Naturemill Composter Review [2021]

Naturemill Composter Review

Making compost for your plants may sound like an easy-breezy process, but if you are into gardening, you might know that it is not.

If you plan on buying a composter, you might have got suggestions for buying a Naturemill composter.

However, making the right decisions for the sake of your garden is essential and not at all a one-second job. You may ask people about a product and would get varying answers.

But no worries because we have got you the review on the Naturemill composter (plus automatic) so that you can decide efficiently for your garden.

What Is the Naturemill Composter?

Naturemill Composter

Naturemill Plus Automatic Composter is a mini in-vessel system. This automatic composter needs minimal energy to turn organic waste into healthy compost for plants.

This composter has many features and benefits. Keep reading, and you will get to know all of them.

How Does This Work?

Before knowing about the pros and cons of the product, one should know about how it works. The machine has two separate chambers inside it, the waste is collected in the upper chamber, and the compost will be delivered from the lower chamber.

There is only one thing that must be done from your side: putting the waste in. Once the waste goes inside, the machine mixes all of it and removes any odor by releasing energy. 

After this, the waste is transferred to the lower chamber, and it becomes compost. This separate chamber system provides you with the benefit of putting waste in anytime. 

The compost gets ready to use every two weeks. Moreover, the machine also has a red-light indicator to tell you if it is time to take out the compost. When the compost gets ready, the red light gets automatically switched on to give you the signal.


Vegetables in Naturemill Composter

120lbs of Capacity: While this Naturemill composter itself weighs around 17lbs (8kgs), you can get a whole 120lbs (55kgs) of compost out of this little composter. You can get your organic compost after every two weeks of putting in the waste.

Moreover, it offers the advantage of putting waste in anytime and any day. So, from a bachelor to a family, this composter is idle for usage.

Small Size: The small size of this composter allows you to keep it anywhere you want. Also, it has a compact designing which makes it unrecognizable for someone who does not know about it much. Most of the composters come big. So, if you want something compact and straightforward, the Naturemill composter is for you.

Indoors or Outdoors: One of the best things about the Naturemill composter is that it can be put anywhere. In the kitchen, out in the garden or backyard, or even in a cabinet, thiscompact machine fits anywhere. 

So, if you do not have space or do not want it out in your garden, you can easily keep this composter inside your home in the kitchen or any other room.

No Smell: One of the biggest fears one can probably have about the process of composting is its smell. All the organic wastes together obviously will get some foul odor. But the Naturemill Composter will keep you unbothered in that matter. 

This compact composter does not let the smell out of its system. It destroys any smell from organic waste and gives you some fresh compost for your garden with its released energy.

No Installation Required: Keeping in mind all the benefits the Naturemill composter gives, one would probably think about its complex installation process and charges. Well, you will have the benefit here too.

This compost machine requires no complicated installation, and it only needs a standard power outlet to get plugged in. Also, it takes up power as much as a night light, which means no significant expense.

If you wish to keep it outside, make sure that the power supply is at a dry place and does not freeze. For installation inside a cabinet, the Naturemill itself offers a cabinet as some minor assemblies are required.

Automatic: This Naturemill composter does all the mixing and mulching automatically. So, there is no need for you to do anything manually.

You just must put your organic kitchen waste in the given place, and the machine will do the rest. From cooked food to raw, you can add anything.

What Do You Need to Do?

While the benefits that Naturemill composter provides are excellent and make it one of the market’s best composters, every piece of machinery needs some maintenance.

So, there are some minor things that you will have to take care of. Keep reading, and you will get to know them.

No Paper or Kitchen Rolls

Naturemill Composter in Kitchen

Though paper is something you can consider organic waste, it is still recommended not to add it to the composter.

Papers or kitchen rolls may get clogged up in the machine’s blades, and gradually, the machine will not work.

Even if you wish to add paper, you can tear it into small pieces and then add it to the composter. Tiny pieces of paper will have almost no risk of clogging up the blades of the machine.

No Citrus Fruits

The manufacturers recommend not to add citrus fruits or anything acidic to the machine.

So, things like oranges, lemon, pickles, or tomatoes cannot go in there. They say acidic items kill the cultures that are needed for the compost to mature efficiently.

Already Made Compost

The first time you use it, it is recommended to put in some already made compost to give the process a kick start. You can add compost from your garden or plant pots.

If not compost, then you can add some dirt to it. Ordinary soil or clay will do. You must make sure that there are no rocks in it.

Needs Some Sawdust

The Naturemill composter requires both wet and dry materials to make significant and healthy compost for your plants. The kitchen scraps will be wet and nitrogen-rich. For the dry part, you need to put in sawdust.

Other than the above-mentioned restricted things, there are some more things that you cannot put in there.

Hard or fibrous items such as chicken steaks and bones, any chemicals, coconut shells, lemongrass, all these items cannot go in the machine.

The composter comes with a manual in which you will be instructed about everything that can go inside the machine.


This Naturemill composter comes with a warranty of one year. So, in case of any internal issue, you can call customer service and get free replacement of parts or the whole unit itself and get their field technicians for repair.

They also offer returning of an unused unit within 30 days of delivery, too, with a full refund. Also, manufacturers suggest that one should change the air filter in around five years or so.

Moreover, its cleaning can be done with simple water and a moist towel. No soaps or chemicals are supposed to be used. Also, make sure that you do not disturb anything inside the machine, that is, the compost bin’s culture.


After knowing about the Naturemill plus automatic composter, one may decide on buying this product right away. However, there are still some things that you should consider before making any decision.

If you have only a few plant pots to feed with compost, then investing in a composter is of no use. If you can use the machine to the full, only then would it become a good investment?

With proper maintenance, the Naturemill composter can be used efficiently for quite a few years. While everything gets automatically done in the machine, you will ultimately have the ready-to-use compost for your plants.

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