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How Wide Should a Planter Box Be

How Wide Should a Planter Box Be

When making a planter box, you might think, How wide should it be? Well, the size of your planter box depends on what you want to grow.

A small box can be okay if you plan to plant small flowers or herbs. But you’ll need a wider box if you’re thinking of big plants, like tomatoes or bushes.

Your planter box should not be too narrow or too wide. That’s not good for them. So, the best thing to do is find a balance. It is important that your plants get the proper growth you want.

So, look at these steps to learn how to make hanging planter boxes and how wide a planter should be.

Why Do You Need a Planter Box with The Right Size?

Why Do You Need a Planter Box with The Right Size?

Having a box for your plants that’s just the right size is important. If it’s too small, your plants won’t be happy because they won’t have enough space to grow and spread their roots. But if it’s too big, you might use too much soil and water, which is not good.

So, getting a box that’s the perfect size means your plants will have enough room to grow well without wasting soil and water.

This is good for your plants, and it’s also good for you because it saves you from spending extra money on soil and water that you don’t need to use. So, always remember that the right-sized box is the best choice for your plants and wallet.

What Size Planter Box for Leafy Vegetables?

What Size Planter Box for Leafy Vegetables? .jpg

Leafy vegetables, such as lettuce and spinach, don’t require a big planter box. A container that’s about 12 to 18 inches wide is just right. This gives their roots room to stretch out and grow, keeping them conveniently close for picking.

This is similar to giving them a comfy home where they can flourish. With this size, you can have a nice little garden of your right on your patio or balcony. Also, taking care of these veggies is a breeze. Just water them regularly and watch them grow into delicious, fresh greens for your salads.

What Size Planter Box for Herbs?

What Size Planter Box for Herbs?

If you have limited space, consider using a planter box. These are like small gardens in a box. You can grow herbs like basil and mint in them. The box should be about 6 to 8 inches wide. This size is just right. It lets you have different herbs in a small area.

This means you can easily cut some for your cooking whenever needed. Having fresh herbs at hand can make your dishes taste even better.

Planter Box with Hidden Storage Plans

Planter Box with Hidden Storage Plans .jpg

If you want a planter box that does two jobs, find one with secret storage.

These special boxes let you grow plants up high and keep things like shovels or seeds down low. They come in different sizes, so pick the one that fits what you want to store.

This is similar to having a garden and a small shed all in one. You can have pretty flowers on top and your tools neatly tucked away below. So, choose wisely and enjoy your gardening with a smart planter box.

Minimum Width of Raised Garden Beds

Minimum Width of Raised Garden Beds

When making raised garden beds. It’s best to make them at least 3 feet wide. This gives lots of room for different plants and makes it easy to reach them from both sides. This is great if you want a small garden that’s simple to take care of.

Also, a wider bed helps the plants grow well and gives them enough space to spread their roots. So, if you’re starting a garden, remember to make it wide enough for your plants to thrive happily.

Why Should You Avoid a Planter Box That Is Oversized?

A really big planter box can cause issues. First, it’s very heavy and hard to carry. Second, it might use more dirt than you need, which can cost you extra cash. Lastly, if there’s too much dirt, it can hold too much water, which can be bad for your plants. So, using the right size to keep things easy and ensure your plants stay happy is better.

Having a huge planter can be tough because it’s heavy and might need lots of soil, which costs more. Also, too much soil can make your plants too wet, and that’s not good. So, using the right size and keeping it simple for your happy plants is smarter.


When it comes to planter boxes, size matters; you want your planter box to be wide enough for your plants to spread out comfortably. They might feel compact and not grow well if it’s too narrow. So, how wide should a planter box be? Well, it depends on what you want to plant.

For small flowers or herbs, a box around 12 inches wide should do the work. If you’re thinking about vegetables or larger plants, aim for at least 18 inches wide. Bigger plants need more room to grow their roots and get the necessary nutrients.

So, think about what you want to grow, and choose a width that gives them plenty of space to grow properly.

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