17th. (5 extra entries – add 5 comments)

2) Subscribe to my Organize with Sandy blog This is for 1 chance to win!

3) Follow me on Twitter @OrganizerSandy (Leave me your twitter name) 1 chance

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Please keep in mind I approve my comments. So you won’t see them right away. Never fear!

See lots of way to enter!!

This contest will run until 11:59pm est on Wednesday , May 25, 2011  *THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED*

Any comment that comes in after the above time will be deleted. This is open to US mailing addresses only. Must be 18+ to win.  One person per mailing address only. Winner will be chosen by Random.org

You will have 48 hours to reply to my e-mail if you are picked as the winner, or else I will go on to the next winning number.

I was given a $50 gift card for Old Time Pottery, but this in no way swayed my opinions.  I was talking about going to Old Time Pottery on my past posts, before they contacted me.  The pictures and videos and opinions are my own.


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Paintstick Review

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HomeRight EZ-Twist Paintstick

I was very excited to review this EZ-Twist Paintstick by Homeright.  I have several areas I am going to be painting in my house.  I was starting with my dining room.

dining room

I was being daring with colors. I remember a friend who had a room that was periwinkle and I loved it.  Trying to find the right color was the hard part. Bright enough, and that combination of blue and purple that isn’t too strong one way or the other. I ended up going with the color on the left.  The lighting really effects it.

paint samplesI watched the videos that I was sent of the paintstick being used and I was psyched! This looked awesome! It was so easy and fast!

When the box came from HomeRight I had a few other things to review also!  There was a Quick Painter and Quick Mask and a Paint Sprayer (which is not part of the package being given away today –  I will review later once we can try it)


The Quick mask is a combo tape and drop cloth for edging.

Quick mask

It is set up like a roll of packing tape with a sharp edge to cut.

Quick mask

This was nice. You can tape along the edge and then pull out the drop cloth. It isn’t a full room drop cloth.. just edging.  You just have to be careful that you don’t pull it on the sharp edge side.. (just sayin’.. not that I might have done it or anything, but if you were to do that I bet you would tear the drop cloth.  LOL)

Quick mask

I also used it on the edge of the windows.

quick mask

It worked well although I had to be careful around the corners. It didn’t always stick as well there and I had to fix it on most corners before I painted them.  But I don’t know that it was much different than most other tapes I’ve used in the corners.  I would use it again.  It was nice to have the drop cloth along the edges.

They also included the Quick Painter.  I have used a tool similar (the red handle one) and really liked it.  But this had a tube to load, so it seemed really convenient.  There was not a roller edge, so it didn’t work for the ceiling edges, but it was nice especially around the window edges.

quick painter

There was no problem loading it up.Just fill it up like a squirt gun.

quick edge

Once the paint was loaded it was very easy to manage.

quick painter

I did learn that you have to be careful when you push the little pump handle to get the paint flowing.  I first tried it when the brush was not on the wall and it came flying out.  Thank goodness for my Quick mask drop cloth! Really!!   The trigger seemed a little touchy.  Not hard enough and I had to paint over things a couple of times because I wasn’t getting enough paint. Just a little too hard and I had too much with several big drips down my drop cloth to prove it.

But when I had the right amount, it worked great.  I think it just takes a little getting used to the “feel” of the trigger for it to be a fantastic tool.

Now for the EZ-Twist Paintstick!  Please be sure to watch the whole thing through. I did have some trouble with it… but for my husband it worked with ease.

I also think a big factor may have been that the paint I used was very thick. I got the Behr ultra paint with primer all in one. I think next time I will use a thinner paint and I bet I would have better results.

behr ultra paintI want to point out that the splash guard around the roller is very nice. You don’t get the splatters that you get with a traditional roller. If you noticed, my husband walked in wearing his coat and didn’t take it off while he tried the paintstick. He didn’t have any paint on him.

The paint in the handle goes pretty far.  That was one of the things I wanted to see.  How far one “handles worth” goes. It holds 18 oz of paint and will paint a 8’x8′ wall according to HomeRight.  I do agree that it did seem to go a long way on the 2nd coat.

You don’t have any paint trays to worry about sitting around which is really nice.

I would advise you to follow the directions and white down the roller first and let it dry. There is a bit of lint on it if you don’t, but it is explained in the directions that wetting it down first and letting it dry will help solve this issue.

I can recommend this after watching my husband use it.  I think there is a bit of a learning curve, and I would advise you not to use a really thick paint with it.  I think that was the main problem for me.

You might want to go to the HomeRight FB page. There are many people who have taken their EZ-Twist paint challenge and did not have the difficulties I did. I just watched some more myself and keep wondering why I had such troubles.

To Enter to Win one of TEN Ultimate Home Painting Kits!

These kits will include the EZ-Twist Paintstick, the Quick Painter and the Quick Mask like I showed you above.

Tell me: Why you need painting done around your house? **Be sure to come back here and leave me your answer in your comment. Your e-mail has to either in your comment or on your profile.


**Each of these HAS to have a separate comment to win. The winner is picked using Random.org. It just goes the number of comments….not by what you say.

1) Post a picture of the room you would like to paint on my FB page saying “This it the room I want to paint with the EZ-Twist Paintstick.”  (5 chances to win, be sure to leave the link and make 5 separate comments below)

2) Subscribe to my Organize with Sandy blog This is for 1 chance to win!

3) Follow me on Twitter @OrganizerSandy (Leave me your twitter name) 1 chance

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5) Tweet this out up to 3 times a day. You can use the tweet button at the top to make it easy.  ( Pls leave your url link) 1 chance for each tweet.

See lots of way to enter!!

This contest will run until 11:59pm est on Thursday , May 12, 2011 **THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED**

Any comment that comes in after the above time will be deleted. This is open to US mailing addresses only. One person per mailing address only. Winner will be chosen by Random.org

If you are chosen as one of the 10 winners, I will ask you if you would mind if the rep from HomeRight contacted you. They would love it if you wanted to post a video for their FB page on your experience. But this will not be a requirement and I would not release your information without your permission.

You will have 48 hours to reply to my e-mail if you are picked as the winner, or else I will go on to the next winning number.

I was given the above paint system to review. The pictures and videos and opinions are my own.

Also be sure to enter my other Painting supply giveaway going on until May 2, 2011

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Dining Room Decorating

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I Need More Help From You

Most of you know I’m not a decorating diva.  My idea of decorating is organizing. lol So, I once again need your help.

You all helped me with ideas for the dining room. Here is a before picture to refresh you.

dining room before

Here is the advice that I got from you that I took:

1) Remove the old lady swag above the window – Done
2) Move the craft cart (you can’t see, but on little wall by this end of the wall.) out.  – Done
3) Move the china cabinet to the corner where the craft cart was. – Done
4) Move the pie safe out – Done
5) Paint the table and chairs so the chairs all match – Going to do.

I painted the room a periwinkle color. I know that many of you think I’m a bit crazy for that move. But I have seen a room that inspired me and I’m going with it.

My plan so far:

1) Paint the top of the table and the seat of the chairs black.
2) Paint the legs of the table (or leave them alone) and backs of all chairs cream
3) Use a combination of black and cream decorations on the walls
4) refinish the chandelier cream, with crystals a cord cover. Here is my inspiration picture for that.

I can’t remember where I found this picture, I didn’t label it like I normally do.  I know it was on a blog and I have searched for it, if anyone knows who’s it is, please let me know so I can give them proper credit.

First question:  Should I use a medallion on the ceiling?  I was going to and I was going to paint it periwinkle, but my sister told me not to paint it.. it wouldn’t look good (and she is a great decorator). But I do like the looks of this one that is the white color. Do you think I should have it and leave it white or cream?  (my ceiling is white)

This is what the room looks like now after painting and before decorating

periwinkle dining room

I bought my Hemnes sofa table at Ikea last weekend.  But…. they didn’t have the black brown color.  They didn’t know when it was coming in, so I purchased the gray color (which I don’t like) and I’m going to paint it black to match the table.  I am going to put this on the far wall, underneath the metal sculpture that is on the wall.  I plan to have an arrangement of things including the metal piece on the wall above it.  hemnes sofa table gray-brownHere are the items I have gathered and want advice on how to use.   The black/brown metal swirl wall decor is just hanging on a big screw that was already there.
dining room decorating items

I was thinking of painting the metal sculpture cream color. Do you like it? Should I use it?

metal sculpture

This is the  basket (I got four of them)  I got to go in the Hemnes table. You can see more of how they look and what the table will look like on my Saturday Shopping post I did on the Ikea table here… when I first saw this table and had no idea how I could use it in my house.

basket from IkeaSee the little lamp?  It is a candle holder. I found it at Old Time Pottery. I thought it was so cute and would bring the crystals from the chandelier (once I do it) together.  It will sit on the Hemnes table.
candle holder from Old Time Pottery

Here are some of the other things I got that I liked.

The black long picture frame has eight places for pictures. I am going to put a picture of each of our kids in there.  Not sure where to hang that yet. I could go above the window or a doorway if I wanted to. Or… it could go long ways top to bottom on a wall.

picture frame
The small wooden mirrors I found at Ikea for just a couple dollars each.  I thought I’d leave the two black and paint the other two cream.  I thought they would somehow work in the wall arrangement on the big wall.


I also have this mirror.  I am not sure if I am going to use it in this room or not.  I also have considered painting it, although I am thinking this one came from my husband’s side.. and he isn’t a fan of covering up nice wood.

What do you think I should do?
wooden mirrorHere is a better picture of the top of it.  I’m kind of thinking it would look good cream color.

wooden mirror

I saw these two black metal shelves at Old Time Pottery and liked them. One is slightly larger than the other. I thought I could leave them the black or paint them. I thought they might work well on one of the smaller side walls. Suggestions? Do you like them? Should they go on a wall by themselves, or should I use them in the main wall decorating arrangement?

metal shelves

It might be easier to see what they look like from this picture:

metal decorator shelf

I also thought I would hang the chore board / schedule board in here for the kids. I painted this frame the cream color to use in here.

communication board

I was thinking it could go on this smaller wall to the right.

dining room The short wall that is next to the kitchen. The wall is larger than it appears in this picture. It is about 36″ across.

Here are the other walls that I need to decorate.  The wall to the left of the main wall, by the window.

dining room decorate

I am planning on cream drapes of some sort, so some of that wall will have cream on it.

Here is my corner china cabinet.  The front door and hallway are to the right of this. The kitchen is to the left.

china cabinet

I also have the wall to the left of the window.

dining room decorate

I am also thinking of getting the initial “J” and painting it cream to use in the main wall arrangement. I like how those look.
Although I like a lot of the decorating ideas that I see with the chalkboard, cream etc… in them – most of them are the older antique look. The wore edges, older decor, shabby chic I think.  I don’t like the antique look. I don’t want the older, or made to look older look.

Here is the room again, to refresh your memory.

dining room decorate

So… help me.  Where do you think things should go? Should I paint them cream or black?

I need you comments and ideas!

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Organizing Mission Monday Link Party – Week 19

How Has Your Decorating Been Going?

Organizing Mission Monday

I have a lot of plans, and not enough time?  Does that sound familiar?  I did go to Ikea this past weekend and purchased a couple things that I am excited about.

Remember one of my Shopping Saturday wishes?  The Ikea Hemnes Sofa Table? Part of my plan with my dining room is to include this.  I was so excited to buy it (my sissy gave me some birthday money that I was using on it – Thanks Sis!).  But when I got there this last weekend, they were out of them.  They didn’t know when they would get them back in, but she knew it wouldn’t be before the end of May. They did have the white and the brown-grey color.  So, I decided to get the brown-grey color, and I will paint it the same color that I paint the top of the table.  Black I think.  But of course, that is going to take more time.  I am glad I have the two Skil Sanders,  to review! They are going to come in very handy for these two projects.

In my garage I am going to be painting two walls that are dry walled and will make my mud room.  Aggghhh.. I need more hours in the day!

If you have any painting projects, be sure to look at my review on the Green Toad pivoting paintbrushes! They really are nice. I haven’t had many people trying to win them yet, and I’m surprised.

Check out my Featured Bloggers This Week.

Holly from 504 Main.com  made this great Chalkboard Calendar Command Center.

Look how cute this is! Aren’t the little hanging dates a neat idea?  Then each month you can just rearrange the disc dates for the next month.

504 Main

Here is another view

504 main

And the entire Command Center

504 main

I love this!  You can see the tutorial on Holly’s blog post on 504 Main on  how to make it.

Megan from Declutter Daily’s Chalkboard Painted Wall.

Megan had some older Chalkboard paint and her solution for decluttering it from her home was… to use it! She painted a wall her kids room and surprised them with an entire chalkboard wall.

Declutter daily

Can’t you just imagine how fun that would have been to come home to .. as a kid?

declutter daily

Stop by Megan’s blog and see the rest of her chalkboard wall post on Declutter Daily.

Be sure to stop by both of my featured bloggers today and give them some “comment love” and mention you saw them here!

For those of you who were featured this week, please pick up your button (code below the button) for your blog!

Organizing Mission Monday

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I would love to see your decorating posts, DIY posts this week. But as always you can link up any organizing or cleaning post to my ink party.

Organizing Mission Monday

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5) No sales pitches or web sites.

6) If I feature you I will use one or more of your pictures with a link back to your blog.

8) Feel free to link up more than 1 post.

If you aren’t sure how to link up… see my link party tutorial here. It is simple.

If You Are On A Reader and Want to View All the Great Link Up’s Please Click Here.

This will be open until Saturday night April 30, 2011

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Dining Room Paint

April 20, 2011 by  
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The Periwinkle Adventure Begins

I am going to give you a sneak peak into the beginning of my dining room decorating.  I started off with the paint.

Here’s the deal.  I would have loved a dark taupe.  My husband does not want any shade of what he calls “masking tape”.  Our entire house is that blah light tan neutral color now. Thinking we were going to sell it, we didn’t want to venture into “colors”.

When I thought of a fun color, I remember back about 15 years ago to a friend who had a periwinkle kitchen. It was gorgeous!  I knew the problem would be getting the color right.

I don’t like blues, I love purple, but didn’t want it to be “purple” either.  I wanted periwinkle.

Here is what happened.  I painted it and was really upset… because this is what it looked like.

Purple! ugh! I kept thinking when I was painting it that it would darken up. It did a little.

Looks Purple

periwinkle dining room

My husband was saying, “Well hun, it is appropriate for Easter, should we decorate with chicks and bunnies?”  Of course he was teasing, but I wasn’t in the mood for teasing.

I went and got the paint color chart I used to see if Behr paint messed up when the color matched the Gliddon paint sample.

It is the 2nd one in from the left…. top.  It looks like it matches. But look.. this is the blue page of paints, not purple!

Periwinkle – No light


But then…..

I turned off the dining room light…. and it was periwinkle.  I couldn’t believe the difference just from the light!

Periwinkle – No Light

periwinkle dining room

Look again….  Light on.. (scroll back and forth between these two).  See the difference?

Light on – Purple

periwinkle dining room

So now I am happy. I know I just have to find the right light bulb to take away the “rose” color in the light so that it will take that purple look out.

Does anyone know what kind of light bulb I need to buy so that the light will be more natural and not bring in that rose color?

I am going to be bringing you a couple reviews and giveaways real soon on items I used to help paint this room… so be watching!!

Hint…. Green Toad Pivoting Paint Brush and the Home Right EZ Twist Paint Stick

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Planning Board

DIY Chalkboard & Dry Erase Scheduling Planning Board

planning board

Creating your own schedule board that is geared towards your children/ family doesn’t have to be hard. It can be a family communication board, weekly calendar, chore board for the kids, or combination board, or planning board like I created.

I made karate calendar / job board for the triplets.  Their karate schedule is different most every night. It also changes a couple times a year.

I started off with finding a frame. I had one that I really liked, was the right size, but the color wasn’t right. So… I spray painted it.


Step one  – Prime and paint the frame.

This is what I used for primer.  I also got the Krylon paint.


I used an Dover white gloss spray paint and it took several coats.

spray paint

Step 2: Gathered your other supplies

craft supplies

I had the frame, Chalkboard Contact Paper, 18″ x 6′ and the  Liquid Chalk – Works like a Marker Dries like Chalk – Set of 8 Earthy Colors ,a glue gun, an x-acto knife and cutting board and a ruler. I also purchased a long narrow magnetic dry erase board that fit half of the frame.

But I also needed a few other things.  I had purchased this Elmer’s Tri-Fold Foam Display board from Walmart for another organizing project I am planning in the future. I knew I wouldn’t use it all for that project, so this would work perfect. It is light weight and thick enough.

Elmers Tri-Fold Board

I also bought some small self laminating sheets.

photo laminating sheets

I had magnets that you can adhere your business card to.


Then I found those cute small clothes pins when I was in Walmart too. They were just too cute. I also bought 3 yards (I didn’t need all of that) of a thicker ribbon and some thinner robe like ribbon (for the name cards) along with white hooks.

Step 3: Measure the space that the Elmer’s foam board needs to be cut to fit.

First position the dry erase board where it will fit. Then measure to cut the foam board.
craftI used the X-acto knife to cut the foam display board. It made it easier than scissors to cut and you get a cleaner line.

Step 4: Cut the chalkboard contact paper to cover the Elmer’s foam board.

chalkboard contact paper

You don’t have to cover the back of the board too. Just bring around the edges and make sure you have a smooth surface on the front without wrinkles or air bubbles.

chalkboard contact paper

Wrap the edges under and then on the ends I did trim off some of the excess contact paper with the x-acto knife. I didn’t want to take off both layers, I just wanted to thin it down when I folded it over.

chalkboard contact paper

Step 5: Position the two boards into place.

I first cut a piece of ribbon that would cover up where the two surfaces meet and hot glued to the dry erase board.  I positioned it so that it was half off the dry erase board.

I put hot glue around the inside ridge edge of the frame where the boards would lay.

I then placed the dry erase board with ribbon attached into the frame (good side down).  I then put the chalkboard covered foam board into place. I first hot glued the edge of the chalkboard foam piece that would meet up against the dry erase board. Once they were in place I held it up without turning it over to make sure the ribbon was in place and then pushed on it to make sure it would adhere to the chalkboard piece.  This is what the back side now looks like.


I also gave a squirt of some hot glue in between the crack where the two pieces meet.

hot glue gun

Turn it over carefully once it has dried and this is what it looks like at this stage. From here you can customize it.  You may want to leave the top blank for hand written notes or magnets. (See the ribbon across the middle?

communication board

Step 6: Put the screws in place.

I just purchased the small hook screws. I didn’t need to pre-drill them, I just positioned them and screwed three of them in the bottom, one for each of the triplets.  Then two across the top for the ribbon to tie onto to hang it.


Step 7: Make the Name Cards

I got out some of my old business cards and used those.  I put two of them together for a little thicker base.  Then I covered those in the chalkboard contact paper.

business cards

Once I covered three of those I cut the thinner ribbon to the length I wanted. I did bring it down the side of the business card to fully measure.

I then wrote each of the kids names on the chalkboard covered name card in the chalkboard markers. Be sure to let them dry completely before you complete the next step.

chalkboard markers I then opened up one of the laminating cards and placed the name card upside down on. I placed the string down along the edge of it and then covered the laminating sheet. Be sure to tuck the other side of the string down.

name card

Step 8: Make the clothes pin magnets

I again took one of magnets for the  business cards.  I covered the sticky side with a piece of the chalkboard contact paper.  I then cut it into two strips length wise. I then used the hot glue gun and glued the clothes pin onto the chalkboard contact paper covered side.

clothes pin magnet

I made one for each day of the week.  I only used Monday – Saturday on my board though. The kids don’t have karate on Sundays, so I didn’t want to crowd them.

Step 9: Make the small cards with the time on them.

I then cut up some of my old business cards in half. Covered those with the chalkboard contact paper and wrote the times on those.


Step 10: Write the jobs on the chore board.

I put a number 1, 2 and 3 on there, because the triplets change seats at the dinner table.  They will have their seat assignment, and chore for a week at a time.

chore boardRemember if you mess up, you can use a wet cloth and erase .. and start over.

Step 11: Put it all together

The weekly karate schedule

clothes pin board


The top bow. It hides the hook that it is hanging from.


The weekly chore board and seat assignment for the triplets.

chore board

The final project

planning board

Isn’t it cute?  I am really excited about using it.  It is going to go against a periwinkle wall when my dining room is finished.


I Love Your Comments!

I’m linking this post up to these lovely blogs:

Cherished Bliss – Craft and Tell Tuesdays
Bella Before and After – Amaze me August
Tip Junkie – Handmade Projects
A Bowl Full of Lemons – One Project at  Time

This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for #collectivebias. The pictures, project and thoughts are my own.

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Shopping Saturday – Wall Organizers

March 12, 2011 by  
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This is decorating I love. lol That is an organizer for you – right?


This wall organizer unit it from Pottery Barn. I love it.  White or black, but I have to say I will probably have to find an alternative, as this is out of my price range when you add all the pieces I want together.

Here is another piece that I really like.

Ballards Wall pocketsThese wall pockets are from Ballards. I actually found these after I saw a blog post from Nike from  Knock Off Decor about making them yourselves.  Ok, I’m not that talented!  She does an awesome job.

Actually I am planning on getting something very similar to these as I decorate the house.  The four pocket one from Ballards is a real possibility.  I’ll let you know if I end up getting something like this.

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Help Me Decorate – The Dining Room

March 8, 2011 by  
Filed under Blog, Decorating, Dining room, DIY, Entry Ways & Mud Rooms

Organizing Is My Thing – Decorating Is Not. I’d Like Your Help


Since we have decided that we are going to stay in this house, I am now finally ready to decorate it.  I moved in here 6 years ago when Dave and I were dating.  After we got married he and his kids moved in and the plan was to sell this and move to a bigger house.

After trying to sell it two different times, we just decided to wait a bit to see what the economy was doing.  Houses still are not selling here and we found out what a similar priced house was appraised for. That was the decision maker. There is no reason to lose big money at this point. We don’t HAVE to move, we just WANTED to move.

So…. that being said, I am ready to make this house my own. I’m just not good at it.  We kept all the paint neutral thinking we were selling. I never got curtains, only blinds for the windows.

I want to take a different room and over the next several weeks have you guys help me! I want you to link any posts or sites of examples.  I’m not going to make it a link party, but you can link up in the comments.

Let’s start with my dining room.

dining room First.. let me start off with saying, this is our every day eating dining room. We don’t have a formal dining room.

dining room We don’t have enough matching chairs and have tried to look for matching ones, but couldn’t find them. We have to have at least 7 chairs for all of us to sit down.

The window.

dining room

This is the pie safe that my husband bought. He loves this. It holds all the plastic cups, plates and bowls for the kids. The top left drawer holds napkins and the right drawer has trivets.

dining room

This is the wall that I am thinking I am going to put some kind of bench on so that the kids can change their shoes when they come in. Then I want to put a wall organizer (mail slots, calendar, etc) for the kids.  I don’t have any other hall space to have something like this.  Yes the craft cart will be leaving the room.

dining room

The dining room is just to the left when you walk in the front door.  My launch pad is on the other side of the wall. I am planning on revamping that also.

dining room

I am really toying with the idea of splurging for the Pottery Barn Wall Organizing System.  Do you know of something similar that is less expensive, but looks as nice?

This is what I’d like to do:

1) Paint  – What color?  I’m ok with fun or bold.  (right now it is a tan color, these photos are a little dark and hard to tell what the color really looks like)
2) Put a bench in to sit down and take off shoes and have a “launching pad” for the kids above it.
3) Wall decor
4) Curtains, valance.. something fun and original?

My Tastes

1) Not vintage or old or antiques
2) I’m not into blue as a color scheme
3) I’m not into country
4) I like a little more modern, but not super modern.

What I can and can’t do.

1) Table stays
2) China Cabinet & pie safe stay
3) pictures can come down
4) Craft cart is going to go
5) I have to keep things as economical as I can.  I don’t have a lot of money to spend for all I want to do in my house.

You can leave links with your comments and ideas, or ideas from web sites or other blogs for me to see –  here on this post (it is ok to leave a link in my comments)  – or if you’d like to link up your own sites ideas for me on my link party, feel free to do that too.

But you can also leave any organizing or cleaning blog post link up to my link party.

Organizing Mission Monday

I LOVE your comments!!

Thanks for your help!!

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Reorganizing My Office “After”

February 1, 2011 by  
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The Next Step – Putting My Office Back Together Again

Yesterday I showed you my office that was too crowded and messy.  I didn’t use it because I like to sit with my feet up when I am on the computer most of the day. I wanted to figure out a solution.

I had my boys move my big furniture. Got rid of the 2nd desk, a book shelf and a file cabinet. Then…. I went shopping!

I drove the 2 hours down to the Ikea store in Cincinnati Ohio. Wow…. that store is overwhelming. I got my Expedit 5×5 wall unit and a couple other items and was a happy camper. I was even happier because it was marked down to $179.00 instead of $199.00 because it was the only color left.

Now to have my son put it together.  You need a big space to do it as it has to lay down to put together.

Ikea expedit shelfIt took him about an hour to put it all together.  That thing is heavy! It came in 3 big boxes and total of the 3 boxes was 214#.

Ikea expedit shelfI was so glad he helped me.  But we would have to wait for Dave to get home to put it in the office.  Dave drove to our farm and picked up my chair for my office.  It was all coming together.

Ikea Expedit shelfOk.. we have it in. My chair is in place.  I know… this looks very odd right now.  And actually it will not be your typical office when it is finished either.

Next up is to make the 3 plastic drawer bins I got at the Ikea Store to go in my shelf unit. they cost $9.99 each.

ikea instructionsIf you have never purchased anything at Ikea before, just realize that the instructions are by picture only. There are no words.  Personally I felt like it was a bit of a puzzle to figure out. You have to look for little markings they have on the pieces to be sure which side to put where.

Ikea drawerIt all just snaps together. Nothing really hard about it, but the first one took a little longer to figure it out.

They fit just perfect in the shelf.

Ikea expedit drawerI already had all the green and pink cubbys.  That green one didn’t stay there. I did a lot of playing around with where I wanted things.

Still looks very strange doesn’t it?  See the pink strips on the wall behind my chair.  We took those off the wall and moved them. They are magnetic strips. (luv them) I know my chair does not match my hot pink/lime green color scheme.. at all. But I had the chair, it fit and I’m using it. (couldn’t afford to go buy a new one… and even to recover it was going to be really expensive) So… I can’t have everything perfect you know.

I put one of the cubby units that I had on the back of my desk… over against the far wall in between the desk and the wall. It seemed kind of strange. The wall is angled there and the desk was not able to go flush against it. There was this space there that was driving me crazy.. because it seemed unusable.  I decided to try this… and it is working out great.  I had 2 cubby units. One was 3 cubby’s high and the other was 4 high. The one with 3 cubby’s is on the bottom and just comes a little bit above the desk. Then I stacked the other one on top of that.

cubby units

So this is how it turned out. The cubbys below the desk still work for items that we don’t need very often. Yes… you have to lean under the desk to get them, but the space is being used  – and they are items that we don’t need often.

cubbysThe other cubby unit I used on top of the file cabinet on the other wall. It will holds all of the pouchees and card cubby’s that I sell.


I got this ottoman to put underneath the window.  I have one of these in my family room and really like it. I got it at Target for $79.00.  Oh bum! I just looked online to get you the link for this ottoman from Target… and it is on sale for $59!


I wanted this for a couple of reasons. I wanted something that would fit underneath the window sill. Something that would provide some seating if I needed it and the main reason I wanted it…. was to house my new electric throw that my husband bought me for Christmas.  I also have 2 other blankets in there.  We have 2 dogs…. and 5 kids at home.  Do you think that my throws are ever without dog hair because kids get them out and lay on the floor in front of the TV?  Nope… but now, I have my own blankets in my own office…. hee hee

electricSee?  I didn’t fold it up, I just tossed it in and took the picture.  (I usually keep it plugged in and then I can just grab it and pull it over to my chair – like I am right now as I write this with my blanket on!)

Now for the finished look.  Keep in mind… this is not your conventional office!  This is modified for me so that I can keep my feet up while I work.  I love it! This is a look from the door way.

Here is a little closer view. I had the painting of the egg shells that my sister did for me years ago. I decided to hang it. It actually has the pastel lime green, pink and almost a burgundy color in it.  lol  Trying to bring my strange colors together.

So… I will sit in the chair and I have everything there I need to run my office.  I’ll go into detail in another blog.

Here is a view from the other angle.

You must remember.  I am very practical.  Would I ever put this set up in a clients house?  No, not unless they asked for it.  But I would try to accommodate their needs.

What I’d like to do.. is to put up some shelves above the desk.  And shelves to the left of the desk instead of the cubby units.  But, I spent my budget and already had the cubby’s.

I am not making my office to be a showcase room.  I am making it to be “my office” and what I want it to be.  If I had a place to put the kids computer, I would actually have that out of here too.  But when I am working, the kids usually are not in here.

Your Mission if you chose to take it is: Put your office back together! lol

If you aren’t able to completely reorganize your office or our office desk area, what is your vision for your perfect office?

Organizing Mission Monday

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Reorganizing My Office “Before”

January 31, 2011 by  
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The Before Shots

I may be an organizer, but I’m a very busy organizer, and things can get out of hand in my home too. So don’t feel like everyone else has perfect places. I’m going to show you I am human and very much like you when it comes to things getting out of hand.

I have a very small office and share the space with my husbands desk and the kids computer.  We have 2 huge desks, 3 file cabinets, 1 large bookshelf and lots of cubbys.

messy office Here is my mess of a desk. As you can see I don’t use it very often.  I normally always set out in the living room so I can keep my feet up. If I have them down too long I have problems with my feet swelling (yes..sucks getting old and being too heavy). I come in here mainly to do bills and send out my pouchee and Card Cubby orders.  I have an extra computer screen because I found out when I got my Mac Book Pro that I could hook up another screen and use duel screens. But, I’m not in here enough to use it and hadn’t purchased the cable.

This picture is directly behind my desk, so I can turn my chair around and get to the 2nd set of file cabinets. These are my main files. But as you can see, my papers have taken over and are way overdue for filing.

This is to the right of my desk. Printer and large file cabinet. I have extra paper sitting on top of that. Then you can see the corner of my husbands desk.

messy officeThis is his space and I don’t bother it. Although he wasn’t using it much either.. the kids use the computer. But the flag poles and whatever else that other stick is there (lol) and the boxes on top of the 2nd file cabinet are his. I try to give him his space. But now we have made him his own office and work area in the basement and it is time for this to go.
messy office

Now on the other wall when you walk into the office is the big book shelf. It has a combination of his stuff, my stuff, the kids stuff on it. You can see how congested it has become.

book shelfThis is that same corner when you walk in, I set up cubbys so that I had more space to put my product samples etc for reviews.

You can see how crowded it all is.

And then another view from the doorway of what the file cabinet and my paper system looks like behind my desk.

Pretty bad huh?  Sharing a small office space is not easy.  And when I worked in here, the system worked for me with being able to access what I needed to from my chair.  But…. it was driving me crazy.

I really had it … I wanted to figure something out. I would try to work in the living room and with the TV going if the kids and hubby were home in the evening etc.. it was just not easy for me. I would put on headphones with music. I have to have quiet….to really concentrate.

I sat down on the 31st and decided I was going to rearrange the office.

Step 1: Get out graph paper and measure your space. Measure what will stay in.
Step 2: Plan what you want your space to look like. Do you need to purchase anything?
Step 3: Move everything out. Decide where to put the big items that aren’t staying.
(example, trash, donate, another room.
Step 4: Clean the space (paint if you are going to before you clean.. lol – No painting for me)
Step 5: Sort all the little stuff. Clean as you go
Step 6: Decide what items are needed, now that you know what is left to put back in
Step 7: Move your big furniture back in, or move to where it needs to go in the room.
Step 7: Purchase your items
Step 8: Complete moving in the smaller items that have been sorted.
Step 9: Customize it so it works for you. This may take a few weeks of changing it up.
Step 10: Sit back and smile because it feels SO much better when it is finished!

The Clearing out

I decided I was doing this on the 31st of December and started that day! I was trying to figure out a better solution for my living room, but did a 180 and decided to redo the office. My two oldest boys were home from boot camp and were leaving on the 2nd. Dave had a sore arm and wouldn’t be able to move much. So… I decided I need to do it now while I had help, otherwise it wouldn’t happen. Let me tell you…. they weren’t so thrilled that I was interrupting the Rose Bowl. lol

First step was to decide what to do with my husbands desk. It was going to go in the basement to provide him with extra desk space in his new office.  But…. it wouldn’t fit down the basement steps. They tried to take it apart and it just wasn’t going to happen.  We had no where to store it… so …yes.. out to the curb! I told you I was determined.  We knew someone would pick it up before the trash men got it.

deskFirst to clear off everything off my this massive heavy wood desk. Then I cleaned it all up.

Cleared off the bookshelves.empty bookshelf

Next step was to move the bookshelf. It went down to the basement for my husband to use.  Then we got the vacuum out and vacuumed the empty space .. and cleaned up the walls behind and baseboards.

We took the black 3 drawer file cabinet down to the basement also. That cleared out the spot for my 4 drawer file cabinet.

Of course vacuuming and cleaning had to be done. Only one flaw in my plan, I was going to be covering up the vent. oops

Because it was my space, I didn’t mind. I knew I could use a blanket to stay warm if I needed it.  I was too determined to make my idea work. Something as minor as a vent wasn’t going to deter me! lol  (now if it were a clients home, I would have figured out another solution, but I was ok with it in my home)

Next thing was to clear off the file cabinet that was behind my chair and take out the drawers. This furniture is SO heavy! So glad my boys were there to help move things.

File drawers

Now of course you realize that I am making a huge mess in my dining room. Piling everything up that I will need to go through. I told my husband for at least 2 days I was taking it over. So we adjusted. I could get a lot of stuff out right away, but I was going to go through everything before it went back in.

This was just the beginning and the area around the table had all kinds of stuff too. Unfortunately when you clear out a space, you have to deal with more mess before it gets better.

File cabinet in place. I made sure to plug in the lamp before we moved it back to the wall and put the drawers in it. It is too heavy to even budge when the drawers are in.

The desk was moved on the wall where the bookshelf used to be.  My big 4 drawer file cabinet in the corner stayed put.

Next step.. Trip to Ikea for the wall unit I have been wanting forever!! (I really wanted white, but they were out of stock, so I got the walnut to match my furniture.
Step 2 – Dave was to bring back a recliner that I used to have in my living room from our farm.

I know.. you are thinking.. a recliner in your office?  Yes…. I told you I have the problem with having to keep my feet up, I solved that problem!

Stay tuned!!

Your Mission if you chose to take it is: Reorganize Your Office

Organizing Mission Monday

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Magic Garden Hand Painted Shelf

Congrats! Winner – Kathy Pease Random.org #129

Who Says They Don’t Make Things the Way They Used To?

teamson kids shelfIsn’t this Magic Garden shelf darling?  It is made by Teamson designs. This is their Teamson Kids line.  When the PR rep e-mailed me she offered me the doll house or kitchen. I wanted to say yes to one of those SO bad.. but my triplets are 9 years old, just a little too old for it. (Darn it!)  I mentioned I thought this shelf was really cute and I love shelves for helping kids to organize.  I like them much better than toy boxes because you can see what you have. It makes it easy for the kids to be a little more organized.

She sent this Magic Garden shelf and my first thought when I went to pick up the box on the front porch was, “Woo Nelly… this is heavy! It’s going to be a nice one!”  I was right.  This is very high quality, from the hand painting that makes each one a little special and unique to the hardware (according to my husband.)

What really sealed the deal for me on the quality was my husband. He is putting this together on the floor in front of me and at least 3 or 4 times he turned to me and started talking about the quality.  “Sandy, Who made this?  This is really nice. I am impressed… the  wood is solid, the instructions are clear, even the way they have it packaged in the box – you can just tell there is a difference.  I have exactly the amount of hardware I need and even it is high quality. Everything lines up perfect.”  This is coming from a man who is a senior project manager for a construction company!  It takes a lot to impress Dave… and Teamson Kids did it. This is one of latest products to review and it has made my top 10 list for my Gift Guide this year!

To ENTER to Win a Magic Garden Shelf like in the review:

Go to Teamson.com  and tell me if you like the New York Mansion Doll House or the Ultimate Play Kitchen better.    **Be sure to come back here and leave me your answer in your comment. Your e-mail has to either in your comment or on your profile.


**Each of these HAS to have a separate comment to win. The winner is picked using Random.org. It just goes the number of comments….not by what you say.

1) Subscribe to my Organize with Sandy blog This is for 5 chances to win! (use 5 separate comments)

2) Subscribe to my Chat with Sandy blog This is for 5 chances to win! (use 5 separate comments)

3) Subscribe to my Explore Ohio with Sandy blog.  Come back here for 5 separate chances to win.

3) Follow me on Twitter. Leave me your twitter id in your comment

4) Subscribe to my YouTube channel

5) Tweet this out up to 3 times a day. (one comment for each tweet) Pls leave your link

6) I can’t ask you to “like” me on Facebook, but I can ask you to leave a comment for an entry.  3 chances for each comment on any of my FB  pages:

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See lots of way to enter!!

This contest will run until 11:59pm est on Friday, December 17, 2010 (This will NOT come before Christmas if you win)  *CLOSED*

Any comment that comes in after the above time will be deleted. This is open to US mailing addresses only. One person per mailing  address only.  Winner will be chosen by Random.org

You will have 48 hours to reply to my e-mail if you are picked as the winner, or else I will go on to the next winning number.

You can see my other giveaways going on here:

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Disclosure: I was given this Magic Garden Shelf to review. The pictures and thoughts are my own, and husbands.

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Kitchen Remodel – The Big REVEAL!!

November 15, 2010 by  
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Look At My New Kitchen!

kitchen remodel afterThe After!!
Yeah!! My kitchen Reveal!  I have never had a title back splash before.  Also my cupboards are so much easier to open and close… and they are all wood as compared to the melamine I had before.  I love it…

kitchen beforeOk… here is the “Before” so you can see the difference before the remodel.  The white melamine just wasn’t holding up.

kitchen remodel afterAnd the other side…. notice I got a new sink and faucet too! There is still some dust from the tile work on the counters…but I just couldn’t wait when I took this picture! lol

I am SO excited with it!!

We are planning on selling this house in just over a year to move to our farm house.  Then of course there will be another kitchen to remodel…that one really needs help!!  But, we have kids that need to go to college and we will be able to save some money by moving there. But for now I am going to get to really enjoy this kitchen!

I love my counters – I knew I wanted them to have a “granite” look. But we didn’t feel spending the money on granite was worth wild for us right now. I  wanted a smooth shiny look…. I didn’t want an texture to it.  I had a counter at another home I lived in that had a texture and it was a bear to clean.  This is the Wilsonart Granite Laminate.  That is the name of it… Granite. They have a granite like surface now, but this laminate does not fall into that. That has a texture to it.  I like this much better.

Brand Homes kitchen remodelJerry Brand owns Brand Homes.net and he did my kitchen.  I made him pose for this right when they were finished…. If you live in the central Ohio (or out a little) and you need a home built, or remodeling done… this is the guy!   I’ve been friends with Jerry and his wife Kathy Brand for years through our church.  I didn’t have to worry about being cheated or prices being “jacked” up.

He went right from working on my kitchen each day to working on helping to build a home for a woman with MS. That job was a volunteer job. He used some of my old kitchen cupboards in her kitchen. How often do you see that?  Wouldn’t that be someone you would want working on your home?

By the way….. my kitchen was not sponsored, I did not get any discounts for mentioning Brand Homes…. I just want you all to know about them because as anyone knows…the construction business is a hard business to be in right now!

Wilsonart did offer me the laminate for my counters.  I ended up turning them down on the offer because of the logistics of getting the counter company to wait on the order etc…  But I did want to mention what my counter laminate was because I am so excited about it. So they are not a sponsor of this kitchen.

We plan on remodeling our kitchen at the farm in the next year and I am planning on using the same counters.

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Kitchen Remodel – Cupboards are In

November 11, 2010 by  
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Yeah, my Kitchen Isn’t So Bare Now

kitchen remodel cupboardsSo what do you think?  This kitchen remodel is coming along isn’t it?  Do you like my new cupboards?  I do.. and that is what matters since I have to see them everyday! So… I’m glad I like them.  I actually love cherry. But with a small kitchen, and one we probably won’t be in for more than another year or so, I went with the maple.

kitchen remodel cupboardsHere is the other side.  I still have no sink to use. We are eating out mostly – thank goodness Dave’s kids are with their mom this week. That is helpful.  But having no sink or water in your kitchen really throws ya.

Yes I can pour that bowl of cereal and eat it, but then to rinse the bowl out…. I have to use the bathroom sink. Of course I have to make sure there are no food particles in it. So I have a nice little bin with dirty dishes that can’t wait to be washed!

The cupboards are configured the same way. The one thing I have noticed is that my drawers are different. I had 3 drawers before. Now I have 4. You might think… oh good more drawers. They are in the same amount of space. I had my silverware in the top drawer. Then the 2nd drawer down was our bread drawer, the 3rd drawer was the cookies and snack food. Now I have 3 thinner drawers and only 1 big one. I will have to rethink this. What I should do is just get rid of all the cookies and junk and then I wouldn’t have a problem…. we would all lose weight and the world would be a perfect place. LOL  Oh yeah… like that will ever happen.  (Believe me, if it does I will be blogging about it!)

Jerry from Brand Homes is doing a great job on my kitchen so far… Thanks Jerry & Mike

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Organizing with Pegboard Walls

Pegboard walls can be lots of fun in a Teenagers room

peg board wallsThere is plenty of space and opportunity to use his walls! No worries about nails! LOL!!

pegboard wallsHe can hang not only pictures, but also his clothes!

By his bed he has a CD holder for his CD’s and then he has his cords (you can see a couple of them on the right) hanging for headphones etc.

This has turned out to be a great basement bedroom for him. We spent probably about $500 total in supplies between the peg and wall board, electrical components to add more power and light for his room, paint, piece of carpet and closet supplies. Not bad for a makeover in an unfinished basement!

Actually it is really functional.  He thinks it is great!

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Magnetic Paint Review

Magnetic Paint

Magnetic Paint

I want to talk about this great idea for magnetic paint. I love the idea and think it can have so many uses.  We bought a can of it (quart) to use in the remodeling of my son’s basement bedroom.  Then I talked to a company and they offered to send me some to do a review on, which he did.  He told me to make sure I followed the directions carefully because that can make a big difference in the results you get.

My Thoughts on the Magnetic Paint

My son measured out the area that would allow for the 2 quarts of magnetic paint that we had.  I told him to read and carefully follow the directions.  He did and used several coats of the paint. He did use ALL of the paint which I was told was important and if you did not you might not have good “stickability”.  I was also informed that a special magnet called NEODYMIUM magnets were the best to use. I did not buy them, so that might be why I had problems.

It looks great!  He is thrilled with it.  But here are the issues.  The magnetic properties are VERY weak.  The picture of the hand kept sliding down.  I do plan to get some  of the magnets though and if that is the case and they stick good….this is FANTASTIC.  If not…then I would recommend that each thing that goes up has several magnetics to hold it. The magnets that you should use for it are called Neodymium magnets.

If you Plan to Use Magnetic Paint Remember:

1) Follow directions carefully and measure size of space. 25 sq ft per quart.  Use ALL of the paint in the can.

2) Buy the proper magnets.  Neodymium magnets

Peel and Stick Chalk Board.

Peel and Stick Chalk Board, Magnetic Board /Dry Erase Board

Peel and Stick Chalk Board, Magnetic Board /Dry Erase Board

I also reviewed this 4×4 foot piece of peel and stick Chalk board.  I was pleased with it.  It went up like wall paper. Try to smooth it out so that you don’t get air bubbles underneath. That was good.  The magnetic power was like that of the magnetic paint. If I used several magnets I could get a piece of paper to stay. If I used one…it was not strong enough. My guess is that the Neodymium magnets would work for this too.

It worked fine as a chalk board, and cleaned up better (as most chalk boards do) with a damp towel.

They also have dry erase peel and stick. Tip: Don’t try dry erase marker on your chalk board….it doesn’t wipe off. Don’t ask me how I know…oops!

This review has taken me several months to get up.  I have e-mailed my source several times stating I was finally getting the review up but did not hear back. So I am not going to have a giveaway with it because I can’t be sure he will respond.

Disclosure: I did purchase 1 quart of magnetic paint myself. I did also receive 1 quart and also the peel and stick chalk board to review.

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Christmas Clean Up & Decluttering

Decluttering Your Christmas decorations

Decluttering Your Christmas decorations

Christmas Clean Up & Declutting

Our decorations came down today. I don’t like keeping them up after Christmas long at all. It just makes me feel “cluttered”.
I LOVE them up before Christmas, but afterwards it just makes me think of all I have to do to get my house back together..and I am anxious to get things back to normal. When you pull out your Christmas bins to replace your decorations after the holidays….think about how many you didn’t use this year.

I know that each of the 4 bins that we brought up from the basement still had things in them that we didn’t put out. In the Christmas ornaments bins, there are ornaments that I usually don’t put up because they don’t really have any special memories and I don’t really care for them. So know what I did this year? I pitched them. I probably should have donated them, but some had some chips in them or just didn’t make me feel real good about donating….plus the fact that I was in “get rid of” mode.
I opened up those bins and there were items that we didn’t put out….I cleaned those out too.
It freed up some room and just made me feel good.

My advice for Christmas (or any holiday decorations) is:
1) If you haven’t used a decoration in the last 2 years….get rid of it. Pass it one to other family members, donate it or pitch it.
2) If you just don’t like a decoration and there are no special memories attached to it….get rid of it.
3) If it is broken or you can’t use it….get rid of it.

It feels good to have it done.

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Preparing for Christmas

Christmas “Check Off” List – How does yours look?

We take turns each year putting up the angel

We take turns each year putting up the angel

So how are you doing?  Are you going crazy about now thinking you will never get it all finished in 1 week?

Does your List of To Do’s look more like this?

1) Christmas Cards to send out

2) Buy Christmas Gifts

3) Wrap Christmas Gifts

4) Plan Christmas eve Dinner

5) Plan Christmas Day meals

6) Make Christmas Cookies

7) Think about planning my events

Or does it look more like this?
1) Christmas Cards to send out

2) Buy Christmas Gifts

3) Wrap Christmas Gifts

4) Plan Christmas eve Dinner

5) Plan Christmas Day Meals

6) Make Christmas cookies

If your list is the first one…then you more than likely are “freaking out” right now, aren’t you?  How will I get it done? I should never go to sleep this week because I am going to be out shopping all week, etc.

You need to get your calendar and SCHEDULE when you are going to do each thing. Seriously.  Write it in!  It will help to calm you down so that you will realize there IS time to get it all done.  OR it will help you to realize with what you are hoping to get accomplished won’t happen because it is unrealistic for your situation.  But either way it will help put things into perspective for you.

Would you like to see my list?

1) Christmas cards sent out (But just yesterday)

2) Christmas shopping done (But I have stocking stuffers, my husband likes to help w/ those..that is tonight)

3) Wrap Christmas gifts  – Sunday and Monday

4) Plan Christmas Eve Dinner

5) Plan Christmas Day Meals

6) Make Christmas Cookies – Scheduled for tomorrow.

See? I don’t have everything done.  But I do know how and when I am going to complete each thing…so I can relax and enjoy the festivities.

How are you doing?

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Christmas decorations

Unpacking the Christmas Decorations – Is it Scary?

Christmas decorations disorganized!

Christmas decorations disorganized!

Does your decorations look anything like this?  So many things, just a mess!   It makes you think …..”It is just too much to get out and put away, I don’t really need to decorate.”  Those are the years that you may either have too much clutter, too many commitments going on or you know what a mess it was last year when you put it away and you don’t want to open that box!

Just like you can have too much clutter in the rest of your house – you have have clutter in your decoration supplies too.

Think about it:
Do all your lights work?
Do you use everything that is packed up?
Are there things each year that you don’t really want to put up anymore?
Do you have broken or ragged looking ornaments or decorations that you just can’t throw out?

The solution is simple (but not so easy) You need to sort through and declutter your holiday decorations.
Follow the same steps for any sorting. As you unpack your supplies evaluate (quickly) each item.

1) Keep – You love it, you use and decorate with it, it works and is not broken
2) Donate – It works and looks good, you just don’t like it, or can’t use it now.
3) Pitch – It’s broken or not fit to donate. (recycle if possible)

Remember, if there is something you haven’t used or can’t use….why keep it in a box all the time?  That isn’t honoring the memory. You can take a picture of it to have, then give that space it takes up to one of your other decorations.

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Reorganizing my Office

October 28, 2009 by  
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After pic
This is the “before” picture of my office. We have a very small office and have desk for my husband and I, file cabinets and a bookshelf. But I still needed some more space.
Think “up” is always what I tell my clients. Shelves right? But I wanted to do it on my own without having to have my husband help me and I love cubbies. I would have loved to have gone to Ikea and gotten one of their cubby units, but they are over an hour and half away. So I went to Target and got 2 of their 8 cubby units. They were on sale for $39.99 each and they worked great.
I turned my 4 drawer (2 side by side) file drawer perpendicular to the wall and moved the desk against the wall. I now have the wall to use for a large calendar and message board.
I also had a 3 drawer unit on the left of my desk. Since I moved the desk over to the wall, I put that on the right of my desk and brought the printer down so it is actually more accessible than it was up on the 5 drawer file cabinet. I know in these pictures it is hard to see the detail of what I did with the other furniture, but it did make it better and more accessible to wear I sit.
Here is the finished picture.

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Storage Ottoman

I saw this padded Ottoman at Target  several months ago. I found it on sale and bought it. (This is not a sponsored review) I have been really pleased with it and wanted to share it with you.

016We have several blankets that the kids like to use while watching TV. This makes a great place to store them…out of sight but close by.

017Feet up and comfy!

Just wanted to share.

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