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8 Time-saving Property Management Tips For Landlords


8 Time-Saving Hacks For Landlords To Manage Property Better

Real estate that you’re not inhabiting is among the best assets to monetize. You can provide it as a vacation home where one can relax on the patio or rent it out for a longer duration. It is an excellent way to earn extra income, but it is not entirely hassle-free. Being a landlord requires you to shuffle between the roles of negotiator, salesperson, conflict solver, and repairman. Phew! These multiple responsibilities can drain your energy and resources.

It is a challenge to effectively manage your rental property, especially amidst a hectic lifestyle. You have to spend a significant amount of time and energy. Therefore, you need time-saving tips and free property management software to improve your property management strategy. Here’s a list of some hacks you should incorporate into your strategy:

Delegate by Hiring a Professional

If you have tons of work on your daily checklist, it may be a good idea to seek professional help to manage your assets. As a landlord, you need to maintain the premises, get repairs done, ensure timely bill payments, and cater to tenants’ requests. You can hire a property manager to carry out these duties. You should secure the services of a professional who knows the locale and has a good reputation backed with experience.

A property manager provides personalized assessment to help maintain your assets. They report issues faced by tenants promptly and maintain clear communication. In adverse situations, the property manager may be able to provide suggestions based on established protocols.

Be Diligent In Tenant Selection

Being meticulous in tenant selection helps in the long run. If you find the right tenant for a long-term lease, it will provide a steady income stream. You save yourself from having to re-advertise the property and going through proposals all over again. Not to mention, having a long-term lease ensures that your property is maintained.

You must be clear about the kind of tenants you allow to rent your property. The list should include whether you want working professionals or students, your rent expectations, lease duration, if you would like pets in your property, etc. Once your list is ready, you can start searching for your tenants.

You should arrange a meeting with prospective tenants to get to know them. To begin with, you can ask about their home state, profession, or whether they know about the neighborhood. Once you build a rapport, you can give them a rundown on the rules you would like to set. Ensure that you remain friendly during the whole conversation.

Get Your Agreement Done Right

Contracts are always tricky and can land you in trouble if not drafted correctly. For peace of mind, get a lawyer to draft the agreement and present it before both parties. Ensure that the tenants have a clear understanding of the terms to prevent any conflicts in the future.

You can mention your rights as a landlord and the duties of tenants in the agreement. Outline the course of action in case of late payment by tenants. You can also put grounds for eviction, which will help you get rid of undesirable tenants.

You would be tempted to add clauses that ensure your house remains spick and span over the years, but it is essential to remain reasonable in your demands. Start by researching the property laws and accepted practices in your neighborhood.

Keep Your Files In Order

Organizing your property and lease papers is a prerequisite if you want to avoid hassles. Maintain a labeled file that will contain all necessary documents such as agreement papers, registration deed, bill receipts, etc. You can also give a copy of the documents to your property manager for safekeeping. It would be wise to keep a digital copy of these documents if you lose the physical copies.

Respond to Repair Requests Quickly

As a landlord, you must ensure your property is habitable for tenants. It would help if you were prompt in addressing the repair requests by your tenants. Please arrange for a maintenance specialist to investigate any issues and to get them fixed. Your timely action shows your willingness to uphold your part of the lease and helps form an excellent long-term relationship with your tenants.

It is advisable to purchase a home warranty plan to protect yourself from unexpected repair and replacement costs. You can visit HomeWarrantyReviews to read company reviews and purchase your home warranty plan.

Timely Maintenance

You can hire a home inspector to visit your home and conduct an inspection. The assessment will help you to determine the problem areas in your house. You can work on the repairs for such areas to prevent further damage. Timely maintenance will ensure the smooth functioning of your home systems and appliances and subsequently ensure your peace of mind before renting the property.

Keep Your Tenants In Loop

Several landlords do not maintain a regular conversation with their tenants. However, it is crucial. Suppose you have planned a home inspection; you should inform the tenants in advance. If there is civil work planned in the neighborhood, drop them an email as a courtesy. These acts help preclude conflicts between you and the tenants.

Set Clear Boundaries

Having to deal with tenant issues along with other problems can be stressful. You must make time for yourself amidst these tasks. Therefore, you can direct your tenants to contact your property manager for repair requests. Your property manager can convey the request to you at a suitable time. If you handle the property yourself, ask your tenants to contact you only during the set business hours. Thus, you can maintain your work-life balance.


Being a landlord can be stressful and requires an efficient management strategy. You can refine your strategy with experience and build your credibility as a landlord. If you incorporate these property management tips, it will help you to save time and energy.

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