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Designing The Modern And Efficient Kitchen Of The Future


The kitchen has become the beating heart of the average American home. USDA Economic Research Service statistics have established that food preparation time has risen significantly over the past few decades. Furthermore, with the kitchen and dining room blending with the general shrinkage of living spaces, people are spending longer in kitchens than ever before. It figures that, when looking for a prime spot to renovate and redesign, the kitchen makes perfect sense. The starting point for any redesign should be food storage.

Efficiency in storage

Modern America is spoiled by the sheer variety and quality of goods it has available to it. Unfortunately, much of it turns to waste – a report by Forbes estimates that 30-40% of all food in the USA is turned to waste. An efficient kitchen avoids this by having foods stored in a sensible way that is conducive to cooking, and also to encourage exciting cooking. This starts with the fridge, of course, and purchasing a new fridge is something you should think long and hard about – not just because of cost. What do you need from your fridge? Is it a large and well aerated crisper for fresh goods you’re after, or do you have more drinks and sauces that would benefit from shelving? How many people will your fridge be providing for, and are there additional safety features you should consider? Your final choice of refrigerator involves several variables and should, along with the shelving and cupboards you put together.

Creative storage

Kitchen spaces are, generally, shrinking. That doesn’t mean utility has to. In fact, having a well-designed kitchen where everything has its own place can help you to focus in the kitchen and create better meals while avoiding waste. There are countless solutions out there. Some of the more simple and effective ones are the use of rotating tables within corner cupboards, pull-out shelves, and generally increasing the amount of free space that can be used to prepare and enjoy food in light areas and with as little clutter as possible.

Green spaces

The use of sunlight and greenery in the kitchen can help to benefit your meals. Architectural Digest highlights the key use of natural light and airy themes within the home, and how that can actually benefit your cooking. Natural light and greenery has a positive effect on your mental health, and it can also encourage better dynamics around the food you cook. You can add the element of greenery by including a plant shelf. Yes, there is a psychological benefit to eating in the sunlight; similarly, the simple use of light can help you to look at what you’re cooking and adjust and appreciate it more. Using mirrors if you don’t have open light sources works just the same, and either method will help you to increase the perception of space – making your areas seem larger.

The kitchen is the new heart of the home, taking attention away from lounge areas. It deserves the time and attention that such an area of importance should receive. A good strategy for achieving that is through focusing on efficiency – it’ll improve food itself.

Ethan Carter
Ethan Carter, a distinguished alumnus of the Rhode Island School of Design, holds a Bachelor's in Graphic Design. With over 12 years of experience in the creative industry, Ethan has worked with various design studios and advertising agencies. He joined our team in 2020, bringing a wealth of knowledge in visual storytelling and brand development. His passion for aesthetics and functionality is evident in his articles, which have been a part of our website. When not crafting inspiring content, Ethan enjoys photography and exploring urban landscapes.

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