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Double Glazing to Save on Energy Bills

Double Glazing to Save on Energy Bills

Are you tired of soaring energy bills and fluctuating indoor temperatures? Look no further than double glazing! Double-glazed windows are by far the most appealing and functional windows you could choose. Add these beautiful elements to your home or office and spark up the entire space. They are elegant and attract the attention of everyone.

Not only are they attractive but they also have a lasting impact on reducing energy. Energy being a critical aspect for survival it is important to utilise it but not waste it. To precisely understand what double glazing offers you could think of being wrapped in a cosy blanket on a chilly night. It does so with amazing technology and features making a protective shield in all seasons. At windows republic you can find out how to improve the room temperature and maximise energy efficiency.

Let us see how double glazing saves energy

Most homes today have installed double-glazed windows due to the unparalleled benefits they offer whilst keeping the visual appeal intact.

About Double Glazing

The current constructions and home designs focus a lot on creating a beautiful visual impact in addition to using technology for an efficient lifestyle. Usual home constructions lose nearly 18 to 25% of the heat leading to poor energy efficiency. With a shelf life of up to 25 years, the double glazing offers warmer homes in the winter and cooler times in the summer due to the extra layer of glass.

What Makes it work like a pro?

The double glazing windows essentially trap the air by insulation. This insulation should ideally be with 16mm spacing between the two glass panes; the space between the glass is filled with gas which helps in reducing the heat transfer. You can also find non-metallic separators to keep the panes apart. We are aware of the simple heat loss mechanisms like blind vents etc. They may be cheaper but these are not even close to the way double glass provides heat reduction. The replacement of a single glass pane with an insulated glass unit, also known as an IGU has hermetically sealed two panes of glass along with the air gap. This makes the double-glazed windows perform better than single glass as the thermal energy can’t move as freely through your windows. In general air, convection allows heat to escape through the glass and radiates off from the glass.

Double Glazing Energy Efficiency Ratings

Surprisingly the double glazing windows come with energy efficiency ratings ranging from A to G; an ‘A+. These ratings are a way to understand thermal efficiency. In general energy efficiency ratings help you to get the measurement of overall energy performance of an entire window. It considers the components like the frame and glass to measure the performance. Each letter determines the overall thermal efficiency where A is the highest and G is the lowest performance indicator. These letters show whether there is air leakage or the amount of heat transfer from the sun that passes through the glass of the window. The greater the ratings the higher you have cost savings.

Is there any difference between different types of double glazing for energy reduction?

Every homeowner has unique preferences like natural lighting or amount of airy space. The numerous options for double-glazing windows may cause confusion for buyers. And each of them would have different quality and standards depending on the brand and how well they complete the installation process. The double glazing windows are getting constant upgrades and undergoing several improvements with the technological advancements and new age designs.

In simple words, the thermal efficiency of the windows installed in current times would be greater than an installation done five years ago. The material you choose for the window frames should be your priority because it ensures superior performance. The uPVC frames are known to be excellent in quality and standards giving you the perfect feel and offering great room temperature conditioning.

Western households experience higher value using double-glazed windows with low heating and cooling expenses. These days some of the brands offer patented products that keep the original window intact and make a purpose-designed double-glazed window within the existing window. The IGU ensures maximum evaporation through the special drainage system that helps to maintain a mold-free and moistureless window. This adds to the shelf life of the window. Additionally, it gives a cozy atmosphere inside the house with good-quality air.

As much as you get the benefits from the thickness and type of glass that manage heat you can get add-on benefits to reduce heat loss and unwanted heat gain with Asymmetrical glass, laminated glass, and low-emissivity glass. Not only this but adding acoustic seals to the windows also help in lowering noise. For people who live in noisy neighborhoods, this seal will make a lot of difference.

To wrap up, the new technologies in double glazing are cost-effective and contribute to environmental protection. It helps in reducing the carbon footprint and saving energy.

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