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Twitter and Facebook are two huge forms of advertising that many individuals and top companies have begun to utilize. Making contact and building a relationship can be vital in making these avenues work for you.

Getting on and just throwing out ads every couple of days do not work. It is the relationship…the talk “other than business” that brings people to you.

You may say…”That is great…but I just do not have the time.”. That is where I can help. I have been using Twitter and Facebook and can do it for you. You can see my Media Kit.

This is how we can make it work for you and your business.
*I will set up and maintain a Twitter and/or Facebook account for you. I will tell about specials you
tell me to advertise, your business in general but I will also be building relationships through small
talk. Tweets that may not seem important…are important to this. The human behind the computer
is what so much of this is about. Making your company real and personal is the key. And that is
where much of the time can come into play that you do not have.
* I will update them according to the plan you choose.
* This includes going after new followers, going through those that follow you to see if they are spam
and making the decisions on who to follow back and who to block.

You will have access to your accounts to see what goes on. If someone has a question specific to your site, I will send you an e-mail and fast turn around will be important in possibly gaining a new customer. You can send me daily specials with links that I can tweet about, or once a month specials. If you do not really have time for that…I can go to your site and highlight products or services on my own.

Both Twitter and Facebook will have a One time Set up Fee of $50 each. (In addition to the packages below) I will need an e-mail address from you to set these up.

Twitter – Package A (Basic) $50 per month
1) Add up to 25 followers daily
2) Tweet 4 times a day. (2 personal tweets / 2 business tweets)

Twitter – Package B $75 per month
1) Add 25-50 followers a day
2) Tweet 8 times a day (4 personal / 4 business)

Twitter – Package C $100 per month
1) Add 50-75 followers per day. (You have to keep a balance and not look like you are only following and not having followers. Plus there are spam limitations. I will work within those guidelines to increase your viewership but not look like a spammer.)
2) Tweet for 1/2 hour twice a day…many tweets, building the relationships.

Facebook – Package A $50 per month
1) Add up to 25 followers per day
2) Post messages 4 times a day (2 personal/ 2 business)

Facebook – Package B $75 per month
1) Add 25-50 followers per day
2) Post 8 messages (4 personal / 4 business)

Facebook – Package C $100 per month
1) Add 50-75 followers per day
2) Log on for 1/2 hour twice a day and read and respond to other post, along with posting for you.

Combo Package special
Get $25 off per month if you have both the Twitter and Facebook Package C.

I will use the utmost professionalism and will not made rude, negative or inappropriate comments. They will all be G-rated.

Please e-mail me at  or call ag 740-817-2203 if you have any questions.

Payments can be made by Paypal and will be due each month before service begins.  (no refunds during that month payment) We can go on a month to month payment plan or you can prepay several months in advance.