If you have a home that needs to be cleaned, you will need to know how to clean air ducts or you may face health risks. When you are cleaning your ducts, you should start by turning on all the electrical devices in the house that require electricity like television, maximus camera floodlight or any other outdoor and indoor appliances. If you are using an air conditioner or dehumidifier, turn it on before you begin. If you have central air conditioning, turn it on before you start. Getting your ducts cleaned from a professional company – Ontario duct cleaning can be beneficial and a much safer assured option.

Planning to clean your air ducts

The next step on how do you clean air ducts is to turn on the fan and cover supply lines. You will also want to open all windows except the one nearest to the source of the ducts. Unscrew air duct covers. Remove the filter from the unit and wipe down the outside of the unit with a damp cloth.

If you have central air conditioning or heat, there may be additional duct cleaning needed. Start by unplugging all the refrigerant lines from the compressor and then remove the water pump, condenser, evaporator, and the air handler. You can then unscrew the drain clamps and hose connected to the ducts. Wash the exterior surfaces of the units, especially the joints between the outside and inside components and the ceiling above. Use the cleaner that is supplied with your air cleaner.

If your heating and cooling system use a blower, not craftsman snowblower, you need to close the blower valve. You can then use your vacuum cleaner to clean air ducts. If you use an extractor, you should take out the whole fixture and empty the holding container for rinsing and drying. Make sure you wear goggles as well as protection for your hands and nose, as these are sensitive areas.

You may also need to clean your ducts if you get an abnormal smell or if there are dust particles in your air quality. Begin by locating the source of the problem. Use an air quality monitor to determine where the source of the odor or dust is. Find the ducts and pull out the blockage. Do this in sections; you may need to break up a larger area to effectively clean the ducts.

For furnace repair, you should pull out the furnace and turn it upside down. Remove the front of the furnace and access the blower and ducts. If you find that your furnace is not working, you can shut off the circuit breaker for the furnace. The blower should be unhooked from the duct and turned back on. Replace the blower if necessary. Clean the ducts with a vacuum cleaner.

Replacing your filters after cleaning

After cleaning air ducts, you should get your filter replaced. A dirty filter can interfere with the performance of your furnace. You will know if the filter needs to be replaced because it won’t spin properly, or if it won’t get air to flow through it properly. If you suspect that your filter needs to be changed, get a new filter and have the filter ready.

Following these tips will improve your furnace’s performance, while cleaning the ducts will improve your overall air quality. It may take several days to get the ducts clean, but the end result will make the difference between poor air quality and clean air quality. You’ll also be glad you did when you get sick of breathing in that dusty air.

Proper furnace maintenance is another way to avoid duct cleaning. It is important to keep your fan running at all times. The motor of your air conditioning unit will build up dust and other debris as it works. If you don’t change out the filters often, the buildup will get worse and eventually cause your ducts to clog, which will stop your fan from working.

As you clean the vents, be sure to check the registers. A register is made up of plastic that holds information about the temperature inside the home. Over time, the registers can build up dirt, so keeping the register clean by cleaning the air ducts will be important. When you find dirt inside your registers, get it out and throw it away.

Make sure that you replace the filter on the blower every month. Blowers are made out of plastic, so they are usually very dirty. Dirt can get inside the registers when it passes through the ducts. The best thing to do is get a vacuum cleaner with a filter, attach the filter, and use it to clean the registers. This should keep your ducts clean and working smoothly.


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