Walmart Department- Guessing Game and Giveaway!

Play the Walmart Department Guessing Game and Win!

By Amy
I attended the Walmart Grand Opening as a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a shopper social amplification for Collective Bias and it’s advertiser. #GOWalmart #CollectiveBias #WMT2774

Walmart Department Guessing Game #GOWalmart #WMT2774 #shop

Who doesn’t love a fun guessing game with a giveaway? While I was attending the Walmart Supercenter Grand Opening, I took some closeups of a few items that can be found in the store, and YOU get to guess which department I found them in. If you play the game and enter below, you could be a winner!

Prizes: One of the following.  One GRAND PRIZE of one (1) $500 Walmart gift card, or one of five (5) $50 Walmart Gift cards!  Worth playing for?  I think so!

Before you get started, here are the instructions to play The Walmart Department Guessing Game.

I have posted 5 close up photos from items I found in the new Walmart Supercenter (store #2774), and you need to guess which Department I found the item in.

Here are the different Departments at Walmart:

Grocery , Household, Pets, Pharmacy, Health & Beauty, Crafts & Party Supplies, Photo, Auto, Home Improvement, Sports, Outdoors, Toys, Clothing, Accessories, Shoes, Jewelry, Home Décor, Electronics & Office.  There are a few more sub (smaller) categories like movies, books etc. but we’ll stick with the big ones for this game.

To get you warmed up, here’s one for practice.  Try to guess which department I found the sparkly photo (above) in……  Did you guess?

The answer is: Crafts & Party Supplies!  It’s a big sheet of sticky back sparkly paper.  Are you ready to play?  Ok!  Here are your five pictures to guess from…










Walmart Department Guessing Game #GOWalmart #WMT2774 #shop


How did you do?  Was it way easy or did I make it too hard?  Well, no matter!  As long as you played, you can enter your guesses on the Rafflecopter below!  Winners will be notified and gift cards sent.  Good luck to you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Love to all! ~ Amy

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Family Fun Day at the Dublin Walmart Grand Opening

Fun & Food at the Walmart Supercenter Grand Opening!

By Amy
I attended the Walmart Grand Opening as a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a shopper social amplification for Collective Bias and it’s advertiser. #GOWalmart #CollectiveBias #WMT2774

Walmart Family Fun Day #GOWalmart #WMT2774 #shop

The Grand Opening Festivities at the new Walmart Supercenter were a family stop for us today. I brought my children, along with a friend of my daughters, to do a little shopping and enjoy the family friendly games, activities and food. Summer break has begun and we’re in need of some new summer clothes and swimsuits.

Walmart Family Fun Day #GOWalmart #WMT2774 #shop

As soon as we drove into the parking lot, we could see all the activity that was taking place. It was a perfect day for being outside, enjoying the sunshine, some games and a little lunch.

Walmart Family Fun Day #GOWalmart #WMT2774 #shop

I appreciated that they were serving fresh fruit with the hot dogs. The fruit was so tasty and I knew I’d be stopping in the produce department to pick some up to take home. It’s a perfect example to show the kids that fruits are great to go along with any meal.


My youngest loved the mini cupcakes, and I enjoyed testing out some new products.

Walmart Family Fun Day #GOWalmart #WMT2774 #shop


Walmart Family Fun Day #GOWalmart #WMT2774 #shop

The kids throughly enjoyed the professional face painter. Hailey chose a “Frozen” theme eye paint.


The older girls got into the whole face painting!  I was really impressed with the quality and speed she created these designs and it made our Grand Opening adventure very memorable for them.

Walmart Family Fun Day #GOWalmart #WMT2774 #shop

After we finished all the fun outside, we ventured into the store to purchase a few things and we found Chester Cheetah!  Of course we had to get a picture with him.


I LOVE that they have tankini’s for little girls!  This is the type of swimsuit both my daughters prefer to wear and it has been so hard finding a good selection for my youngest.  She loved every one of these cute suits! It was hard for her to decide on just one.


If you’re into fishing and camping, this is THE place to shop!  They have a huge camping section and I was enthralled by how many fishing poles they carry!  Note: this picture only shows a small percentage of all the poles they have.


How can you walk down this aisle and not enjoy all the colors?   Wouldn’t it be fun to buy some of every color and have a whole rainbow of towels at home?

If you’re in the area, make sure to check out this new Walmart in Dublin, Ohio on Sawmill Rd. It’s a Supercenter which means it has it all! Clothing, home goods, electronics, along with a full grocery section too all at their Every day Low Prices!  If you to stop in to check it out, share your visit through Twitter, Facebook & Instagram using the hashtag #GOWalmart.

Love to all! ~ Amy

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The Perfect Dress….

You CAN Find The Perfect Dress At!

By Amy Trauntvein


Picture it… You need/want to find a new dress.  Maybe for an upcoming occasion (wedding, graduation, party etc.) or you just want to update your wardrobe and a new dress would be wonderful.  So you head over to your favorite department store and after looking through racks and racks of dresses and skirts, you find a few that you liked, but need to try on.  In the dressing room, you try on the first dress in which the hemline is way too short.  Nope. Back on the hanger it goes.  After you zip up the second one, you turn around to see how great it looks just to notice the neckline is waaaay to low.  Yep, not gonna happen.  Now comes the third dress.  You like it ok, but wish the sleeves were a bit shorter and/or the hemline again doesn’t look right for your height.  Three dresses that just don’t work, because even though you like the style/fabric/color, there’s something wrong with them all.  Sound all too familiar?  Me too!  But I have the perfect solution….


At eShakti every dress on their website is customizable!  You have the option to lower or heighten the hemline, you can add or take away sleeves, you can change the sleeves, you can change the collar and so much more!  You even give them your measurements (including your height) so the dress will fit you perfectly!  And even better, it costs only $7.50 more per garment to customize your dress in every way.  You can make any number of custom changes and the total charge will remain only $7.50!  Try and have a dressmaker to that for you!


This is the same dress, just customized in different ways.  I love the options!


It literally took me forever to decide which dress I wanted to try.  So many choices, styles and colors to choose from.  I had chosen a dozen, but had to narrow it down to one.  Man, it was hard!  Finally I chose the cream colored Pin Dot Dress.  It was so me!  I loved the double hemline and sash…  I left it sleeveless so I could add a little pop of black on the top to bring out the tiny black dots in the fabric.  I gave them my height so the dress would hit me mid-calf perfectly!  It was perfect!  Am I using that word a lot?



I adore the pockets which can be added to most of their dresses.


And on this dress, the back is elasticized (is that a word?) for even more comfort!  Love it!


eShakti specializes in “Vintage inspired women’s clothing 1950’s and 60’s fashion, updated in retro modern style clothing.”  The styles are classic, high end, yet modern.

I can’t resist…. I just HAVE to show you a few more of their dresses.  Aren’t they adorable???


They literally have hundreds of dresses to choose from, including bridesmaid dresses.  They also make tops and skirts too!  Check them out on their website at and also on Facebook, you won’t be disappointed!  Don’t forget to stop in and take a peek at their Customer Gallery. Everyday women in all shapes and sizes who love their clothes. “Real fashion for Real People”.  Happy Shopping everyone!

Love To All!  ~Amy

*Although I was compensated with the product for this review, all opinions are honest and my own.






I have been married for 23 years to my awesome hubby, Todd and we have 4 equally awesome kids who keep me young! Our favorite thing to do together is travel. I enjoy gardening and puttering around my yard. I am very active in my church and am currently serving the children, and I love volunteering at my kids’ schools doing whatever I can to help the teachers and staff.

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Simple Inexpensive Closet Solutions To Maximize Your Space

Use All Of Your Closet Space!

By adding extra closet shelves in your closet, you can maximize your closet space.  We have a fairly small walk in closet and we have maximized the space for minimal money.

Of course I’d love to have a custom closet, but it isn’t something we can afford to sink money into. So we have utilized our space by adding extra shelves. You can see where the normal clothes hanger is. On this wall we just added a short shelf to use some of that upper space.  I can put things such as my suitcases up there. Things I want to keep out of the basement, but I don’t use that often. It’s just a wire shelf and cost us under $15 I’m sure. Be sure to measure to see what size will work for you though.

On the wall when you first walk in, I added some extra shelves as well. I can keep travel supplies, extra bathroom supplies, beach towels (when out of season) and I also have my wedding keepsake box up there.

You can see that one other solution I’ve used is to add an extra hanger bar. I have my pants and purses hung on that. You can get a wooden extender bar like I have for $19 on Amazon. It works great and gives me extra space for my clothes.

You don’t have to have a expensive custom closet to accomplish the task. Would we like to have one? I’m sure most of us would.. I know I sure would! But it isn’t a priority for us right now. But I do want to get the most space out of my relatively small walk-in that I can. By doing simple things like adding extra shelves and extender rods you can really maximize the space.


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Caboodles 25th Anniversary! Organizer Review

Caboodles Beauty Organizer Review

by Amy Trauntvein

Ah, the ’80s.  Best decade ever.  Pegged pants, over-sized tops, bright colors, big hair bands and of course big hair on everyone!  But one thing that totally takes me back is the Caboodle.  They first came out when I was in high school (I think I just dated myself) and they were so totally awesome dude!  My best friend had a mint green one and boy was I jealous!  She took it everywhere and in it, she carried her blue mascara, hair mousse and of course hair spray among other beauty necessities.  I wanted one so bad!

Guess what?  Caboodle must have heard my cries from yesteryear because they sent me one to try out and even better, it’s their “Original” design from 1987!          Re-Introducing (drum roll please)…

My First Love Retro Caboodle !



Isn’t it just the best ever???  Retail $25   At national retailers in time for Christmas.

I have 2 daughters with long hair which means I “do” a lot of hair every day.  So I decided to fill my amazing Caboodle with all the hair stuff and accessories I use for my girls’ hair.  Here’s mine…

The top houses brushes, combs, 2 curling irons, spray water bottle, hand mirror and a few other misc items.


The top drawer contains small hair clips, (can you tell I’m a little obsessed with Mickey clips?)  bobby pins, ponytail holders, clear silicone bands and my mini Topsy-tail.


The bottom drawer holds Bling Strings, large hair clips, larger ponytail holders and elastic head bands.  These drawers are larger to hold bigger items.


The Caboodle can really hold anything you want.  My daughter has one that holds makeup and hair accessories from when she was on a competition dance team and needed to carry everything with her to the performances.  It has been well loved and used.  :)



I adore my Caboodle!  And you can too!  Go get one for yourself and fill it with all your beauty needs.  Don’t forget the hair mousse!

I was compensated with the Caboodle for my review, but all my photos and opinions are honest and my own.

Love to all!  ~Amy






I have been married for 22 years to my awesome hubby, Todd and we have 4 equally awesome kids who keep my young! Our favorite thing to do together is travel. I enjoy gardening and puttering around my yard. I am very active in my church and am currently serving the children, and I love volunteering at my kids’ schools doing whatever I can to help the teachers and staff.

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Jewelry Keepsakes

What Do You Do with Jewelry Keepsakes?

Are your divorce diamonds considered jewelry keepsakes?  What To Do With Them? I’m going to go over two different situations, much with the same results.

Here is my current engagement ring – Let me tell you the story behind it.

diamond engagement ring

I was divorced in 2001 after close to twenty years of marriage.  I had accumulated not only my engagement ring, but several other diamond and gemstone rings. I didn’t know what to do with them.

From my ex husband starting out in jewelry early in our relationship, I was shocked to see how little people actually got back for their rings if they tried to sell them back. Ebay or Craigs list was always an option.

I considered giving them to my son’s, but it just seemed like “divorce diamonds” weren’t a real great gift to give your boys to give to their future wives.

Dave and I discussed an option when we were dating, knowing we were getting close to being engaged. He knew I had a pretty good idea of a ring I wanted to have, and I knew he was a pretty frugal guy. We didn’t have a lot of extra money to put into an engagement ring.

Dave did want to surprise me (which he did…. another story) when he asked me to marry him. He did go ring shopping and picked out an engagement ring, but also told the clerk there was a really good chance he would be returning it.

What we did, was to go to a jeweler that I knew and trusted and we designed my ring.  I took in the several rings that I had, including my engagement ring and we did an exchange.  Dave would not agree to let me use the main diamond from the old engagement ring (we picked one out together) but we did use all the little diamonds from the different rings in my new ring.  To get the perfect sizes etc the jeweler actually exchanged them out evenly so none of the exact same diamonds are now in this ring.  He also used the gold from those ring for the gold in my new ring.  So we only had the cost of the main diamond and the jewelers time.  The rings also helped pay for some of the other costs.

engagement ring

I got the ring I wanted and ended up saving Dave over $2,000 from the ring he originally had picked out for me.

The ring has both yellow gold and white gold in it (which I wanted). I kept my wedding band super simple since my engagement ring was fairly ornate. It is cut to fit snug to the engagement ring, but isn’t in these pictures.

There is scroll work on the sies of it (that is hard to see in these pictures) and the jeweler was so pleased with it, he made it one of his “signature” rings. He won’t repeat the same ring, but he said he has only chosen about 50 pieces in his long career that he has made his signature pieces. It has his initials in one of the small gold circles on the sides.

engagement ring

My Mom and Grandmother’s Engagement Rings

My Mom passed away in 1999.  Her engagement ring was slated to go to my older sister.  Mom had her ring, and she also had a one diamond out of the double diamond ring of her mother’s (my Grandmother).

My sister doesn’t wear rings much at all, and she was going to take Mom’s diamond and make a necklace out of it.  I was going to get Grandmother’s loose diamond and make a ring out of it.  So she decided the best thing to do was to give me Mom’s ring and she would take Grandmother’s diamond.


We found Grandmother’s engagement ring in Mom’s jewelry box, with the two empty shanks where her diamonds had been. (one diamond had gone to Mom, the other to her sister). Kathy was fine with me having Grandmother’s empty ring also.

I decided that I wanted one ring – with both Mom and Grandmothers engagement rings attached.  I took my idea and the rings to several jewelers. One wanted to do some fancy ring that didn’t look anything like their rings with the materials I had. I told him that wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted the ring to look just like their rings. It was in their memory.

I had another jeweler tell me that would look dumb. I left.

Then I went to Michael of Jewelry by Michael. He was nice, he worked through what I wanted and he made me a ring that I cherish and wear everyday on my right ring finger.

memory ringMom’s ring is the single diamond and Grandmothers is the double ring.  The rings are both white gold, but I wear both yellow and white gold so I had him put yellow gold inbetween them to attach them.  There isn’t a time that I look at this ring and  don’t think of Mom and Grandmother.

These rings could have sat in my jewelry box, gather dust… but instead I wear them everyday in memory of my Mom and Grandmother.

See if there is a solution for special keepsakes to actually enjoy them and use them.   As for the divorce diamonds, you could also give the rings to a child (if you can’t use them) and have them exchange the materials for a ring for someone else (if you are comfortable with that).

Just be sure to find a jeweler that you can trust and that you know will do right by you.

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Shoe Envy

Shoe Envy at Type A Parent Conference 2011

You may have never seen one of my shoe envy posts on this blog before. I used to post  them on my Chat with Sandy blog. But since I’ve been concentrating on just this blog as my main blog, I thought I’d delight you all!

Here’s the deal.  I’m 5’10” tall… and don’t need to wear heels. I suppose I could, but I am tall enough without them. But I am envious of those gorgeous shoes that I see at all these conferences.  Do I have a shoe or foot fetish… uh no! That is just gross.

It started over a year ago when I was looking and commenting to my friend about all the cool high heels ladies were wearing and saying that I was jealous. That I wished I could wear them.   I was teasing that I should take pictures of them and have a shoe envy post. She thought it was great… and so my shoe envy posts after conferences were born.


Here it goes…. which ones are your favorite ones? Where you there? Do you see your shoes?

Ok… I don’t normally name who my shoe envy shoes belong to. (Often because I don’t always know them.. I just ask if I can take a picture of their shoes if they are cool)
But I have to tell you. These are Rachel Ferrucci’s shoes.  I saw hers and said I need to get a picture. She said, “Sandy, I had someone else ask me to take a picture of my shoes here and I told them no.. that Sandy has to get them for her shoe envy post!”  Isn’t that a riot! Love it!

shoe envy

This wild rug really adds to them you think? (not)

shoe envy


shoe envy


shoe envy

But look…. duplicate shoes! Those feet belong to two different people… if you were wondering! LOL

shoe envy

Here they are!! Isn’t that kind of like having on the same dress at a function? So fun.

shoe envy

Some are just so unusual I have to get a picture.

shoe envy

But look at these.. love them

shoe envy

I was in the elevator when I saw these shoes! I wish she had left them on because they were ….wooo…really high!  She pulled them off and said.. you have to see the full shoe! I got them in Vegas! Can you tell?  lol

shoe envy


Now to top off my shoe envy.. I have to show you Ted’s Happy Socks.  Am I envious of his socks … nope. But when you see someone sitting at a table… with his blue vest on…and you can’t miss that he has striped socks on to match… you have to tell him you want a picture!  Yes, I was out with a group and Ted Rubin.. I didn’t high jack a stranger and ask him to take a picture of his socks.

ted rubins socks

But now I’ve started something new with Ted.  He shows me what socks he has on… for more Happy Sock shots.

ted rubin happy socks

You know… isn’t it the little things in life?  Someone appreciating something you are wearing or doing? I have not yet had a person say no when I have asked them if I can take a picture of their cool high heels.  It’s a compliment. Obviously I’ve noticed what they picked out to wear… and I like it.  No… I envy it…. so wish I could wear them! (The high heels… not Ted’s socks…)






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Organize your Handbags and Purses

How To Organize All Those Handbags?

Are they over taking your closet?  Do you have a purse for every outfit or every pair of shoes?

Beth pursesDo you have an idea what my advice is going to be?   Yes….. you need to sort through them and purge them.

I want you to ask yourself these questions:

1) When was the last time you used it?
2) Do you LOVE it?
3) Is there anything wrong with it?
4) Do you really Need it?

Here is what I want you to do.

Beth purses

Make 4 piles:

1) Keep Pile –  Use it frequently (within the last 6 months)
2) Maybe Pile –  It matches an outfit perfectly that I have worn in the last year and the outfit fits me
3) Donate – I haven’t used it in over a year. (or ebay, Craigs list)
4) Trash – Not in good enough shape to use or donate

I think they are all self explanatory except the “Maybe Pile”.  I want you to go through your maybe pile and only pick out the purses that you WILL be sure to use in the next 6 months.

Now.. you may be saying, “But Sandy, no way! I paid WAY too much for that handbag to just donate it!” Then sell it on ebay or Craig’s list, or a resale store. But give yourself a date to do that by, don’t just throw them in your closet and think you will do it later (because we both know you won’t)

It may be hard, but be realistic, how many purses do you really need to keep? They are more than likely taking up space that you could use in your closet.

I want you to note which bags you use over the next year. I bet it is only a couple.

If you HAVE to buy another purse, then decide which purse you are going to get rid of. One in… One out!

How To Organize Your Remaining Purses

The Closet Purse Hanger – These are basically “S” hooks. You can put several purses on one hook. I also use these for belts. They work great.  They are different from your standard “S” hook because they are twisted so they hold your purse correctly in your closet.  (update 11/2012 I’m unable to find this product. Here is a purse hanger that looks similar

purse hanger 4
You can see a closer view here.
purse hook 3

Here is another option that I reviewed called Simply Sarah Handy Hold All.
purse hanger 2This has fabric hooks that wrap around your purse to hold it in place.  If you have long straps, you have to wrap them up, so they don’t hang down too long.

purse hanger 1

There are of course many other options:
You can find cardboard bins like this called Park-a-Purse from Park a purse

Be sure to watch for the rest of my posts this week:

Purse Organizing – (Part 1)
Purse Organizing – The pouchee (Part 2)
Purse Organizing – Card Cubby  (Part 3)

I want to see how you organize your purses!! If you link up your purse post to my linky party and it is of how you organize all your purses, I’ll pull a picture and add a link to this post too!

I’d love for you to link it up to my Organizing Mission Monday Link Party
It will be open until March 27th to link to.

Organizing Mission Monday

I LOVE your comments!

Thank you to Beth from Plus Size Mommy for taking all her purses out for me to get a picture!

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Charming CHARLIE Fashion Store

What kind of store will attract an Organizer? A store that is organized by Color!

Charming Charlie StoreThis store uses two of my favorite organizing things

1) Organizes with color
2) Organizes with Cubbies

I love how they organize their whole store by colors.  There are items in several places. There might be a necklace or purse that you like in pink, but you need it in green…. go over to the green zone and you may find it!

charming charlie store

charlie charlie columbus ohio

charming charlie store polaris Fashion place

Be sure to check out my whole post on Charming Charlies that also have a video on my Explore Ohio with Sandy blog!

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Shoe Envy

 At EVO 2010

But….I LOVE to see these high heels.  I walk around these conferences just googling at all the cute shoes.  So I thought I would share some of my shoe envy cute high heel shoes with you!!

What fun these yellow heels are!! They are so bright and looked great with her outfit.

Wow! These red spiked high heels were so hot!

You might wonder why I have Shoe Envy?  Being tall and not caring to be any taller has a lot to do with it! I don’t wear high heels. Seeing these spike high heels and or stilettos …actually amaze me! Being able to walk in them is a skill I never learned!  Then to see woman dance in these high heel shoes seems to be an act of pure impossibilities to me!

So I will have fun watching these shoe fashions from a far! I had fun asking these ladies to take pictures of their shoes while at the evo conference.  I think they were all a bit surprised…and when I asked Andrea Wishom,  who is the supervising producer on the Oprah show,  I think she was more than surprised.  Can you guess which ones were hers?  (I bet you can!)

Feel free to claim your high heel shoes or if you know who they belong to….shout them out.  Enjoy…especially if you have shoe envy like I do!

I love how these spike high heels look on her tan foot…and they look so nice with the white pants.

OMG aren’t these snake skin looking stilettos fun?  I just can’t imagine walking in these.  LOL  I would fall with the first step.

This is the tiny foot that look so cute in a high heel shoe look!!  There is more of a heel to this shoe…but I think if they were on my foot I would look like I have a whole flower garden walking.

I have to admit that I had to look up that Christian Louboutin was the maker of these red soled high wedge shoes. I know …I know….I’m sure everyone knew but me. I knew that the red bottomed shoes were a coveted shoe for many…but I had no idea of  who made them. I tried to take the picture of these from my seat in the back of the room….but that didn’t work. So I got brave and asked for a picture of them.  I LOVE the fact that these have worn places on the bottom. Why?  Because it means that she really wears these shoes.  Obviously she loves these fancy heels. I love the strap on her ankle (oh to have tiny ankles! lol)

I took this picture when we were at the Bush’s Beans party on our last night.  There was a western theme and I thought these were such a fun high heeled boot. Oh yeah….and she was dancin in these….and pregnant….wow….such shoe envy I have!!

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Married or Divorced? When does the ring come off?

rings Pictures, Images and PhotosI was inspired by @DelightfulToni to write this post. She posted a tweet “Unless u have legal documents saying u are separated or divorced, YOU ARE MARRIED. Am I the only 1 who believes in being faithful anymore?”

It made me think back to my separation and divorce. To you @DelightfulToni – you just keep honoring the vow you took before God and He will honor you.

Here is my story and I’ll try to keep it brief.

*Married for 17 years
*Try to work on it for 5 months.
*While he was away on a business trip he told me he wanted a separation.
* He left for 17 months.
* Called me at 2:30am after 17 months & wanted to talk.
* He came back.
* That was 3 months after he was back, renewed our wedding vows in front of 100 people.
* He left 2 months later,
after a 10 day business trip to CA. Came home without his ring on.

This time I was ready to say it was over. I couldn’t trust him any longer. He spent the last 6 months assuring me he would never leave me again. Telling me I was being dramatic when I started seeing the signs. Obviously I was right.

I still didn’t take off my ring. Well…I did take off my engagement ring at that point, but not my wedding band.

I didn’t date, I didn’t even think of dating. I was still legally married.

The Divorce took 18 months. The ring stayed on. I was married and had taken my oath in front of and honoring God, and didn’t want to break it. I wasn’t going to willingly.

So funny, the night before my court hearing to finalize the divorce, my neighbors (as we all sat outside on one of their porches) told me I should take off my ring since it would be over in the morning. I told him (he was 78 years old) that until the judge pronouced it, I wasn’t taking it off. Then I tried to wiggle it and it was no where near coming off my finger. Darn it…I had hoped to take it off as soon as the judge said it. My neighbor told me he would cut it off as soon as I got back to my house tomorrow. I thanked him and told him it was a deal.


Court day. We were up in front of the judge as she was saying all her stuff – then she spoke the words that we were legally divorced.  It was 2 months shy of being 20 years. As soon as she said it, I stood there (and without anyone knowing what I was doing) I tried to take off my ring thinking it wouldn’t come off. It just slide effortly off my finger. I smiled and almost laughed out loud. To me it was a confirmation from the Lord that I had honored him in trying to keep my marriage together. I had been faithful to my wedding vows in everyway and HE released me in that moment, not the courts. It was truly a “God” moment for me.

As the 2 lawyers, my now ex husband and I walked away from the judge and kind of all stood together I told my lawyer thank you and made some little joke I think. I was almost elated at what had just happened. My ex looked at me and said that this was not a time to be so happy. I didn’t say anything to him or anyone else at what had happened.

It was my little secret with God at that moment. It was almost a magical moment – that feeling I had.

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Shabby Apple Dress Review

I Love This Dress!

I was given this Shabby Apple Dress to wear from Shabby Apple and I was thrilled.  I wore it when I went out to dinner at the Type A Mom conference.  I asked them if they had any long dresses (because my legs would not look cute in a short dress….believe me please) because there is no way I should be wearing one of their cutest ever short dresses (and  they are cute as can be!)  Ladies if you can wear short little sassy dresses…this is one online store you really do need to check out.

This dress is called Cleopatra.  I was very surprised when it came to my door in a padded envelop. I am like…what?  There is NO way that I can fit into a dress that fits into a padded envelop! But guess what…I did! This is a cotton fabric and was perfect for traveling. It folds up small and looked great once I got there.

My other concern was if it was going to be long enough for me.  I am 5’10” tall and so many things aren’t.  They told me it would be.  They also told me that it ran a little big. I got a size medium and guess what it was long enough. I had on flats though. I could not have worn any heels.  But if you are shorter and want to wear some great heels….this would work perfect.


It also had kind of a “wispy” feel to the top of it. It is hard to tell in this picture.  But you can see it better when you see the dress on their site. You can see it here.

So this dress was great. It was comfortable and I plan to wear it again when I go to Blog World Expo 09 next week in Las Vegas. Did you notice the cool bracelet?  It is from Stella and Dot jewelry. I just love it and want to share so neat jewelry with you.

Thank you Shabby Apple.

Full Disclosure –  yes I was given this dress without charge, but was not “required” to blog on it. I did wear it and told people where I got it, not because I was told to, but because I was happy to…as I was happy to write this review.  The bracelet from Stella and Dot I purchased myself.  I mentioned it because I want to introduce you the readers to a neat company with some great jewelry.

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Look What I Get to Wear To Type-A Mom Conference!

Shabby Apple Dress

Cool huh?  Of course I won’t look like her..(in my dreams!) but I will do the best with what I have.  This is a full length dress.  Short dresses and my legs just don’t get along well.  I was a little worried when this came today because it wasn’t in some big box, it was in a padded large envelop! I’m thinking…Ok,  I am sunk..this will never fit.  But it is a jersey fabric and seems sooooo comfortable.  A pair a tight panty hose and spanx and I should be good to go. LOL!!

Thanks Shabby Apple for giving me the dress to wear to the conference. (disclosure policy)I hope I will do you proud.  Real live pictures of me in the dress will be coming in September when I go to the conference. I just wanted to say Thank you  now too.

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Adidas Shoes

Review of the Style Essentials Tech L2 Shoe

Adidas shoes

Everyone knows that Adidas makes a great shoe….for sports, exercise and for everyday use. So when Adidas contacted me to ask if I would like to be sent a pair of the Style Essentials Tech L2 shoe for one of my  sons to review…do you think I said no?  Of course not. I was thrilled. I happen to have 3 of my 7 boys in the room when the e-mail came through…LOL  If you can picture me sitting with a laptop computer and a 15, 16 and 21 year old huddled around me drooling.

Adidas Style Essentials Tech L2 Shoe

The consenses was that they all 3 liked the white ones the best from the pictures.  So now the next question was…who gets them? My 21 year old is out since he doesn’t live at home anymore and doesn’t go back to school.  My 15 year old has recently gotten 3 new pair of running shoes for track/cross country…so that leaves the 16 year old to get these shoes. {He was jumping up and down….yes..I mean literally…wish I had my video on when he did his Happy Dance}

Adidas Tech L2  (2)

We got these shoes really quickly. They just launched this Style Essentials Tech L2 shoe at the beginning of August. They thought of comfort, style and of course the Adidas quality to make this Back to School Shoe a hit with teens. Tim opened the box and the first words out of his mouth were a very calm, “Cooool”.  He tried them on and was even more impressed. He said he was surprised they were cut a little lower than he thought they would be (Adidas design was for the low-profile shoe sport look so that the shoes can be worn casually or on the go).  What he was most impressed with was the comfort. He kept saying, “Wow…these are really comfortable. I like them, they feel really good mom.”

Adidas Tech L2

The upper shoe material is a combination of mesh and synthetic materials and there is 3D cushion to provide all the comfy support my son liked.

I have to say that this shoe got the thumbs up from my son.

Available in boy’s/men’s sizes in either the white/silver/black  or the black/blue color. Retail price is $75 and you can find them exclusively at Famous Footwear stores.  (They are so popular that they are temporarily sold out on the web site, but still available in the stores)

Disclosure Policy

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I had the privilege to review several items from and
I love these things! They are sooo darn cute!
My daughter had the best time being my model for these things. The fit was true to size. She is between a size 8 and 10. I got all size 10 items and they were just a tad large. But she will get more use out of them. The only thing that was too small was the cutest ever girls cowboy hat.
This is the raincoat. It has the “twirling little girl” flair to it. (Thats what I called things that were bigger like that at the bottom and when I was a little girl I could twirl around and they would flair out.)
It has a really nice soft pattern lining inside. She was excited for the fist rain.

You know those really soft stuffed animals and baby blankets that are out. How would you like to wear a coat that soft? I know I would. I know it is not winter coat time right now, but think for next year.

So lets think summertime! You can go to and find cute summer dresses and babydoll cute swim suits!

Go to to check out their rain coats and winter coats (there are a couple boy things too)
To see more of these cute swim suits, go to

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