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5 Practical Ways To Incorporate an Ottoman Into Your Living Room

5 Practical Ways To Incorporate an Ottoman Into Your Living Room

Over its long history, today’s leather ottoman has also been known as a tuffet, hassock, and pouf. Popular belief ties its name to the historic Ottoman empire, although some alternative theories exist.

Its origin undoubtedly lies in the region of Turkey and Egypt, where wooden frames were upholstered to make them more comfortable.

Regardless of its history, the ottoman is an often overlooked and underrated piece of living room furniture. Contrary to its modest appearance, this functional item is a true workhorse and can be incorporated seamlessly throughout your home in many different ways.

The next time you shop for a piece of accent furniture, consider how an ottoman can fill these roles.

1. Give Your Tired Feet a Rest

Let’s start with the most obvious (and common) use for a leather ottoman, which is a place to prop your feet. With their low height and soft surface, ottomans excel as footstools.

You don’t have to limit them to an accessory role, either. Place oversized chairs on either side of the ottoman to turn it into a center point of your seating areas.

2. Put It Into Service as a Table

A sturdy leather ottoman can be seamlessly repurposed as a serving table when needed. Add a decorative tray, and you will have a reliable and accessible extra table. You can also top your pouf with a charcuterie board for a quick transformation and easy access for guests.

Serving is one way an ottoman can be used as a table, but it isn’t the only one. The low height and stability make it an ideal kids’ table at gatherings. Add a few pillows around the edges, and your younger guests can comfortably lounge and eat without worry.

3. Display Books and Pictures on It

To make your ottoman a centerpiece, top it with some of your favorite pictures and books. Visitors will automatically gravitate towards it to take a look. Choose a stable base to put things on so you aren’t constantly picking them up.

4. Store Frequently Used Items Inside

Books and projects you are working on can quickly create clutter in your living room if you don’t have a place to store them. That is a problem since clutter can sap creativity and increase anxiety and stress. Luckily, your favorite mid-century modern leather ottoman offers an attractive solution.

Start by finding a decorative box that fits under the ottoman. Next, load your current projects into the box and then slide it into place. This setup is attractive, yet all your project materials remain within easy reach.

5. Create Extra Seating in a Pinch

Don’t let a surprise visit from guests leave you without enough seating. Instead, put your favorite upholstered ottoman into service as a comfortable seat, then you can easily slide it back into place once everyone leaves.

Whether you want a soft pouf or a sturdy leather ottoman, Poly & Bark’s selection delivers. They carry a complete line of attractive, durable, and functional ottomans to complement your mid-century modern decor. Visit Poly & Bark today to find the perfect accent for your living room.

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