AeroGarden Bounty Review – Everything You Need to Know

AeroGarden Bounty Review

Are you fond of flowers and trees? Do you love to plant trees and flowers in your home? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss some indoor garden ideas, mainly AeroGarden Bounty. You must be wondering what exactly an AeroGarden is, right? So, the short answer to this question is that an AeroGarden is an indoor garden.

If we look at the longer answer, we will find how exactly the aero garden works. So, first, we should start by telling us what an Aero garden is. If you will take a plot for gardening, trees, plants, bushes, seeds, and shrink it, it is an aero garden. It is slightly different from this but somehow resembles what we have just mentioned. So, an aero garden is a miniature garden inside our house.

If you have heard something about hydroponic gardens, it will be easy to understand what an aero garden is. It slightly resembles a hydroponic garden. In an aero garden, plants grow without soil. All you need to do is to place little spongy pods that contain the seeds. Now, you have to put those spongy pods in the pot and add water, nutrient, and lights.

Is It for You?

AeroGarden Bounty Elite

If you love plants, trees, flowers in your home, then the answer is yes. It is an indoor garden, and you can plant flowers, fruits, and herbs at once. The AeroGarden bounty is one of the large units available that can be grown up to more varieties of vegetables, seeds, and fruits. If you like to eat a healthy diet and want to be close to nature, AeroGarden Bounty provides you something you need.

Though many people love gardens and gardening, they do not go with this idea because they do not thoroughly know precisely what an aero garden is and what they need to do with it. Also, many people are scared of failures that they have tried to grow plants in the past but failed to do so, and now they are afraid to do the same thing again. If this is the case with you, then also AeroGarden Bounty is best for you.

If you are a working person and do not have enough time to devote to gardens and gardening, but you love the taste of nature and trust in healthy living life, then the aero garden is best suited for you. Now, you must be thinking, how is this possible? So, the answer is that this is a small miniature garden and does not need proper weeding and mowing, and thus, it saves a lot of your time.

They do not spread dirt, dust, or debris. You do not have to worry about covering your plants if there is a massive tornado going on or you do not need to look after them in heavy rainfall. What you have to do is bring them home and place them in your drawing hall or bedroom wherever you feel like and enjoy the gift of nature. It will give you the feel of gardening without actually doing it.

Now, you can also use a bounty to add your fertilizers, seeds, and any other nutrients that you want to include in your aero garden. So, if you are fond of gardening, plants, trees, fruits, vegetables, and nutrients, then AeroGarden Bounty is the perfect choice for you.

AeroGarden Bounty Elite

The Bounty Elite AeroGarden can hold up to nine pods at a time. It grows the plants up to 24 inches tall. The Bounty Elite is the latest we get from AeroGarden. It is so big and powerful that we can grow up to nine pods at a time. Also, it is large enough that it can use a 50-watt power system for significant growth.

AeroGarden Bounty Elite - Indoor Garden with LED Grow Light, WiFi and Alexa Compatible, Stainless...
  • Use this indoor garden to grow up to 9 different herbs, veggies, or flower varieties at once
  • 50W adjustable LED grow light gives your plants the full spectrum of sunlight they need to grow...
  • Automatic timer makes sure the lights go on and off at exactly the right time, and the digital...
  • Compatible with WiFi and Alexa, and can be monitored and controlled from our AeroGarden app or your...
  • New, sleek, stainless steel design that features a larger water bowl and grow deck; vacation mode...

It is relatively convenient and comes with Wi-Fi control over Alexa. It gives absolute power to Alexa that you can control according to your mood. It has a stainless-steel body that you may admire, and it provides durability. More so, there are some other iconic features as well. It has an auto-dim lighting feature to adjust the sunlight and sunset according to your need.

It offers a variety of features, all included with Alexa, and you can control all the features as per your need with Alexa’s help. 

AeroGarden Bounty Basic

Another AeroGarden product that is offered is none other than AeroGarden Bounty Basic. It has some features that are the same as AeroGarden Bounty Elite. It can hold up to nine pods at a time, and it is large enough to attract 30-Watt power for lighting. It can grow plants up to 24 inches tall in the pods.

You can use this AeroGarden Bounty to grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers as per your requirement. It also has stainless steel and matte body that will attract you to admire them. It is one of the perfect aero garden techniques to continue within your home. It has a high-resolution screen display for a bountiful harvest.

AeroGarden Bounty - Indoor Garden with LED Grow Light, WiFi and Alexa Compatible, Black
  • THE NEW REIMAGINED BOUNTY - Perfect for a variety of BIG harvests (herbs, salads, tomatoes, peppers...
  • IN-HOME GARDEN SYSTEM - Home grown freshness & flavor right at your fingertips 365 days a year! Grow...
  • NO SOIL, NO MESS - Plants grow in water with this hydroponic growing system. Grow up to 9 plants, up...
  • THE WORLD'S LEADING COUNTERTOP GARDEN - Energy efficient 40 watt LED Grow Lights deliver the perfect...
  • INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GROW - 9-Pod Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit with Genovese Basil (x2),...

If you want to get the feel of gardening, but you do not have enough time for it, then AeroGarden is something that you should come up with. We will suggest AeroGarden Bounty Basic if you are new to gardening and, be more specific, AeroGarden. So, you can keep an aero garden at your home.

The essential thing that you should know about this AeroGarden Bounty Basic is that it is not compatible with Wi-Fi. So, you have to maintain the garden on your own, and Alexa will not help you. But it is still an excellent choice for someone who has just begun following the idea of AeroGarden.

AeroGarden Bounty Classic

The next thing that we have come up with is AeroGarden Bounty Classic. It is not as large as AeroGarden Bounty Elite or AeroGarden Bounty Basic, but still, it can hold up to six pods at a time. More so, it can grow plants up to 12 inches taller. Because it is not too large, it only requires 20-Watt of power for the lighting.

However, it is versatile enough for growing your seeds, herbs, vegetables, and more such things. And as the technology associated with newer models, it also has automatic lights that adjust themselves for plants’ photosynthesis.

AeroGarden Stainless Bounty Elite Wi-Fi-Stainless Steel Garden
  • A newer version of this garden has launched, please see AeroGarden Bounty Elite Stainless Steel...

It has a control panel through which you can control the whole system. It also includes some additional herbs, leafy vegetables, and seeds that are grown in the pods. These settings will help you in growing the vegetables and seeds as per your requirements.

However, there are some complaints from various customers about the automatic lights that they sometimes stop working. Many customers have claimed that these lights stop working after a few months.

Pros and Cons of AeroGarden

One of the best benefits of AeroGarden is the pods that you get with it. In most cases, you get nine pods, or in some cases, you get six pods. Each pod slot has been specifically designed in such a way that it can help the seeds and plants to grow in a better way with a large space. They have enough space for planting herbs, bushes, and seeds.

You can also note that Bounty Basic and Bounty Classic offers many additional notable features to help the plants grow. They offer automatic lights and other features that will be beneficial for the plants on the pods. If you want to plant different varieties, then you can choose the AeroGarden Classic for this purpose.

Since the AeroGarden is an indoor garden and you do not get enough sunlight for the plants grown in an AeroGarden, they offer you automatic lights for the proper photosynthesis of plants and herbs. These lights are more efficient for energy, and absorbing energy from these lights is easy for the garden plants.

The aero garden also offers a touch screen display control panel for you to control and monitor every single activity inside the garden. This alone can fulfill many tasks for those who are not able to devote some time to gardening. You do not have to remember more functions to do as even if you forget to do something, the control panel will tell you.

However, some cons, such as the handle of the aero garden, are too small for someone tall. It is also relatively difficult to maintain the aero garden as the plastic pods may get broken, or the wet snow is difficult to remove.

So, the only thing you have to care about is maintaining the garden so that it can last long. All other things benefit the garden for those who cannot devote much time to gardening but still love to be close to nature. AeroGarden is an excellent choice to try an indoor garden at your home.

Asher Pollan
Asher Pollan, with a Master’s in Botany from the University of Chicago, has been a plant enthusiast and educator for 16 years at a university. He joined our editorial team as a freelancer, sharing his knowledge of plant physiology, indoor gardening, and botanical science. His background includes roles in public gardens, as a horticultural therapist, and researcher, and taught the skills of everyday gardening to people in weekend workshops. He enjoys botanical illustration and participates in plant conservation initiatives.

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