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Real estate has always been one of the most exciting business all over the world because it is imperative for almost everyone to seek shelter in one form or another. However, the taste, vibe, place and choice of house we are all clamoring for are sumptuously different.

More than their professional life, many athletes in the modern era are now seeing the opportunity to continue their streamlined income through investment because their season or career can be cut short through injury or other unforeseen circumstances.

In fact, many of them are looking towards the real estate cadre because of the shelter establishment and advancement in taste of many have increased their wish and lustful tone to leave in a more plausible and elegance house.

For example, an NFL star, Devon Kennard who ply his trade with Phoenix metropolitan area team is one hell of an athlete – as his building his retirement plan on one side with Real Estate investment and competing at the highest football level on the other.

In fact, the linebacker is one of the player that could help the oldest team in NFL to their third ever NFL champion or super bowl victory in the current campaign despite having to fall behind the campaign favorite, Kansas Chief in a thrilling encounter at the expense of the NFL odds pick week.

However, there have many cases of athletes that have been venturing their stake in real estate for a very long time, some have the benefit of planning ahead before they retired from the game, like Devon Kennard, while some take the leap after they call it quit from professional career.

But irrespective of their decisions to start early or late in their respective career and choices, real estate investments have change some life’s and some players below are one of the ones that gain most from such investment.


Former South Sudanese-British professional basketball player. A herald of defensive player in his time as a basketball player. The former South Sudanese-British international feature on NBA All-Star on two occasions, while he was equally named on NBA All Defensive team in 2012.

With his prowess, it was reckoned that the former Chicago Bull player was a star athlete in his days – while he might not have been at the peak of the basketball game, but the basketball defensive Marshall was hell of player which could have earned so much cash to fall back at the end of his career.

However, not been at the top of the game means the chances of sponsorship deal could may have been much like Kobe Bryan in his playing days, Stephen Curry currently or many other basket players that is at the apex of the game for a long time. But the former Cleveland Cavaliers player could consistently fight for his place staying consistent for a long time.

Though, he represented the best franchise before he called it quit on his career, and his ability to drive many fans and other opposing team into disarray or frenzy mode might not have been top notch, but his essence in stabilizing his team dominance is as good as any other top stars.

Moreover, as many player enjoy their basketball affluence, while resting on their laurels, Deng was always out there finding his foot in real estate world, as he was snatching up his business ordeal throughout the United State and beyond. He business worth is currently around $130 million which consist of hotels, houses, apartment and many others to names few.

He might have largely gone under the raider in his playing days but the real estate is making his voice known.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese superstar is one of the most celebrated athletes in the world and while him and his compatriot, Lionel Messi, might not have their sheer strength anymore, their ability to command trust, respect and many followers is beyond what any athletes can ever muster in any sport.

Ronaldo journeyed his career from Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United, Real Madrid and now Juventus have ensure that the Portuguese talisman will be remembered as one of the greatest players to ever grace the game.

Though, his worth in wages, sponsorship deals and many other remuneration is one of the bests the game could ever afford and his ability to drive his team to success cannot be overemphasized. Beyond his wager and salary scheme, Ronaldo have one of the best return among players with properties investment, while the Juventus talisman is currently touted to worth nothing less than $550 million dollars which ranked him as the richest footballer.

However, the Portuguese international made an investment into Pastana Hotel, in a deal worth around $40 million dollars under the “CR7” brand. But he further opened his slated hotel in Lisbon Portugal and he has since then open three more hotels from 2016 till date.

The Portuguese international might have had an illustrious career from his time at Manchester United till his time at Juventus but his hotels and other apartment owing has make sure that the Portugal captain and legend will always be at the apex after he finally retired from the game. With his intuition and objective, it is clear that the five time Ballon D’or winner already have his mind set on what he needed to do after he finally retire from football.

Hakeem Valles

The American football player was signed as an undrafted player by Arizona Cardinals in 2016 and he has since then played for Detroit Lions and New York Giants and he is currently playing his trade with Blues. But the American international has yet to establish his status as one of the NFL star.

More so, the American international, has yet to cement his place as a team star and he currently vying to lay a claim in the but his consistency as one of the squad player rather than the main star has given him the opportunity to look elsewhere while he constantly judiciously made use of his time as an investor.

In fact, Valles retired from football in 2019 before he was called back to action by Blues in 2021 but the American international couldn’t really establish his impact in NFL but he is definitely one of the athletes that had real estate doing wonders for them.

Hakeem is now a full-time real estate investor and a national speaker in the game. However, the American international base his realtor investment in multi-family properties which is an emerging market in real estate all over United State and all over the world at large – as he focus on the part that attribute high quality of life and nice people at large.

Moreover, the American international did not have a lucrative NFL career but he is certainly making his mark in the real estate industry, while his property is even growing at an alarming rate. The footballing career might have set the template for him to carry on but it was the real estate investment that is changing the life of the American international from NFL player to multi-family investor.

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