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Sleep is a very vital part of our life. It is a natural state of rest where our eyes are closed the body is stationary and the mind is at rest. It is an important daily activity that revitalizes the body restores different systems of the body and plays a vital process to maintain the memory, mood, and cognitive function of the whole body

We spend almost a third of our day sleeping therefore it is very important that how we sleep and what we sleep on basically our sleeping style has a very significant effect on our body. Improper sleeping styles or selecting an improper mattress to sleep could cause back pain, incomplete sleep cycles, etc.

Therefore it is very important to select a proper mattress to sleep and the answer to many of the sleep-related problems can be solved by a memory foam mattress or spring mattresses. Though there are wide mattresses that are available in the market as Latex, hybrid, foam, or spring mattresses the memory foam and spring mattresses are among the popular ones. To further differentiate between foam and spring you can get a comparison between foam vs spring mattress.

Foam mattresses are made of multiple soft layers of polyol foam. The thickness of the foam is different for different products thus making the base evenly supportive and comfortable for the users. Foam mattress is generally made of viscoelasticity to mould the body to provide pressure relief points.

While spring mattresses are made of metal and springs for support they are then encased with foam and wrapped with upholstery to give it a sober look.

Below is a further explanation of the Memory Foam Mattress.

What is a Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam mattress stands out of the competition because not only it provides you with a comfortable sleep it’s a layer of memory foam and spring support uses the body heat to soften and mold to your shape and once the pressure is removed the foam bounces back and slowly over time tends to remember the shape of your body, thus obtaining the title of memory foam.

Memory Foam is made from Viscoelastic which is highly energy absorbent and soft. It thus contours to the shape of your body in response to the heat and pressure of the body by evenly distributing the body weight. Remember, whenever you buy a Memory Foam mattress, buy it from a reputable brand having a proper and responsive sales process.

How A Memory Foam Mattress Can Relieve Back Pain

While researching about the type of mattress that would meet all your needs there will be various comparisons that you would find online. Though each of these mattresses would have its competitive edge over the other the Memory foam mattress will stand out as the best possible answer to back pain.

Various steps make a memory foam relieve back pain and the points can be discussed as follows:

  • Supports Your Lower Back: When we sleep there are lots of things happening in our body that we remain unaware of. Our spinal column decompresses while the back muscles need to have rest. And when our lower back is not properly supported while sleeping, our muscles are not being able to relax and remain tense. Therefore, a quality foam mattress from an online mattress store can help you in getting relief from back pain. Usually, memory foam mattresses take the form of your body while sleeping and thus helps in easing pain and gives you stress-free sleep. These types of mattresses provide much support to your lower back and also helps in decompressing the spinal muscles.
  • Helps In Dealing With Pain: Most memory foam mattresses have multiple layers for you to choose your preferred firmness level. This can help a great deal in relieving back pain. At times, you can get relief from your back pain using a softer mattress. In that case, your harder mattress is the reason for the pain. While you purchase a mattress online, you can choose how hard or soft you want it to be. When the firmness level is according to your need, then you are getting comfortable and gradually your back pain shall also fade away.

  • The Proper Response To Stimuli: The material of memory foam has a certain type of reaction that separates it from the other types of mattresses. This reaction is known as visco-elastic and it has viscous traits which contours when there is pressure and temperature. This viscosity helps the foam to align with the natural shape of the body and also supports the lower back allowing the muscles to relax. In the case of other mattresses like the innerspring bed, you will be able to feel a space that forms between your lower back and the mattress which can also mean that your lower back is not properly supported. Similar is the case with the other types of mattresses like the air mattress and the water mattresses. In these cases, your hips areas sink deeper instead of your upper body which can get very uncomfortable and can create an unnatural reverse spine curve.
  • Sleep In The Accurate Positions: Your sleeping position also helps a great deal in preventing back pains. If you sleep on your back while placing your knees on a pillow can help in reducing pain. You can also try sleeping sideways while placing a pillow between your knees to reduce pain. Most importantly, you need to do proper exercises to increase the efficiency of a memory foam mattress in helping relieve back pain.

How To Choose the Best Memory Foam Mattress

Talking about picking the right mattress, it is very important to get the perfect support for your spine. A hard mattress can put too much pressure on the areas of discomfort and the softer ones would not provide any pressure at all. Light-firm is usually suggested as the best ones for back pain. But this can never fit everyone. So, you must look for a mattress that helps in supporting your back and relieves backpressure. Above all, buy one that you find comfortable.

Never get swayed away by the words of the sellers as their only motive is to increase the sales process.

Not only foam mattresses, there are alternatives to Memory Foam mattresses like the latex and hybrid mattresses. Let us again chalk out a comparison between latex vs hybrid mattress. Latex mattress is made by combining latex foam to make a natural mattress that is both supportive and durable.Since latex is a natural product so you are getting an eco-friendly mattress to use that is useful for your health as well.

Hybrid mattresses are called so because they combine the benefits of traditional innerspring with a memory foam and ;latex bed.


Memory foam mattresses are a boon to us as it has numerous health benefits and the maintenance is very low as well. That is the reason these mattresses are very much popular and best selling. In one word, they are a combination of pressure point relief and support.

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