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Finding The Right Place To Rent: Tips And Tricks


If you’re moving to a new area or just want to make a change, finding the right place can be a real challenge. Moving is one of the more stressful activities a person has to deal with in their life.

A lot of anxiety can be associated with the search for acceptable housing. Buying a home certainly features its own unique stressors, but if you’re looking for a rental, you could probably use some tips on how to find a good place where you’ll feel at home.

Here are some tips to help you with the process of finding a new place to live when you’re a renter.

Tricks For the Initial Apartment Hunting Phase

Before you start looking at units or homes to rent, you should have a solid game plan. If you can begin your search about 60 days before you need to move in, that would be ideal.

If you start too early, you’re likely to have to pay to secure a place where you’re not ready to move yet. If you start too late, you’ll scramble to find suitable quarters and you’re more likely pay more than you’d hoped.

Some experts suggest looking at the start of the month when more sites become available. Also, you should utilize as many resources as you can.

Many online websites showcase places available for rent, so be sure to check those out. You could also look at specific social media groups for the region, and ask people you know if they’ve heard of any places looking for renters.

Consider Working With a Broker

Working with a broker can make the process much smoother if your budget can accommodate it. A broker who specializes in rentals will have ample resources and an extensive network to connect you with the properties and amenities you desire that are within your budget.

The broker can also talk to property management companies or help you with signing a lease. The best part is that brokers often offer their services free of charge, but you should verify the specifics in every case.

Always Watch Out for Potential Scams

It’s regrettable, but scammers look for ways to take advantage of renters. Since rental prices have gotten fairly high in many localities, scammers will pretend they have great deals to offer.

It’s essential to view the property in person before you sign anything. Otherwise, you could sign a lease and then discover the unit has negative issues the seller or agent didn’t mention. By all means, refrain from sending any money to secure a viewing.

Though it may not always involve a scam, renting directly from an individual person is riskier than through a property management company. You may have to take extra care to make sure the person is legitimate.

Draw Up a List of Your Must-Haves

Whether we’re renting or purchasing, most of us have to make compromises. It might not be possible to find a place that has every item on your list for a dream home, so it’s wise to be realistic.

However, you should create a list of your must-haves. These will depend on your preferences and lifestyle, of course.

But if you know you want to be close to the city center or would prefer a place with access to a pool, write that down. You can also include details to the wish list that aren’t necessities, but make sure only to look at places that have the things you feel you can’t do without.

With the above guidance in mind, you’ll have more of the tools you need to find a rental unit that fits your budget and lifestyle. Good luck landing the next place you will call home.

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