How to Install an Outdoor Faucet in Your Garden


If you enjoy gardening and landscaping, it’s important to have easy access to a water source to keep your plants healthy.

Having an outdoor faucet makes it easy to get the water you need from the outside.

Read on to learn the steps of an outdoor faucet installation so you can enjoy the convenience of having one right outside your door.

Dig a Trench

Start your outdoor faucet install by digging a trench about six inches deep. This trench will be where the plumbing pipes run from your house to the garden or yard area.

If your yard or garden has soft soil, you may be able to dig as deep as 12 inches to protect your irrigation tubing or pipe from damage. PEX tubing is best for underground plumbing since it’s flexible and able to withstand fluctuations in temperature much better than copper.

Always call your local utility provider before you dig so they can confirm that you’re not digging over buried cables or pipes. Use a shovel and start digging the trench, then cover the tubing with a few inches of soil and about two inches of a dry concrete mix before backfilling it with moist soil.

Plumbing the Outdoor Faucet

Once your tubing is buried and in place, it’s time to attach the new water supply line to your faucet. Tap into an interior 3/4-inch cold water line to get the best flow rate when you’re watering outdoors.

Splice in a tee with a threaded female 3/4-inch adapter, then cap it with a plug. This is where you’re connecting everything from the house to the outside line.

A blow-out valve (or ball valve) should be installed if you’re running the faucet further out to the garden. During the winter, this valve allows water to drain before you turn the faucet off, so that it doesn’t freeze and burst.

Mount Your Faucet

Once the plumbing and connections are complete, you’ll want to mount your faucet to something so it’s easy to access. A thick wood post or a piece of hollow PVC works great. Set the post at least 18 inches deep in the ground, and then attach the faucet and plumbing to it securely so it stays in place.

Take care of your newly installed outdoor faucet by protecting it from freezing and leaks. You can always do some simple outdoor faucet repair if you need to replace a part every now and then. With a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to handle a leaking outdoor faucet easily.

Make Gardening Easy with a Faucet

Keep these simple tips in mind when you’re ready to install an outdoor faucet. The easy access to water will make gardening and taking care of your favorite plants a breeze.

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