Social Media Class Price List

Social Media Classes for Individual or small group

Classes Available

1) Social Media 101 – learn how social media can help you.  See the basics on Twitter, Facebook, Blogging and Linkedin.  I will help you understand why these social platforms can benefit your business. (1 hour)

2) Social Media 202 – Learn how to set up a Twitter, FB and Linkedin Account.  (1 hour)

3) Twitter 101 – Learn about Twitter, how to set up a Twitter account and how to run it.  I will work with you to get yourself up and running on twitter.  I’ll show you how to “follow” people, who to watch out for, ethics for Twitter. What not to do on Twitter.  (1 hour)

4) Facebook 101 – Learn the basics about FB. How to set up a FB account. How to set up a FB fan page. How are they different? What to watch out for, how to be an ethical user. (1 hour)

5) Linkedin 101 – Learn the basics of Linkedin, how to set up an account and how to use it. (1 hour)


1 hour session classes – Individual training – $75/ hour*

2-3 people = $35 each/hr*

4+ people =  $25 each/hr*

If you are wanting to actually get going with social media, I suggest the Twitter and FB 101 classes. They will get you up and running.

If you are planning a group class for Twitter, FB or Linkedin 101 classes – please bring your own computers.  For individual training I can help you get started on my computer, but if you have your own computer, it would be helpful to you to learn it on your own computer. (I have a Mac)
You will not need a computer available for the Social Media 101 and 102 classes.


*The $50/hour classes are if drive time is within 30 min of Johnstown, Ohio.  For each 30 min. drive time past that, add $15 per 30 min. drive time. (an hour drive time for me would equal a $65 /hour class for you) This $15 per 30 min would also be added to the group classes, but it would be total added, so that if there were 4 people attending a class with a 1 hour drive time for me. They would pay the $20/hour and then the 4 of them would split the remaining $15 for a total of an additional $3,75 each, bringing their total to $23.75 for their hour class.