Chalkboard Labels Using Chalkboard Contact Paper

Chalkboard Labels For Your Pantry Baskets

I got my labels completed for my pantry baskets…. I told you I was going to do them!

chalkboard labels

There are so many uses for this chalkboard contact paper.  I have several other things in mind!

But I want to show you how I made these simple labels for my baskets in my pantry.

organized pantry

I took some of my old business cards (they are such a good size for so many things) and used those for the basis of the chalkboard labels for the baskets.

I cut the chalkboard contact paper so that it would go over the sides just a bit and would fold back and cover the entire card.

chalkboard label

When I fold it over I make sure to make a crisp edge and I smooth it out so there aren’t any air bubbles or creases in it.

chalkboard labels

Then I trim the short edge of the card. I do pinch the edge so that the contact paper adheres to itself to seal the edge.

chalkboard labels

I used the hole punch and punched a hole in the center top so I can hang it.

hole punch

Simple enough

hole punch I used the same color chalkboard marker and basic design so that they matched the jar labels I made and showed you yesterday.

chalkboard labels

I looked for twine to tie the labels on, but evidently we didn’t have any. I found some fishing line and decided that would actually work really well.
basket labels
It won’t show much and it will take care of the problem I worried about … getting through the thin basket weave.

tying on labels

And it looks like this:

chalkboard labels for baskets

I was pleased how they turned out… what do you think?

chalkboard labels

One of the other little things I did was to use these little buckets that I hung from my wire over the door can holder.

kitchen buckets

Remember I mentioned that I didn’t like the baggie that was holding the chip clips in my pantry? That I was sure there was something cuter?  I decided this was cuter!

chip clips

I had a 2nd bucket that I used and wasn’t sure what to put in it….. but had an onion sitting on the pantry shelf and thought… ok.. done!


So of course I made labels for these pails too.  I used the business card as the stencil and cut out a piece of the chalkboard contact paper.  I wrote the name on it with the markers and stuck it on the side of the bucket.

chip clips

I think they turned out cute too… don’t you?

chalkboard labels

Adding little touches like this, makes your pantry look a little cuter, but it also makes it functional by letting the family know where to put things away.

chalkboard labels

And of course that makes me happy!!
You can find the Chalkboard Contact Paper, 18″ x 6′ and the markers I used Liquid Chalk – Works like a Marker Dries like Chalk – Set of 8 Earthy Colors at the two links I have here. They are affiliate links, but that’s not why I’m giving them to you. I had a hard time finding both products and thought I’d make it a little easier for you all.

 This post was revamped and reposted from 4/7/2011


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