The Command Center

This is our family command center.

Toni from A Bowl Full of Lemons is having a weekly challenge that I saw.. and decided to add my post to.  I would love to revamp this, but haven’t figured out how. This works for us, but I would love to have a place to sit and take off shoes, and have it look a little more sophisticated.  lol

launch padEach family member has a different colored cubby.  They can use their cubby for hats, mittens, keys, mp3 player.  I also use it if I find little things around the house downstairs. I will put it in their cubby.

launch pad cubby

My husband has the phone charger and organizer on top. He has a place for his keys, his phones (work and personal) and a drawer for any other little things he may have.  I also have a pencil box beside for pens, pencils and I have a pair of scissors there for convenience.

phone charger

We have the magnetic board/bulletin board to put any messages to each other, or post a note.  We usually keep the karate schedule posted because it changes every couple of months.

launch pad

I then have the mirror… which happens to be magnetic too.  and use the mail slot for my husband’s mail.


It works great for us for now.  But when I re-do it (which I plan to this year).. I’ll be sure to let you know.

Just inside the hall closet I hung 3 hooks and put the triplets names on them. They hang their coats there. Their book bags used to go on the hooks too, but the older they got, the heavier the book bags got.  Now they go in a bin on the landing of the basement steps.

I still have the struggle with the shoes.  I don’t have a place for the shoes.  They take them off at the rug by the door if they are wet, otherwise they come over to this closet and take them off here.  But it is a small closet, and if there is more than one pair of shoes per person, I make them take them up to their rooms.

I am going to be working on a “mud room” in my garage, once we get the shed up this spring.  We will then have the kids come in through the garage and have a shoe cubby out there.  Can’t wait!
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