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9 things to know before moving to Dubai


Dubai is a very popular place for expats from Europe. It is vital to know how society works there. Specialists from real estate agency Ax Capital can help you with the housing, for example, flats in Dubai for investment. This article will cover some interesting and unexpected aspects of life which you have to keep in mind while packing your suitcases in an Arabian dreamland.

There is no income tax

Yes, your eyes don’t deceive you there is no personal taxation in Dubai. Isn’t that a great reason to move here already? The emirate does so in order to attract skilled specialists from all over the world. This tax reduction policy seems to be very appealing for expats.

Dubai is a very safe city

There are security surveillance camera systems everywhere: in malls, in the streets and parking spaces and even in the taxis. Internet activity is also watched after. Sounds like total control, but it just means they try to provide maximum safety for everyone in the society and are looking only for those who are breaking the law and planning cyber-attacks. Be careful, because there are some really unusual laws!

Weekends are not on Saturday and Sunday

If you have been planning to have fun on Saturday night knowing that tomorrow is Sunday and you will have some rest after an all-night-ling party, just stop or a second. Weekends are not the same as in Europe. Friday and Saturday are the days to enjoy parties and entertainment. This is easy to understand: Friday is a holy day in Islam, so that is why it is a holiday. Well, this will matter to you only in case if you are working with European or US companies.

Ramadan and Islamic holidays

Speaking about Islam – as the main religion in the region it regulates life of people in the area. Ramadan is the most important Islamic holiday and it influences lots of things. It’s only six working hours during Ramadan, so be prepared that your colleagues will have shortened workday or even have time off during this period. It’s also forbidden to eat and drink publically or you will probably receive a backlash from authorities.

Investment market

Investments make a huge part of emirate’s economy. With the population that has been growing tremendously over the recent years and thousands of people relocating, it has become extremely profitable to invest especially in real estate in Dubai. The housing sector offers plenty of properties for sale off-plan in Dubai.

Friends from all over the world

According to recent demographic studies, emirate’s population is estimated at 2,921,376. People are coming to stay from different countries and the number has been growing each year! It gives you a great option to meet people from all over the world and make friends basically everywhere.

Women only places

There are certain areas in the city that only women are allowed to visit. The list includes, for example:

  • Special pink subway cars
  • Recreation areas (including beaches)
  • Entrances to the buildings

So we have mentioned safety in the city already, and this point adds to it as well. Women say these areas make them feel like they have some control over their lives. And speaking of emirate women, they actually have quite a lot of freedom in terms of education, work and life choices. They say they have almost the same rights as men and that sounds unusual as for the Eastern part of the world. A couple of years ago they have even got the right to drive a car.

Driving in Dubai is not a choice but a lifestyle

As in every huge city, you can travel by public transport. The system is very developed and you can enjoy, for example, the underground and buses. There are also taxis at your service. But, if you have your car you definitely have more freedom in terms of moving around the city and its surroundings. There are mostly sports cars and that influenced the police to purchase Lamborghini, Maserati, Aston-Martin and Bugatti.

Reasonable rent

Living in Dubai is affordable, compared to that of other expat hubs, like Hong Kong and Singapore. Recent data shows the average rent in the city center will cost you about USD 1,505.07. Keeping that in mind, there are plenty of different options for buying real estate in Dubai, including apartments, villas and penthouses. Top districts to purchase property in Dubai are:

1.  Jumeirah

2.  Um Suqeim

3.  Al Barsha

4.  Arabian Ranches

5.  The Springs

Property for sale in Dubai

Whether you want to have a modern flat at the top of one of the highest buildings in the world or you opt for off-plan projects in Dubai, specialists from Ax Capital real estate agency in Dubai will help you find your dream house.

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