How Long Does Steel Siding Last?

How Long Does Steel Siding Last?

Beauty is no longer everything when it comes to siding. These days, proprietors wish for sturdy, high-quality, and eco-friendly siding. A durable siding offers the potential best value for your home.

Siding safeguards a home’s exteriors while giving it the style and appearance that completes its look. Read this article to learn more about steel siding as well as how long it lasts.

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How Long Can You Expect Steel Siding to Last?

Steel siding can last up to fifty years upon proper care. Also, this siding coating has galvanized steel consistency, making it able to withstand bumps, dents, and other possible dings.

What Are the Different Types of Steel Siding?

There are different types of steel siding for a house, and an expert offering siding Lubbock TX can help you choose. Among the most popular ones include:

Batten Metal Siding

Batten metal siding forms a beautiful extra traditional look with unseen fasteners, meaning the look is endlessly clean. The batten metal siding comes with a bold rid design, making it a popular choice.

Corrugated Metal Siding

Corrugated steel has been used for siding for an extended period. The material is durable and robust, making it unique for various homeowners. Its strength and wavy design easily conceal minor flaws due to weather and activities around the house.

Box Rib Metal Siding

The bold and sturdy lines accompanying the box rib steel siding make it a preferred choice among homeowners. The type of siding uses a box-shaped pattern and exposed fasteners, which makes installation easy. Their unique look makes your house stand out and artistically pleasing.

Standing Seam Metal Siding

Standing seam metal comes with clean lines and crisp making it the beloved siding among house owners. Fortunately, the siding needs little care, is held together with raised connecting systems for weather tightness, and creates a smooth, modern look.

All-Purpose Metal Siding

The steel siding is easy to install, making it the best for people who wish to work independently without hiring an expert. Additionally, all-purpose metal siding boasts a durable design. The material also stands up to severe weather conditions and can quickly adapt to the design of any house due to its distinct styles.

Flat Metal Siding

Flat metal siding creates a beautiful, modern, and thrilling look. The steels make clean and crisp lines. With V Groove, custom flat, and Shiplap options, the panels can develop numerous diverse looks. Besides, using flat metal siding is an excellent way to add depth and update touch to your building.

Advantages of Steel Siding

Siding is your home’s next major contributor to curb appeal and structural safety after the roof. When shopping for a siding, consider the ease or difficulty of cleaning, how it insulates your home, and what type and color choices are possible.

Also, as a homeowner, it’s important to consider your options carefully when choosing a siding contractor. A reliable siding contractor will provide expert guidance on the best siding options for your home and ensure high-quality installation for long-lasting results.

There are different types of siding apart from the steel ones where each comes with its share of pros and cons. Below are the advantages of using steel siding in your home.

Exciting Looks

Metal siding construction has advanced over time. Currently, manufacturers offer textures and patterns that realistically imitate wood. For example, corrugated panels and standing seam siding give out a modern and tidy look.

Low Maintenance

When well built, steel siding needs little maintenance. The siding material holds up ordinarily well, especially in northern climates with severe winters since metal is hardly affected by fog, snow, ice, or wind.

Steel barely traps moisture or inspires the growth of bacteria or mold, all of which can damage your house framing or make people sick.

Fire Resistant

A lot of metal structures are fireproof. If you reside in areas prone to lightning storms, you should strongly consider metal siding and roofing. Apart from fewer risks to fire, steel siding qualifies you for a discount on your home’s insurance.

Energy-Efficiency Benefits

If the other merits weren’t enough, steel siding is also insulated to improve your home’s energy efficiency. In fact, by aiding your HVAC unit to run efficiently, your metal siding may even contribute to low monthly energy bills.

Disadvantages of Steel Siding


Steel siding is costly compared to other forms of siding. The material is heavier than different siding types, making it expensive and taking longer to build hence surging labor expenses.

Not Bulletproof

Although steel siding is impact-resistant, even the heaviest siding can dent if hit hard enough. Also, similar to your vehicle, it is possible for steel siding to get scratched from sharp objects.

How Hard Is Steel Siding Installation?

When installing metal siding, the complexity depends on your level of experience and the panel type you select. For example, if you have handled steel siding installation before, it can be easier to use panels such as All-Purpose or Corrugated. If you have never done any steel siding before, it is advisable to hire a trained person.

Can You Put Metal Siding Over Plywood?

Yes, you can install steel siding over plywood. However, ensure the plywood is clean and free from raised nails heads to offer an even deck structure for the metal. Also, fix waterproof felt over the plywood to add safety against wetness.

Does Steel Siding Make Noise?

Compared to other types of siding, steel siding makes the most noise. The siding material expands upon the hot sun, causing a cracking noise. The more the area affected, no doors or windows, the more siding there is to swell and the more noise it will make.

What Colors Does Steel Siding Come in?

Steel comes in a variety of bold colors like green, dark grey, and blue. The colors add an appealing look to any home without the additional maintenance or regular painting.

Final Words

While there are various good quality, attractive, and low maintenance siding options on the market, steel carries the day. Steel siding is heftier and denser than other types of siding, making it less prone to damages. Finally, steel siding has come a long way since its introduction in the construction field, making its benefits outweigh its negatives.

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