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7 Must-Know Kids’ Room Design Tips


No matter how much your kids like to be around you, they still need their own space. Designing a kids’ room is pretty fun, especially if you involve them in the process.

From adding colors to cupboards filled with their favorite toys, there is so much one can do. You can start with a color or design theme that your kid likes. Moreover, ensure that the space is functional as it is fun.

1. Child-Friendly Beds

A room is not complete without a comfortable bed. Choose a bed that would be enough for your child and not take up too much space in the room. A single bed would be enough for a growing child.

If your kid’s room is small, you can choose a bed frame with room for storage underneath. Moreover, there are loft-type beds for bigger kids who want extra space in their rooms.

Everyone is aware of their kids’ favorite cartoons. The best thing parents can do is get their favorite character-based bed. Many online stores provide this service. For example, if your kid loves Lightning McQueen (from cars), then a car-shaped bed will make them want to spend more time in their room.

If you opt for simpler designs, choose neutral colors that will cater to both genders. These will give the kids’ space a longer life because it will not look too childish when they grow up.

2. Floor Mats and Rugs

One of the main reasons for catching a cold is walking barefoot on the floor. This gives the parents a reason to add floor mats or rugs. Not only will these keep them warm, but they also offer a neat and charming look to the room. Moreover, smaller children tend to spend their time playing on the floor, so these floor mats are handy.

For kids ages two to ten, parents can go for funky rugs. But if the kids are nearing age 10, some solid colors with patterns on the rug will be a better option.

If you have toddlers, choose rugs or mats that have a non-slip rubber backing to avoid sliding around when they move.

3. Add Wallpapers

One of the best ways to design a kids’ room within budget is peel-and-stick wallpapers. Moreover, this type of wallpaper is renter-friendly as it does not involve painting.

We do not recommend permanent wallpapers as the kids’ taste in design can change over time. You can choose one side of the room as an accent wall. You can choose solid colors for three corners and one wall that will serve as the accent.

There are different options for wallpapers. You can choose the wallpaper according to the theme of the room. Moreover, there are many designs for peel-and-stick wallpaper that your kid will surely love.

For example, if the kid is around six, parents can stick wallpapers that allow them to learn with fun. These are the wallpapers that have the names of several animals along with their images. Or with alphabets written in fun ways.

4. Corner Play Space

Kids love to play around if it is with their favorite toy or just running in circles cluelessly. But who can question them? It is their fun activity, after all. To make this statement more lucid, the kids must have enough space to move about without running into furniture.

No one wants their kid bumping while playing around. The best way to avoid this inconvenience is to create a safe play area. A corner in the room can serve this cause. Decorating it with a few things is also an excellent option. Make it attractive in ways that kids love it.

5. Effective Study Corner

As much as the kids like to play, they must also incorporate learning through books. If the study corner looks excellent, there is a high chance they will walk towards it more.

Match the theme of the study furniture with other furniture in the room. Keep the color the same and add different shelves for books. A study table and chair are enough. In addition, adding cute little lamps is a great idea.

6. Play Area Essentials

A play area must be fun and safe at the same time. For the toys, you can build a small corner shelf space to keep the space tidy. Other than that, a DIY toy box is also great.

Most parents choose wooden toys for their longevity. On the other hand, younger kids that tend to chew on almost anything will benefit from silicone toys.

As for storage, if you have limited space you can choose chairs or tables that double as storage. Moreover, bean bags that you can convert as storage for soft or stuffed toys make a great addition to the room.

7. Extra Lights and Lamps

Adding extra lighting is an excellent idea to make the kids’ room more dreamy. Ceiling lights that change color after a few minutes are good for a kid’s room.

Moon lamps are also an option to replace those dull tableside lamps. Night lamp projectors are also great for giving the room a dreamy atmosphere. It makes storytime a lot better.

Small bulbs that hang from the roof are an option if the parents want something unique. Other than that, their play area can be turned into much more fun by adding fairy lights.


There are no limits to decorating a kids’ room. However, safety and budget are two things that keep parents worried. You can make your kid’s dream room without going over the budget. When choosing a theme, you can make it more gender-neutral or according to their favorite characters.

On the contrary, everything is possible in a kids’ room. You can go the DIY route or choose ready-made furniture. When choosing furniture, it varies differently for age groups.

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