Coal Croc Card Cubby

Coal Croc Card Cubby

Card Cubby is a cute, fun mini card file or rolodex that fits in your purse, diaper bag, brief case or your car console. Always have your gift cards, rewards cards & discount cards with you & as easy to find as A…B…C!!!

Inside there is a small zipper for money & change.

Outside you have a slot for your business card or a picture.


5" wide
3" high
2" deep

Discription and Uses:

Card Cubby now has an inside zipper for money and change!
The card files match the theme of your Card Cubby! (cute!)
Use your Cubby to Alphabetically File:
Gift Cards
Frequent Buyer Cards
Library Cards
Discount Cards
Insurance Cards
Business Cards
Important Contact Info
And all those other cards you get!
No more pulling out that big wad of cards and searching through them every time you want to find one at the store!!

Put your Drivers License in the clear pocket, some cash and credit cards inside and use as a wallet!

* Card Cubby now has an inside zipper for money and change.

The Card Cubby® is made of material that is wipe-able and durable to stand up to all the use it will get!

The alphabetized cards inside are color coordinated with the cubby.

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