Content Writers & PR

Thank you for thinking of me, but please read the following.

  • For content writers who would like to write a (free) blog post for my blog and add in a link to their Brand site,
  • For PR who would like to have me write a blog post about their upcoming contest, or product… and you are also willing to send me pictures of the product/service you want me to advertise, but aren’t willing to send me the actual product or payment.
  • For PR that want me to write a post or tweet to promote their tips or someone’s new book etc..

I don’t know how to say this without sounding crass, and that is not my tone as I write this, but my site is not geared or meant to be a free space of advertising for your Brand.  If I do a review, it is because I have received that product and can write an honest review from first hand experience.

Would you write a magazine, TV station etc and ask them to advertise for you for free?  Would you expect to do your job for free?   Do you offer a service (like writing a content blog post) in exchange for free advertising?  Why do you expect me to do the same? This is my business, not a form of free advertising for you.

I use No Follow links.

If you want me to review a product or service, don’t ask me to do it without at least having the consideration to give me the product or service (with or without pay) you want me to talk about.  Why would I want to tell my readers about something that I have not experienced myself?

If you would like to send me a product, and it is something I need or really want, I’ll be happy to do a review (but don’t ask me to send the product back to you later).  If you want me to get your link out, I’m sorry, that isn’t my cup of tea.

I’ve worked hard on my blog and my twitter reach and I  keep it to a high standard.

Here is another article that John Andrews from Collective Bias wrote that explains it well.  “Why In The World Would Anyone Think Bloggers Should Work For Free?”