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G8LED Grow Lights Review [240 Watt]

G8LED, 240 Watt Grow Light Review 2020

Everybody loves gardening and growing some vegetation in their house to not have to be dependent on the supermarkets and the general stores for immediate groceries. By growing plants that are often used in cooking, like garlic, cilantro, onion, etc., you can save yourself a lot of time and make fresh, delicious meals from the fresh vegetation.

There are many things necessary for plants to grow, and you should be keeping them in mind if you are gardening. These will include good quality seeds or sound and healthy samplings (depending on the stage you want to start your gardening); you will need fertilizers, weed removers, and the proper water supply. But the most important thing that you will require and the element you should care about the most is sunlight.

Even if they are provided with the best quality fertilizers and proper water supply, your plants will not be able to grow properly if they are devoid of sunlight. Sunlight is one of the essential requirements for a plant.

It plays a vital role in photosynthesis, preparing food by the plants with the help of water and carbon dioxide in the presence of sunlight and chlorophyll. Without photosynthesis, your plants will not get the nutrients that are essential for their growth.

G8LED Grow Lights

Could photosynthesis be one of the reasons behind life on earth? Want to know how? As you already know, photosynthesis is the process by which plants produce glucose (their food). Now, these plants are eaten by us or by other herbivores, and the nutrition passes over.

We get all the energy straight away from this food if we are vegetarian or more popular today if we are vegan. And if we are nonvegetarian, then this energy produced by plants is passed to us indirectly when we eat the meat of the creature that ate the plant in the first place. So, this is how vital photosynthesis is.

Knowing how vital photosynthesis is and what role sunlight plays in its occurrence, we cannot afford to devoid our plants of this sunlight. But what if we live in an area that receives very little sunlight either due to climatic conditions or due to the infrastructure of the building you dwell in. How can you practice gardening there? More importantly, can you practice gardening there?

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Of course. Sunlight is a beam of different colored lights that flow in different wavelengths. It is these wavelengths that help to nurture the plants in every stage of their growth cycle. If we can give them lights of these wavelengths, then we can make sure that these plants will grow even in the absence of sunlight.

There are many lights now available in the market that are specially designed to satisfy this need of yours. These lights are called lights. They emit light of wavelengths that are mainly required in that stage of the plant’s life.

Today we will be reviewing one such grow light which has been very famous in the market, and most of the people in need of a grow light must have come across this name. Today we will be talking about G8LED grow lights.

These lights are mighty and can replace the sun for your plants. They are available online, and you can get one for yourself from Amazon, their official website, or any other e-commerce website of your choice.

The one thing unique about this light that makes it a better option than any other growth lights in the market is that it supports both the plant’s vegetative growth and supports production. A plant needs different wavelengths of light at different stages of growth, and G8LED grow lights are handy in providing all the wavelengths of light required in a plant’s lifetime.

We will be discussing some of the benefits that this grows light has to offer but before proceeding with that, let us look at its pros and cons for a second.


  • It is intense light.
  • G8 led grow lights do not make a lot of noise like the other growth lights make.
  • They are quite sturdy and durable.
  • They are light in weight.
  • G8 led grow lights consume less electricity as they use LED lights.


  • Because the bulbs used are LEDs and not fluorescent or any other sort of bulb, it cannot be replaced, and you will need to buy a new one once the previous one is damaged.
  • The g8 led grow lights have lesser life as compared to other LED bulbs.

Now let us discuss the benefits of g8 led grow lights.

Benefits of G8Led Grow Lights

G8LED Light

50,000 Hours of LED Lifespan

This means that your G8LED will run for more than 50,000 hours without giving you any trouble. If you are switching it in for 16 to 18 hours a day and seven days a week, you will be able to use it for more than seven and a half years. That is an extended period. By that time, your plants will become full grown-ups.

This means you do not need to worry about your LED lights running down for almost seven years. This way, G8 LED lights are beneficial and durable. What else could you expect from a top-notch product?

3 Fanned Ventilation System

A ventilation system is essential in most mechanical and electrical devices because of the excess heat.

Even though a lot of heat is not produced from an LED light, it is still in the device’s best interest to have a ventilation system to maintain a favorable temperature.

In this context, g8 LED grow lights are way ahead of their competition. They have a three fanned ventilation system that keeps an equitable temperature inside the light. Although the device has three lights, that does not mean it produces a lot of noise.

Instead, this is one of its most attractive features. It does not produce much noise and remains quiet and unnoticeable for most of the time.

80 × 3 Watts LED Bulbs

G8 LED grow lights do not consume much of your energy and certainly do not add to your electricity bill. It is fitted with eighty 3-watt bulbs that consume 240 watts of electricity, which is well under the alarming level. 

What is even more fascinating is that it consists of LED lights that do not produce much heat and do not face the constant threat of getting damaged.

These LED lights provide your plants with all the necessary wavelengths required in every stage of their life, i.e., from the seedling stage to the blooming stage, etc.

Considering that it runs for 50,000 hours and consumes only 24p watts of electricity, g8 LED grow lights are one heck of a deal that is very difficult to pass.

Six Square-Foot Growth Coverage

A G8 LED grow light covers an area of 6 square feet very effectively. This means that any plant coming under this area is sure of getting proper growth conditions. As already known, the plants under the 6 square foot area receive proper light for both vegetation and production purposes. 

Four plants can easily fit in a 6-foot area, and therefore, your G8 LED grow light will be able to support the vegetation and production of at least four or even more plants for years. If you have a more significant production area, then you will need more grow lights. 

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The bigger the are more the lights you will need. To find out how many g8 LED grow lights you will need, you will have to divide your production area into lots of 6 square feet. The number of lots will be equal to the number of lights you will need.

2 Years of the Warranty Period

Two years warranty period means that your G8 LED grow lights will be covered for all the engineering defects and other defects that may cause you a problem. This will be applicable for the first two years after the purchase.

The product also boasts a 90 days cash back guarantee if you find, within that time frame, that the machine is not suitable to your needs, and you can get a better product in the market than g8 LED grow lights.

Consumer Feedbacks

The consumer feedback about G8 LED grow lights is seemingly positive, and the ratio of energetic to negative reviews is meager. That means most of the people who purchase this product are satisfied with its performance.

One more reason for the positive feedback is because it does not consume much of the electricity and therefore reduces the electricity bill significantly


G8 LED grow lights could be the best pick for you if you are looking for performance and environment-friendly machine and are ready to spend extra money for the quality.

G8 LED grow lights are worth the price you must pay as they can last for more than seven years even after they are left on for most of the day. 

Its silent operational and ventilation system is also a massive point of attraction, and it will undoubtedly be one of your reasons to purchase this machinery. 

So, take good care of your plants and provide them with all the lights in the world that are necessary for their growth. And do all of this by using G8 LED grow lights.

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