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Baby Bunny Adventure

It was over a week ago when I let my two dogs out early in the morning and heard some strange noises… saw them all worked up and realized very quickly what must be happening.  They had discovered baby bunnies in our yard.  OH NO!!!

I went running out into the yard to find them all excited and kicking up all this dead grass.  They stopped when I yelled and I went over to find one dead baby bunny and another injured one with two puncture marks in it.  I could see at least one other bunny still hidden in the nest.

Trying to keep my dogs away, crying and trying to decided what to do – did not make a good way to start the day.  I got the dogs inside.  I couldn’t be mad at them.  They love chasing bunnies when they get in our yard. How are they to know these are babies and have no chance to run away and play the “chase” game.  Of course it is also instinct for the dogs to go after them.

I went back out with a plastic bag and bagged up the one who had died and disposed of him.  I then went and dug a little bit of a hole outside our fence, near our house, under the fireplace overhang of our house.  So there was some protection from the rain etc.

I carefully picked up the one injured bunny (surprised that he was still alive) and carried some of the grass from their nest and put him in the new nest.  Then I uncovered the rest of the nest to find two more bunnies who seemed to be fine.  I took them, one at a time to the new nest.

I knew the one wouldn’t make it, but thought he could at least be with his bunny sibs when he died.


baby bunnies These bunnies were so darn cute.

I went out that evening and could hardly believe when I saw the injured bunny was still alive. Surely he would be dying soon, but he must be pretty tough.

Each day I went out to check on the bunnies, and was thrilled to see them up and hopping around, within two days.

baby bunnies

The third bunny was hanging in there. Although I didn’t see the injuries, I could always guess which one he was. He seemed a little smaller and not as active as the other two.  If you look close you can spot all three of them.

We would go out and they would start to hop over to us even!

But we were so worried they would hop into the yard when the dogs were back outside.

We were very careful not to touch them.  I don’t know if the mama bunny was coming back to feed them or not. She had to have moved them into our yard the night before the dogs attacked them, and they hadn’t just been born at that point.

I was guessing she must be coming back to them at night and feeding them since they seemed like they were gaining strength.  But Zach had given them a tomato from our garden and they seemed to be eating it, so we pulled a couple small carrots from the garden for them to eat too.

Enjoy some of these cute bunny pictures



Dave said that as a kid there were several times when he came on a situation similar to this and he tried to save the bunnies. He said they never did live. He couldn’t believe that the injured bunny was still alive.
We also were watching a nature show where they had a situation where people tried to save some wild animals that the moms abandoned and they stressed on the show that even though people think they are helping, rarely is it good to interfere in nature.
I watched the bunnies for 5 days, hoping each day they were going to survive. But sadly nature did take its course. Something attacked them in the night on the 6th night and they did not survive. :(

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4 Responses to “Organizing Mission Monday Link Party – Week 37”
  1. I am so sorry, somehow I put the wrong link in this link up. I now also have the correct one in, but the recipe (#13) is a mess up.


  2. Kristen says:

    We found baby bunnies this weekend, too. I’m sorry yours didn’t make it. We are pretty sure Mom came back for ours. At least that’s what I’m telling myself :). They sure are cute, though aren’t they?

  3. Sandy says:

    I know.. they are so cute!

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