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How to achieve and maintain competitive advantages in Dubai property sector


Nowadays, Dubai’s housing market is one of the most quickly developing and prosperous in the world. There are some aspects that contribute to this – excellent quality construction projects and high-speed building construction, as well as the UAE tax system and capital inflow. The official property website shares the information with readers about how to invest in Arab housing advantageously.

Why is it worth investing in a property in Dubai

There are the main factors that raise the capital of wealthy buyers and investors in the UAE:

• Lower housing prices compared to Asia, America or Europe.

• Renting a property in the country is a good way to make a profit. For example, real estate in Dubai can give you a return on investment of 8-10%.

• Housing has a residual value, which makes it valuable.

• Every person can buy or rent cozy housing in Dubai.

• State banks provide funds for buying houses and apartments.

In addition, it is unlikely that any other city in the world will be able to compete with the emirate in choosing housing investment alternatives. Here are the most appealing factors in the emirate:

• Residential property at lower prices than in London or New York.

• Commercial real estate in special freehold areas and its leasing to business owners.

• Hotels and other tourist facilities, because tourism industry gives the excellent investment possibilities as a property in the UAE.

• Construction business in the emirate of various types of housing.

Housing market prospects in Dubai

Surveys have shown commercial property developers have made good profits in the capital of the UAE over the past few years. This housing type is so stable, because developers are engaged in the industrial business, office and retail sectors.

The residential sector is also sustainable when it comes to renting and buying properties in the UAE, for example, a property in Ajman. Investors usually make a good profit, reaching 8-10% of ROI.

Businessmen know that Dubai has a high standard of living. If you compare the prices for buying and renting with prices in other megacities of the world, you can see that they are much lower. And if you add to this a developed infrastructure and a warm climate, the interest of wealthy people in buying residential and commercial housing units of the metropolis will become obvious for you.

Different investment possibilities in Dubai

There are a lot of alternatives for investors and businessmen who are going to start a housing business in the UAE. Investors can make a fortune in Dubai Business Bay, Downtown Dubai, Dubai and Jumeirah.

Dubai is open to various investments and even from abroad. This is a rather serious aspect for businessmen from other countries. In addition, the UAE authorities are working on new rights and opportunities legally for investors.

Dubai is one of the few cities in the world where wealthy people can get such a choice of housing:

• The residential sector is thriving thanks to the large number of sales of flats and villas. Moreover, resort properties are becoming more popular in the emirate as holidaymakers and people from other countries rent and buy villas, condominiums, apartments and houses in the emirate

• Commercial properties consists of warehouses, office rooms and retail spaces. This type of housing has not experienced a serious decline, as Dubai is becoming a respectable business capital of the UAE. New companies require a large amount of labor, which is a great opportunity for immigrants and reinforces an inflow of new investments in the commercial sector. In addition, the same applies to medical institutions, shopping centres and warehouses

Real estate legislation in Dubai

The Dubai Land Department regulates the local housing industry. This organisation takes under control the laws that must be followed when developing, buying, renting or investing real estate in the emirate.

The legislation of Dubai is quite advanced and includes about 6 different laws. Their knowledge helps buyers and investors to comply with the conditions when making transactions.

Those who decide to invest in the housing market can receive a significant ROI in their business. Expats can buy residential properties – houses or villas – and enjoy their life in one of the advanced and prosperous cities in the world.

Emirates.Estate helps you choose an investment apartment in Dubai

Emirates.Estate cooperates with local agencies, realtors and developers in the UAE and has a great experience in Arab housing. In order not to miss the benefits of all property types, you can start choosing real estate for moving to a permanent place of residence or investing in this country. The catalog on the website Emirates.Estate contains relevant ads from local agencies and developers.

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