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6 Major Benefits of Underfloor Heating


Underfloor heating is not a new thing. Long ago, electric heating systems used to be installed inside the flooring to produce heat. But it was less effective and more expensive.

Today, underfloor heating is more controllable, cost-effective, and comfortable just like water heaters. When making some decisions regarding your home, the system you choose is important.

Underfloor heating systems should be installed only by skilled and professional installers. With this, you will be guaranteed the following benefits:

More Comfortable

Every home with an underfloor heating system is more comfortable. This is because of the feeling you will get when your feet are in contact with the flooring. Another major reason is usually attributed to the consistent temperature profile in the room.

Provided they have the same heating system, every part of a home can maintain a balanced temperature. That means one corner of your room will not feel more comfortable or cooler than others.

Increased Home Efficiency and Value

For providing a safe environment to reduce energy for your family, heating systems under the floor can create a great indoor temperature and, at the same time, serve as a perfect addition to your house and the extended outdoor space.

Remember that safety, sustainability, and energy efficiency have become a necessity for all real estate properties, and underfloor heating systems have all these.

Modern homebuyers also like homes with underfloor heating systems as they prioritize both practicalities as well as luxury.


Radiators might seem old-fashioned in houses, especially those that are normally constructed for ultra-modern looks and open plan spaces.

With underfloor heating systems, you will be able to eliminate the importance of radiators in your home, allowing you to have a stylish setting.

Lower Use of Energy

Compared to radiators, underfloor heating systems are more energy-efficient. That is because the heat gets distributed throughout the house. Hence, changing the flooring into what is regarded as a radiant heater.

Because of this, you will not have to put your system on for a long time before the entire house reaches a particular temperature, saving you more energy in the long run.

Simple to Run

In general, heating systems on the floor need little maintenance once it is up and running. Plus, many systems have lifetime warranties.

In addition to that, almost every system you order may come with a smart thermostat. That means you will decide when the system switches on and off.

Helps in Eliminating Dust Mites

This might seem somehow alarming, though there are small creatures living in most homes, including dust mites.

Basically, dust mites are nasty and horrible little things you might want to have at home. The truth is that these mites produce dust particles that, if carried upwards by the convention currents, can irritate many individuals.

Installing heating systems can help reduce dust mites, thus minimizing the number of airborne particles of dust. This is bad news for every dust mite but good news for people with respiratory issues.

Final Touches!

As homeowners increasingly become aware of the advantages of underfloor heating systems over radiators, it is no surprise that installing one is considered the best home improvement project globally.

While there is a first outlay to install the system, the efficiency and savings on the energy can pay for themselves over a short time.

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