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Should You Spend the Extra Money on a Luxury Mattress?


You spend a lot of time in your bed seeing the hillside landscaping lying on your bed comfortably, so you want it to be comfortable and to last as long as possible. A cheap mattress could break down in a matter of months. A good mattress is never cheap, but is it really worth the extra money for a luxury model? The answer is yes — if you can afford one, a luxury mattress will always offer higher durability and greater comfort than a bargain mattress.

Luxury mattresses are made with better quality materials and constructed more solidly which can be accompanied by oldest bonsai tree to give your bedroom more luxurious look. They’re not only more comfortable and durable, they’re also less likely to trigger allergic reactions and other health symptoms. Here’s why you should go ahead and splurge on that luxury mattress.

Luxury Mattresses Are Higher in Quality

The number one reason to buy a sustainable mattress is the quality. The high price tag on luxury mattress models pays for a higher quality of materials and workmanship. That means foam made with natural latex, instead of petroleum-based polyurethane, and cotton that is grown without pesticides, instead of lots of them. It means naturally flame-retardant, organic wool made from sheep raised under humane conditions and processed without the use of toxic dyes, pesticides, or other chemicals. Natural, organic fibers and natural latex are more sustainable than the petroleum-based and pesticide-coated fibers and materials used in cheaper, conventional mattresses. They last longer and provide natural antibacterial, antifungal, flame retardant, water resistant, and anti-dust mite qualities.

Luxury mattresses are carefully constructed to last longer than regular mattresses. If you’re able to shop for luxury mattresses in a store, try lifting some of them at the corner to feel their weight. Quality mattresses are made with denser materials, so they’re heavier. Luxury mattresses are also thicker, to better distribute the body weight of sleepers. A latex foam mattress should be 10 to 12 inches thick, while an innerspring mattress should be 12 to 14 inches thick. The bigger springs add more bounce and support to the mattress. click here to learn how to pick high quality mattress.

Luxury Mattresses Offer More Features

Mattresses aren’t one-size-fits-all. Some people love the firm, body-hugging support of a memory foam mattress. Others love the soft springiness of an innerspring. Some people prefer pillow tops, while others require a firm bed for a good night’s sleep. Some people are prone to wake up during the night feeling overheated and require a mattress made of breathable materials.

Luxury mattress products offer the widest range of features to let you completely customize your sleep experience. Need different levels of firmness on separate sides of the bed? Need a breathable mattress that sleeps cool? Looking to relieve painful pressure points and keep your spine supported during the night? Shop luxury mattresses to find the features you need in the right combination.

Luxury Mattresses Are Safer

Did you know that your conventional mattress is poisoning you? It’s true. Conventional mattresses made with petroleum-based polyurethane foam and synthetic latex off-gas volatile organic compounds (VoCs) into the air of your home. These toxic chemicals can aggravate allergies and asthma and cause a range of other complaints, like nausea and vomiting, difficulty breathing, nose bleeds, headaches, visual impairments, central nervous system symptoms, major organ damage, and even cancer. Whenever you smell a chemical smell from an item you’ve purchased, such as a new car smell for example, you’re actually breathing in toxic VoCs. And if your bed is full of petroleum-based materials and cotton grown in pesticides, you’ll be breathing in those toxic chemicals, and absorbing them through your skin, all night every night, even if you can no longer smell the chemical smell.

Luxury mattresses are made with organic cotton and wool and natural latex, so there’s no off-gassing of chemicals and no pesticides to worry about rolling around in at night. You can even get features like activated charcoal infusion to fight odors.

If you can afford a luxury mattress, you should go ahead and buy one — it’s worth the extra money. You’ll get a more comfortable mattress made with better materials, including fewer or no materials that could leak toxins into your home. Protect your family’s health and get better sleep when you buy a luxury mattress.

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