How to Hire a Maid to Help Clean Your Home

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You collapse on your couch after a long day at work. All you want to do is grab the TV remote and wind down, but chores wait for no man. You’ve got to take the garbage out, you never cleaned the kitchen after making dinner the previous night, and you haven’t vacuumed your carpets in a hot minute.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone come into your house and do all these tasks for you? Learn how to hire a maid, and this dream can become a reality.

You can’t call up any old service and have them come over. You need someone with flexible hours who has the proper licensing.

These are only a few things that you should be looking out for. Check out this guide to learn how to hire someone that will clean your home until it shines.

Why Hire a Maid?

Before we get into how to hire a service, let’s talk a little about the benefits of a maid. Being able to have more free time on your hands is only one special perk. There are several reasons to call up a service that many people don’t even consider.

You’ll Have More Free Time

Let’s face it, the life of a working adult is a hectic one. You’ve got a full-time job to worry about and kids to take care of. Sometimes it feels like you don’t have enough time to breathe, let alone clean.

Staring at your dirty house can make you feel like your life is even more chaotic. Put your mind at ease by hiring a maid service. They can take care of the cleaning so you can enjoy your limited free time in peace.

They’ll Maintain Your Nice Furnishings

If you leave dirt and grime unattended, it will find a way to soak right into your upholstery. Not only does this trap in disgusting odors, but it also takes years off your furniture’s life.

If you don’t want to have to replace couches, hire a maid service for regular cleaning. They have all the tools necessary to keep them sparkling clean.

No More Annoying Allergies

One of the most common causes of allergies is dust. It can cause painful, itchy eyes and a runny nose. You can get rid of dust yourself, but you don’t have the tools or expertise to handle all of it.

Maid services have high-quality vacuums that can pull all the allergens out of your carpets and upholstery. They’ll also dust your furnishings and hard-to-reach areas.

Stops Mold in Its Tracks

Mold is an even bigger problem than dust. Long-term exposure to it can make you seriously sick. While maids don’t act as a remediation service in severe cases, they can prevent it from growing in the first place.

If the infestation is minor enough, their high-powered equipment will deep clean the area and get rid of it for you.

Ease Stress and Anxiety

Working a full-time job, taking care of your children, and handling the chores is way too much for a single person to take on. You get no free time for yourself, which can start to negatively impact your mental health.

Everyone needs a gap in their schedule to chill, and hiring Green Maids Cleaning can give it to you. They’ll take care of the hard stuff, so you don’t have to overexert yourself.

How to Hire a Maid

Now that you know why you should hire a maid, it’s time to talk about how to go about it. Chances are, there are several companies in your area. Choosing the right one can feel like an impossible endeavor.

Look For Good Reviews

Getting reviews is a good way to cut down the long list of maid companies in your area. If someone you know has a service come in on a normal basis, ask them questions about who they go through. You’ll still need to research the company yourself, but this will give you a good jumping-off point.

All you have to do now is type the business’s name into your handy Google search bar and wait for reviews to come up. We will say that you should take these with a grain of salt.

If someone has only good things to say, there’s a good chance that they won’t review. So, you only end up seeing the opinions of those who had a bad experience.

If you want to get a good balance of both good and bad reviews, venture to the company’s website. There you can read few testimonials from people who have hired the service.

Find a Company With a Flexible Schedule

You’re a busy working adult. You need a company that can work around your schedule. A service can’t help you much in this regard if you don’t know what you need, though.

Take a moment to access your cleaning needs. If you have children or pets, a recurring maid might be the way to go. If you don’t have these things to worry about, you can probably get by with a monthly one.

If you live by yourself, hiring a company to come in and do a bit of spring cleaning for you once a year or so might be enough.

Communication Skills

Quality cleaning services will get back to you with an email or phone call soon after you reach out. If you have to wait a week to hear a response, that should raise a few red flags.

When they do call you back or pick up the phone, pay attention to how they talk to you. If they’re friendly and seem excited to work with you, you’ve found a great company!

If they’re standoffish or only give you half-answers to your questions, you may want to hang up the phone and try a different cleaning business.

Cleaning Products

It seems strange to ask a company about their cleaning products, but hear us out. Certain chemicals are dangerous to children and pets. If you don’t have children or fur babies, you should still ask this question because some products could set off your allergies.

Some companies don’t even bring their own products to the job. They’ll use the ones that you have on hand. It’s good to know ahead of time if you need to go to the store and pick up something they can use.


So, you find a cleaning service that you like. They come in and handle the job, but while they’re dusting a shelf, they knock over one of your priceless heirlooms. It falls to the floor and bursts into a million pieces.

If the company is insured, they’ll have to replace this heirloom out of their pocket. If they don’t, you’ll have to do it. You can apply this same scenario in a different way.

Instead of a knick-knack falling to the ground, it’s a worker who was on a ladder. If the company doesn’t have liability insurance, you’ll be forced to pay for their medical bills.

If you don’t want to be caught off guard in this manner, ask if they have insurance. If they can’t give you a straight answer on the matter, don’t hire them. It’s that simple.

Quality Assurance

Let’s say you hire a company and you don’t like the job that they did. They left a lot of shelves undusted, and there’s still plenty of pet hair on your upholstery.

Now you have to handle it. So much for being able to get off work and relax.

If the company had proper quality assurance in place, this scenario wouldn’t happen. There would have been a supervisor there who went behind the workers to make sure they did an outstanding job.

You should also hire a company that will come back to your home and fix things if you’re not happy with what they did.

Cheap Isn’t Always a Good Thing

Homeowners who are worried about the cost of recurring cleaning services will often look for the cheapest company available. This is a mistake.

If the prices seem too good to be true, oftentimes, they are. Most of the time, the business will either try to tack on a bunch of additional services that you don’t need or they don’t have insurance.

Don’t get us wrong, not every inexpensive cleaning service is out to get you. You can find some amazing, low-cost companies out there. You do need to be on your toes, though.

Hire the Best Maid Service for Your Home

If you’re tired of coming home to a dirty house, but don’t have the energy to clean, calling a cleaning service might be the best thing that you ever do.

They can handle all the chores so you can relax and spend time bonding with your family. Use this guide on how to hire a maid to find the best company for your needs and wallet.

If you’re looking for more ways to keep your home neat and tidy, we can help. Check out our blog daily for all the latest tips and tricks.

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