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Is LeafFilter Really Worth the Cost

Is LeafFilter Really Worth the Cost

Maintenance of a house is every homeowner’s biggest concern, especially if it’s surrounded by greenery. However, having a house around nature is one of the best things to have. On the other hand, It also causes the homeowner to spend on a gutter system to resist garden debris clogging the whole gutter system. In the discussion of “leaf filter vs leaf guard,” it’s crucial to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each system to determine the best fit for your home.

Fortunately, nowadays, advanced solutions have been invented to protect gutters from unwanted tree leaves, pine needles, other related debris, etc., entering the spout. LeafFilter is one of them.

In this article, we will be covering the topic of learning about the LeafFilter gutter protection system.

So, let us get started with the same.

Why Do Gutter Systems Need to Be Protected?

Why Do Gutter Systems Need to Be Protected?

The gutter system is the most essential part of every house as it helps to drain the rainwater properly. To be precise, it avoids any water damage to the home by smoothly draining out of the gutter system. However, this gutter system can be clogged due to green waste such as leaves, small debris, pine needles, etc. Hence, it affects the overall gutter channels to drain out the rainwater smoothly.

To avoid these unpleasant damages to the gutter system and ultimately to the house, the gutter system needs to be protected. There are many renowned gutter protection solution provider companies available in the market, and LeafFilter Gutter Protection is one of them. Let’s see how the LeafFilter system protects the overall gutter system from falling apart.

Guide to Leaf Filter System

Guide to Leaf Filter System

LeafFilter Gutter Protection Company has been in business since 2005 and delivers advanced solutions to homeowners to protect their gutter system damages from green waste. A leaf filter is a scientifically designed solution that works best to resist any damage to the property by providing a proper draining path to the house.

How Leaf Filter Gutter System Work?

How Leaf Filter Gutter System Work?

LeafFiler system includes three major components to resist any clogging in the gutter functioning.

1. LeafFilter Three Piece System

  • Micro Mesh Screen – This mesh is made of surgical-grade stainless steel material. This material does not rust or encounter any corrosion. It prevents the smallest debris, like pine needles, from entering the gutters.
  • uPVC Frame – This mesh frame is made of PVC material and has temperature resistance. Hence, it sustains any season.
  • Reinforced Internal Hangers – These internal hangers greatly support the overall gutter system with their sturdy structure.

2. LeafFilter Installation Process

The leaf filter installation process is conducted by the company itself. They provide trained leaf filter installer professionals to their clients to ensure the proper installation of their products with accurate mechanisms.

3. LeafFilter Installation Cost

Leaf filter installation charges generally depend upon the accessibility of the gutter system of any house. However, as per the recent cost chart, the Installation of leaf filter cost is based on per linear foot, which is now around $15 to $45 per linear foot. The material and installation charges are usually included in this cost.

4. LeafFilter Warranty

Warranty might be the most amusing factor of LeafFilter consumers as they claim a lifetime replacement warranty with their leaf filter protection system.

5. LeafFilter Displesing Factors

  • Price – LeafFilter Gutter Protection company charges too much to install the gutter protection system.
  • Warranty Issues – As per reviews, many customers of LeafFilter are unsatisfied with the company’s replacement warranty element. Many of them claimed that if the company has not found any solution to fix the system, they back off and won’t pay a refund or expenses to them. So, the trust issue is the major drawback of the company.
  • Falls Promises – As per reviews, it happens like the warranty. The company claims the lifetime warranty and service at the installation time. Whereas when the customer faces any issues, they won’t entertain them later on.

Leaf Filter or Leaf Guard: The Better Choice

Leaf Filter or Leaf Guard The Better Choice

Leaf Guard is another prominent solution to cover the gutter system. However, it has been designed differently than LeafFilter.

1. Leaf Guard Specifications

Unlike LeafFiletr, the LeafGuard gutter system is designed in one piece. It is also a well-acknowledged brand in the gutter protection stream. It provides the best water-draining solution by holding up the biggest to smallest plant debris from entering the water spouts and protecting the overall gutter system.

2. LeafGuard Price

LeafGuard changed around $20 to $35 per linear foot to install their gutter covers. The price consists of material charges and labor or installation charges, too.

3. LeafGuard Warranty

LeafGuard Gutter Protection claims a lifetime limited warranty on any of its products. As we have discussed both gutter protection systems briefly, both systems have some pluses and some minuses in them. However, the leaf guard system costs slightly more than the leaf filter.

So, if you want to narrow down the spending, then LeafFilter could be a good choice. As per experts’ take on this, they claim that both gutter protection solutions are great on their terms.


Gutter protection is an important element to protect the house from water damage. Most of the time, these gutter systems face issues by clogging the spouts due to green waste, especially the tree leaves, debris, strands, etc. So, to avoid this green waste entering the gutter system to damage the property, it indeed requires the proper gutter protection.

In this article, we have discussed the popular gutter protection system by LeafFilter. We have shared the important components of this gutter protection cover with its installation, price, warranty, and drawbacks.

Along with it, we have also discussed one more gutter protection solution provider, LeafGuard, with its installation, cost warranty, etc., details to let you understand the basic difference between any gutter protection solution. The information provided in this piece of write-up will add awareness to your gutter guard protection decision for sure.

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