Great Stay and Awesome Calamari at Sawmill Creek Resort

We Had An Enjoyable Stay At Sawmill Creek Resort

Dave and I were invited to visit Put-in-Bay Island and stay at the Sawmill Creek Resort, for a review. The resort was about 1/2 hour away from Catawba, where we got off the ferry. It’s situated on Lake Erie, although you can’t see Lake Erie from the room we were staying in. a

sawmill creek resort

As we drove into this golf resort, Dave realized he had stayed here several years ago, when he was on a company outing. My Dad also recalls staying at the Sawmill Creek Resort. My Dad recalls wonderful meals, great golf and a very nice resort. Dave went on a fishing expedition when he stayed, and was pleased when he realized it was the same place he had stayed before.

The decor is very outdoor, western comfortable feel. I love this atmosphere, and I know Dave would much rather have this style of decorating rather than “hotsy-totsy” fancy.

Sawmill Creek Resort


We went to our room and it was an instant.. “Oh, this is NICE!”.  You know,  that initial impression you get when you first open the door to a new hotel. Nice, light colors, very clean and inviting.  I loved the fireplace we had in the room, and the couch that you could sit on to relax.  The king size bed had the most comfortable pillows!  I will say that the mattress itself was ok. There was some kind of harder ridging on the edge of it, that kind of hurt the back of my legs when I first got in. Dave thought that maybe it was some kind of handles to move the mattress?? But once you were in, it was pretty comfortable.  I would have loved a balcony to sit out on. I felt like the room should have one. But we did have a nice big window to look out of.

sawmill creek resort

We went back to the front desk and were given a ride on a golf cart to see the beach area and go to the restaurant.  It was a nice little ride down to this area. I’m not sure if you have to always ask for a ride, or if you are able to take your own golf cart.. but it would be a bit of a walk without one. Cars can’t fit on the path.

sawmill creek resort

They have recently laid sod, and will soon be able to host weddings here.  What a beautiful setting!


The beach is just beyond this grassy area.  It was kind of a wet, cool, rainy afternoon when we were there, so no one was on the beach – but it looks like it would really be nice.  I love that it’s secluded. To have your own beach front is always nice.

PIB 35

The manager then dropped us off at one of the restaurants at the resort, Mariner’s at the Mariner’s Village Marina. It was a fine dining restaurant and it was nice to have the owner there to greet us. We chose to eat out on the screened in porch, overlooking the marina. They have plastic chairs and tables out there, but still have them dressed up to look very nice.

mariners restaurant


I took up the waitress’s suggestion for a mint patty drink (and it was ok, but I should have just stuck with a glass of wine).  They brought out some bread that I thought Dave was going to die over! I think I had two small pieces and he finished the rest of this.  Butter galore, but it had a bit of a crisp edge to it. I’m not sure how it was prepared, but it was great.

Mariner's Restuarant

I love Calamari, but so often it’s a little rubbery or tough, so I’m always a little apprehensive when I order it.  We did get it.. and I have to say – to this date, this is the BEST calamari that I have ever had. OMG…  I didn’t know it could be this tender. I think Dave had just a couple and I ate most all of this. I had it with the pesto sauce. Just writing about this, I have a craving for it again!


Dave ordered the Seared Duck that was one of their specials, from the advice of the owner. He loved it. I had a bite of it too, and it was really good. I’ve not had that much duck to compare it to, but I know it was good.

seared duck

I had the Lake Erie Perch for my meal.  It was good, I don’t know that it stood out from other perch I’ve eaten, but I enjoyed it.  We walked back to our place. We weren’t real sure how to go, but took a path that lead through the golf course and made our way back.

I would recommend staying at the Sawmill Creek Resort, without hesitation.. but you know what I’m also going to suggest too.. right?  If you go, you have to eat at the Mariner’s Restaurant and order Calamari!

Our stay at the hotel was taken care of, but we paid for our own meal at The Mariner’s Restaurant. The thoughts, opinions and pictures are all my own.

You can find more information on the Sawmill Creek Resort Facebook page.


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Fantasy World

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Fantasy World Resort Great – Swimming Pool For Kids

One of the things I looked for when I searched for a place for Elise and I to stay was a really awesome pool.  Since she was going without her triplet brothers, I was hoping to have a pool that she would be entertained in and hopefully meet some other little girls to play with.  I was really excited when I found the Fantasy World Resort online. fantasy world resort This pool is really wonderful.  It is large, there are nice chairs to lounge in around the pool for those of us who sit on the sidelines or sunbathe. fantasy world   There are cabanas that you can rent for $40/day from 9am-5pm. We didn’t do that but I was amazed, they have flat screen TV’s and ceiling fans in them!  If we would have had an entire day to stay at the pool, I would have reserved one.. that is for sure!

fantasy world Now check out the slide at this pool!  There is also a small kiddie section, that lights up at night with fun colored lights.  There are a total of 3 pools and 3 hot tubs in the entire complex. But this is the main one with all the fun stuff! fantasy world resort

fantasy world

fantasy world I particularly like the lazy river

It is huge!

The pool gets an “A” from me! Really awesome. There is a nice outside bar also. I didn’t check it out to see what kind of drinks they have, but I saw some people carrying some fruity looking drinks, so I assume it’s a full pool bar.

fantasy world

The two bedroom condo is ok.  It is a two story condo, which is really nice and I’ve heard very little “neighbor” noise.  The decor is a little older, but clean and neat.  This isn’t a gated complex. Upstairs are two small bedrooms.  Elise had 2 single beds in her room. She loves the Disney pictures on the walls over her beds. fantasy world My room has a nice looking king size bed. I was shocked when I sat down on it and realized it is two twin mattresses. There is a big ridge in the middle of the bed. Not a problem for me since I’m sleeping in it alone, but I wouldn’t have been very happy if I was here with my husband.  There is no master bathroom, but there is one bathroom upstairs with tub and the downstairs bathroom has a small shower. The kitchen has a dishwasher, microwave and full refrigerator. It’s nice that there is a roll of paper towels and all the basics we need to function for the week, or until we can pick up our own supplies at the store. There is a dining room table with two extra chairs. My evaluation is that if you have kids, then this would be a great place to come. The pool is wonderful! I give it a full thumbs up!!  The condo is very ample, but hopefully your master bedroom will have a regular king size mattress rather than what is on this bed.

I also did a post on the Fantasy World Resort on the i.seeKissimmee Blog. On that blog, a woman commented that she had a condo here that they own. She said that they stay there from December to April every year and rent it out the rest of the time.  The thing that I really liked was she said that they have updated many of the condos. She said this was one of the ones that had not yet been updated. She said the others were much nicer than this. I would suggest that if you plan a stay here, you request an updated unit.

Our room was provided at a discounted rate for our stay.  The opinions and pictures are all my own.

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Mystic Dunes Resort

Great Condos at Mystic Dunes Resort In Kissimmee, FL

mystic dunes

Driving into the Mystic Dunes Resort and Golf Club is impressive. There is a manned gate attendant (that always makes you feel more secure doesn’t it?) and with the major speed bumps mountains, you have to go slow through the complex.  It is large with several pools and all entangled with a golf course.

We were on the 2nd floor of building 11.

Mystic Dunes

We walked into a nice cool condo that was really large.  The tile floor was nice, it just felt cleaner than carpet.

mystic dunes resort

There was a dining room table large enough for most families and an entire mirrored wall that gave the room even a larger feel.

mystic dunes resort

There was a nice size kitchen with a dishwasher, coffee maker (and coffee for 2 days) full size refrigerator and all the dishes we needed.

mystic dunesThe master bedroom was impressive! It connected to the lani and had an open large soaking tub with clear glass shower.  Nice.  The mattress was awesome! There was plenty of space to unpack and I had a TV in the room.

mystic dunes resort

Check out the bathroom in the master suit.

The room Elise stayed had two double beds and a TV.  It had a window that was right next to the front of the condo by the walk way.  That was one thing I didn’t really like. My friend stayed with us the first two nights and stayed in that room with Elise, but the 3rd night she slept by herself in there and it made me just a bit uncomfortable to be on the other side of this large condo and have her right by the front door and window where everyone walked.  But of course everything was fine and we both slept great.

mystic dunes

The lani was very nice with a table and four chairs that overlooked one of the golf course ponds. mystic dunes resort

This was our favorite pool, although we never did get a chance to use it.  We were just too busy.  But doesn’t it look awesome?  There were cabanas you could rent and when we stopped by to take this picture it sounded like they were conducting an aerobics class.

mystic dunes pool

The Mystic Dunes is located only a couple miles away from Route 4, which is the main way to get to all of the major theme parks. It would be an idea place for a couple, especially if you love to golf, or a family.  If you would get a unit like we had (flat in a building with 3 floors), I would recommend a 3rd floor condo.  We had someone moving into the unit above us one night at around MN (at least I think that was what was going on). There were kids running, and a lot of noise.  I think because the floors are tile and not carpet, you hear a lot more than you might in other condos.  So if I had children I would want to be sure they were quiet to be considerate of others.  I think the resort is kid friendly, but I can also tell it gives a feel that if you are a couple without children with you, you wouldn’t feel over whelmed by children either.  Nice combination.

Everything was extremely clean and crisp. You didn’t get any of the hibbie- jibbie feel that some places can give you.

Our stay was not comped, but we did receive a discounted media rate.  All the opinions and pictures are my own.

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Heading to Kissimmee, Florida!

Ready for the Fun & Sun in Kissimmee Florida!

I am going to be heading to Kissimmee, Florida with my daughter Elise soon! We are so psyched!  We decided to take a “girls” vacation, since later this summer my hubby and the boys are taking a boys fishing trip to Canada. We weren’t excited about a “fly-in” fishing trip, so we had our pick of vacations.

Sandy and Elise

We could have gone basically anywhere, but we decided to head to Florida. I wanted to take Elise on an airplane (she has never been on a plane before) and I wanted to take her to Disney.  I started checking out the i.seeKissimmee Blog and saw that a blogger I knew @DebThompson posting on the blog and I contacted to her to see how she got to have such a fun assignment. She explained and I applied to also be a blogger for the i.seeKissimmee Blog and was chosen (Happy Dance).

After that I started looking for things for Elise and I do to while we were in Kissimmee.

First off…. where are we going to stay?   I wanted to find a place that had a cool swimming pool! Since it will just be Elise and I, I wanted a pool where she could have a good time and hopefully meet some other kids to play with on our down time.

We are going to split our time between these two awesome resorts! We will have 2 bedroom condos in both.

Fantasy World Resort 

Mystic Dunes Resort

I also have four great adventures that have been so kind as to give us tickets to visit.

Disney World  – We have one day to explore as much of which ever of four parks we’d like! Oh… can’t wait! Thinking Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios for sure.

Universal – Excited to check out the new Harry Potter exhibit!

Sea World – We have to be sure to see Shamu!

GatorLand   – I loved Gatorland several years ago when I took my (now older) boys. They loved it.

And the whole time I’ll be driving a…

Chevy Cruze! – So happy that GM was kind enough to loan us a car to use for the week. I’m excited to see what this car is all about and of course excited that I should be getting great gas milage!

We will have a couple free days that we can go to places we find interesting. I want to get Elise to a beach while we are there. Not only has she not been on a plane, but she’s never been in Florida. I don’t it’s right to visit Florida and not go to a beach, right?

Be sure to also follow our adventures on the i.seeKissimmee Blog, Facebook and Twitter. I’m @OrganizerSandy and I’ll be using #VisitKiss and #SandysFLTrip, so you can follow easily along with our adventures.

Elise is ready!!


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Roar and Explore

Roar and Explore in Columbus, Ohio

I first posted this Roar and Explore  on my Explore Ohio with Sandy blog last July. But my family really enjoyed one of our own Columbus, Ohio adventures – Roar and Explore!   I did look and it appears that you can purchase the Roar and Explore package again this year.

columbus zoo

My family had an awesome vacation in Ohio and just outside of Ohio this year.  We started off with the canopy tour, headed down to KY to tour Mammoth Caves and then came back for a three day Columbus Adventure Package called Roar and Explore that you can find here


Here is a Video Recap of Our Three Day Adventure

Day One The Zoo

We planned our three days according to the weather forecast.  The first day was the nicest one. Clear skies and cool.  It was in the low 70’s, so perfect for the zoo, but a little cold for the water park. The animals were out…. perfect. We walked in and realized it had been awhile since we had visited the zoo. The entire entrance had been redone. It was really nice!

Columbus zoo
We went to an animal show that was just about to begin and it was really cute. Started off without any people, just different strange animals running across the stage and performing different tricks (like knowing which doors to go in that would open and let another animal out.
It was really fun day for all of us.. we were all exhausted by the end of it and ready to head back to the nice comfy hotel to rest (or go to the pool as the triplets did)

Day two – COSI

It was a bit stormy and rainy so we went to COSI (Center of Science and Industry). They had a special dinosaur exhibit that we were able to go into. This was an extra cost to get into this exhibit. It was nice and the kids had fun. To be honest I don’t know if I would have been excited if I would have paid much more to be able to see it. It wasn’t the kids favorite part of COSI.

They loved the 3-D movie (extra cost) but I think their favorite part and I know my favorite part was the outside exhibit of the construction equipment. They actually got to work some of them (with assistance of course). That was cool.

Day three – Zoombezi Bay

Ended up being a wash for Zoombezi Bay. It was storming and we weren’t able to go. The good thing is that the tickets are good until Sept when it closes for the year.

Drury Inn & Suites

drury inn and suites

We had a blast at the Drury Inn & Suites hotel. We had two nights there and I can’t count how many times the kids went to the pool. The room was really nice, there was a work out facility that had glass walls right next to the indoor/outdoor pool. Dave used it and was very pleased. We had a very nice warm continental breakfast (no charge for any guest) and the staff was lovely. I’d have no problems recommending it to anyone. The only thought I had was that I wish it were closer to the Zoo and Zoombezi Bay. The one we stayed at was in Grove City.


Our package was provided by for our family of five.  All the pictures and videos (except the Zoombezi Bay picture) were mine and my opinion was not swayed by the complimentary package.  Thank you Experience Columbus, we had a wonderful time. No pictures or videos are to be used without my permission.


This post was first posted July 23, 2011 on Explore Ohio with 


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Geneva on the Lake

The Lodge & Conference Center at Geneva On the Lake, Ohio

Geneva on the Lake

Dave and I were invited to visit The Lodge & Conference Center at Geneva On-The-Lake and I was more than thrilled! Living less than three hours away from Lake Erie, you would think that I would go up there more frequently.  But alas, other than our visit last year, this is only the second time I’ve stayed on the lake.

It is the perfect place for you to stay if you enjoy wine country – it’s in the heart of Ohio’s wine country, directly on Lake Erie just east of Sandusky. There are over 20 wineries near by to enjoy.  The Lodge has a wine shuttle that will take you several of them. But you do have to be sure and reserve your spot on the shuttle early because it sells out.

Geneva on the lake

Here is a video that shows you are weekend visit.

Looks great doesn’t it?

It was Easter weekend and cool, but sunny and pretty.  Dave is hoping that we’ll get a chance this summer to come back up. He wants to take the kids on a fishing charter on the lake.

We drove up to the area Friday evening so we could visit with his niece, Jamie and her husband Brian along with Dave’s childhood friend Kevin and his wife Kym. They suggested the winery Ferrante, which is close to the Lodge at Geneva on the Lake.  We had a really nice meal, along with some fun wine tasting at the restaurant.  We wondered why the restaurant wasn’t very busy when it was so nice, but realized later it was because it was pre-season and things were pretty quiet.

Geneva on the Lake

We drove over to The Lodge at Geneva on the Lake on Saturday.  The town of Geneva was really quant, but we didn’t stop anywhere, we just drove through.   We found the Lodge, but it was still too early to check in. We then went on past the Lodge and found the strip of Geneva on the Lake. It reminded me of Virginia Beach or Myrtle Beach. I could just picture people walking up and down the sidewalks with all the open air places to eat and visit. I bet it is so fun! Other than being warm enough to take a boat on the lake, being able to enjoy this area I missed.

Geneva on the Lake

We found the Firehouse Winery open and had lunch there.  There was a small room on the second floor with just a few tables that over looked the lake.  We first thought that the winery was in the blue building, but discovered it was in the red barn looking building to the right in the picture above.

Picture this Ferris wheel with all the seats attached going around….  what a cool view that would be of the lake.

Geneva on the Lake

We walked along the lake, back behind the winery.  What a beautiful day!

Geneva on the lake

There is plenty to do and see in the area, even off season

Geneva on the lake

We went back to the Lodge and checked into our room.  Walking into the lobby you immediately had a feel of … “wow, this is a nice place”.

Geneva on the lake

There are several places that have groups of comfortable seats.

Geneva on the lake

Geneva on the lake

Then we had to check out our room.  The room was very nice.  We had a king room with a balcony and great view of the lake. Loved that!  There are other rooms that have options such as whirlpools, family rooms with bunk beds and a couple recently upgraded two-room suites.

Geneva on the lake

Check out the view we had from our balcony! See the gazebo? Guess what happens there?  Yes… weddings! Wouldn’t that be a beautiful setting? You wouldn’t have to worry about the hot sand of a beach wedding! lol

geneva on the lake

The Lodge at Geneva also has an indoor pool and hot tub (although we didn’t indulge on this trip) along with an outdoor pool that looks out on the lake.

geneva on the lake

We ate our dinner on Saturday night at the Horizons Restaurant in the lodge.  You walk into the restaurant to a really cool fireplace and buffet. It is really inviting.

geneva on the lake Then you look behind the fireplace and see an entire wall of windows looking out at the lake and the gazebo.  When it gets dark the gazebo is all lit with white lights… nice!

Geneva on the lake

I thought it was cool to see this couple sitting out by the water on the bench. The whole feel of the lodge feels romantic to me.

geneva on the lake

We had the breakfast buffet the next morning (Easter Morning). We did not stay for the Easter bunch that was taking place in just about an hour or so.  Our breakfast was nice, not spectacular but good. . My omelet was fine, but Dave said his french toast wasn’t very good. But the coffee and atmosphere were awesome.  I’m thinking the focus might have been on the brunch since it was such a special event and not the regular breakfast.

We checked out the marina on Saturday.  It seemed strange seeing a marine without any boats. Come May it will be full of boats.

Geneva on the lake

What a nice place to visit! It is actually just a walk from the Lodge at Geneva on the Lake.

Geneva on the lake

There are so many things to do. Obviously boating and fishing, but there is also canoeing, hiking, nature walks, golfing, a tour of historic covered bridges, lighthouses, museums, Underground Railroad sites, restaurants and entertainment. wow!

I would not hesitate to recommend The Lodge at Geneva on the Lake to anyone and I am recommending it to all of you!!


The Lodge & Conference Center at
Geneva on-the-Lake
4888 North Broadway
Geneva-On-The-Lake, Oh 44041



Our Saturday night stay, dinner and breakfast at The Lodge & Conference Center at Geneva on-the-Lake. This did not influence my opinions. The pictures and video are all my own and are not to be used without my permission. (You are welcome to pin the pictures on pinterest though)

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Organizing Mission Monday Link Party – Week 46

Vacation in Denver Colorado

Dave and I are celebrating our five year anniversary in Colorado. We are in a cabin about 12 miles away from Divide, CO.  It is beautiful! The only issue is that we are both having some problems with the altitude. We are about 9,000 ft. Even though we have been trying to drink a lot of water, we are both having problems with headaches.   I woke up this morning feeling terrible! First morning here.  My head was throbbing. But it did get better after I was up a little bit, ate and drank and took some ibuprofen.

Here are some pictures of our place.  I might not have any more posts up this week. As soon as we get back from our trip on Tuesday I’m off again for business on Wednesday.

This is looking down on the living area. Look at that window to the left….

Here is looking out that window from the 2nd floor of our place.

This is it from the outside.

So we have a cool window… but if we aren’t looking out onto a cool view – what good is it right?  This is our view! That is Pikes Peak out there.


We got there and within ten minutes this is what we see off our deck.

We are staying at a cabin called Pikes Peak. This is not a review, we paid full price for our place. But I wanted to share how wonderful it was. I’m sure I’ll post some more pictures later this week if I get a chance.

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Organizing Mission Monday

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Inn at Honey Run

Beautiful Place to Visit in Ohio

The Inn at Honey Run in Holmes County is in the heart of Amish country.

I will be doing a full post on Inn at Honey Run on my Explore Ohio with Sandy blog in the next week or two, but I wanted to share just a couple pictures I took today that I liked.

This is a picture of their Facebook  bird cam. I kid you not. They have a camera mounted that takes pictures. I am assuming maybe it is action motivated.  I wondered who was spending all the time watching for birds and taking pictures. They are posted on their FB page. How fun is that?

Inn at Honey run There is so much nature here.  It is sooo quiet and peaceful.  It began raining right after we arrived, but only lasted a half hour or so.  When we came out, the sun was out, the rain was dripping off the flowers and it was absolutely beautiful. Everything looked so crisp and clear, the birds were singing.

inn at honey run

Isn’t this orange tulip awesome!

orange tulipThis candle that hangs from the walk way up to the entry had a drip of rain that I kept trying to catch as it hit the top and bounced off.  I didn’t have the luck, but still loved the picture.

Inn at honey run

This robin was very accommodating as we were driving out of the parking lot to go to dinner. She just sat there and let me get a couple good shots.

inn at honey run

We went into Berlin and had a great dinner at Boyd and Wurthmann restaurant.  It is an Amish run restaurant and the portions were huge and food was great!

boyd and wurthman

I always love to see the horse and buggies.  Dave’s farm is in Amish country, so we get to see a lot of them, but I don’t know that I will ever tire of trying to get some good pictures of them.

amish horse and buggy

Be watching on my Explore Ohio with Sandy blog for the entire post.  I’ll plan to link it to this post once it is finished.

Also be sure to look for the exclusive offer at the bottom of that post. (Hint…. if you call and reserve a room for at least one night, you will get a $25 gift cert to use in either the spa, restaurant or gift shop! You just have to tell them that Explore Ohio with Sandy sent you!!)


My room at the Inn at Honey Run is complimentary, but has nothing to do with my opinions.  The photos and thoughts are all my own.


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Ocean Isle Inn in North Carolina

Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina


ocean isle

Dave and I had the opportunity to visit the Ocean Isle Inn and had a really nice time. It was off season and just a bit cooler which was actually perfect for us. Dave isn’t a big fan of large crowds or high temps, so he was thrilled.

The Ocean Isle Inn  was a nice, moderately priced hotel that was very clean and comfortable. It wasn’t luxurious, but you also aren’t paying luxurious prices to stay there either.  We had an awesome balcony that over looked the ocean that I loved!

ocean isle inn

We had a full breakfast bar each morning in the hotel.  We had fun using the waffle maker! yum!  It is a really nice to not have to go out some place for breakfast and know that it doesn’t cost you anything extra.

ocean isle inn

There was a nice in door swimming pool also.

ocean isle inn

The outdoor pool was really nice also.  It was so nice to sit outside by the pool with my computer and look at and hear the ocean. oh…. wonderful!

ocean isle inn

Dave did some fishing off the pier that is within walking distance.

ocean isle pier


ocean isle pier

Since it was off season there were many places that were closed. I would have loved to have walked to the ice cream shop in town and gone to a few of the restaurants that were close by. But there were still plenty of places to eat, things to see and places to shop.

We had a couple absolutely wonderful days staying at Ocean Isle Inn and exploring Ocean Isle.

Thank you Ocean Isle Inn for inviting me to review your hotel and sponsoring my stay.


  Our room was paid for, but we paid for our activities, travel and food.  My thoughts and opinions are my own. 
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