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Factors to Consider When Looking for Aircon Service Companies


When hiring a service company that can tend to your aircon maintenance needs, it is only essential to find the one that is trusted and competent with their work. With several companies offering these services, you may have a hard time finding the best one. But this should not stop you from screening them. We have provided some tips below on how can you set apart the most competent AC service company out of everyone.

Aircon maintenance

Hiring professionals for aircon service is a significant part of the rules that would help your air conditioner to operate longer. It is recommended to have your unit cleaned once every 12 months. Having it inspected annually would also help address issues that can worsen if left unrepaired. For your AC to receive the standard care and be adequately examined, find experienced and reliable experts.

Important factors to keep in mind when finding aircon services

1. Budget

Not everything is as budget-friendly as feeding squirrels. Each aircon maintenance company charges different rates for its services. Some may require higher costs, while others are more affordable. Although you want the best services, you also have to assess if the company’s rates are fair and you are sticking with what you can afford.

2. License

Only transact with a licensed team of technicians. There are platforms online that can help you countercheck if your technician or contractor is licensed to operate. You can contact the BCA or Building and Construction Authority in Singapore to see if the aircon company you want to hire has licensed.

3. Good communication

Before you hire an aircon specialist, you have to talk to them first. If they can communicate with you well and straightforward, it is a sign of professionalism and that they know what they are doing. Your technician must make you understand what is wrong with your unit and how it should be fixed.

4. Reliability

Of course, you only want to work with someone that can deliver their services right on time. They should also be knowledgeable enough to see what issues your aircon could potentially have. Hiring reliable experts would help in preventing any more problems in the future.

5. Credibility

Their years of experience in the industry can be an indicator of their credibility. The longer they have been in aircon services, the more credible they are. Reviews from their clients can also help gauge if the company is competent in what they do.

6. Customer service

Assess the quality of customer support they provide. See how they address any issues you have and how they provide solutions to resolve them. You only want a company that can accommodate your queries as soon as possible and is proactive in solving any problem.

7. Other services offered

Hiring a company that offers a wide range of aircon services is like hitting multiple birds with one stone. Not only does this show that they are excellent, but it can also help you possibly save money if you consider them for multiple services that you need.

8. Warranty

Lastly, only hire companies that offer a workmanship warranty for every service they provide.

Considering every factor we have stated above makes the process of finding maintenance services more tedious. However, just like humans, an aircon should be treated by the most competent service provider for it to receive the best care. So if you want to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth, hire the best in the industry.

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