Top 4 Reasons To Call Your Local Roofing Company

Top 4 Reasons To Call Your Local Roofing Company

As you’ve likely guessed, the roof is a critical part of any home or building. Without a roof, your home would be subjected to water damage and pests. Luckily, with a fully intact roof, you have nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, there may come a time when your roof lets you down. From minor leaks to more severe issues, any problems with your roof should be addressed quickly. The best way to get roofing concerns under control is by contacting your local roofing contractor.

Even though the roof may age, causing a homeowner to be concerned about its integrity, there are other reasons you may need to call your roofing company for help. Take a look at the top reasons to get in touch with your roofer and not wait.

Storm Damage And Estimate

After a storm, most insurance companies limit how long you can file a claim. If you wait too long, they may deny your claim. If they do deny it, you will be liable for the roof repair or replacement on your dime.

Don’t let this happen to you. Instead, contact your roofing company as soon as possible to have the storm damage assessed and an estimate provided. You then provide this estimate to the insurance company, and the adjuster will also look over the roof. Your roofer can advocate on your behalf for the precise services you need. For example, if the storm damage is extensive, they may recommend you have a roof replacement.

The adjuster, knowing how much a roof replacement is, will counterclaim, saying repairs might be a better choice. But with a quality roofer who has years of experience negotiating with insurance companies, you’ll be able to maximize your claim, which in many cases means replacing the entire roof.

Roof Replacement

Let’s say your roof wasn’t victimized by storm damage, but it is getting older and starting to show signs of aging. You may have shingles that are curling or cracked or perhaps missing shingles that have flown away. A roof replacement is a huge undertaking for any homeowner. But it is also a great opportunity to update or upgrade your home.

For example, if you had asphalt shingles by a no-name brand, likely, you didn’t get the longevity you were looking for. When it comes time to replace your roof, you have the freedom to choose whatever shingle you would like. This includes upgrading to a metal roof if you please. A metal roof offers several advantages over other materials, including durability, fire resistance, and an incredibly long lifespan.

Roof Repairs

Not all roofing services end with replacing your roof. Sometimes roofing repairs are the best fit. Small leaks or even something as major as a sagging roof can be repaired instead of replacing the underlayment and roofing shingle. Other parts you can avoid replacing include the roof sheathing, which is the roof deck that consists of plywood or OSB. Not having to replace the roof deck can save you a ton of money.

For repairs, your roofer can replace missing shingles, seal cracks or holes, and replace vents if anything happens to them during a storm. These are just a few examples of roofing repairs, by no means everything your roofer can do.

Considering Going To a Solar Roof

Another instance where you may contact your roofing company is if you decide to go solar. Solar systems have become increasingly popular with their claim of energy efficiency, the potential to lower your carbon footprint, and even save you money on your energy expenses. But is solar right for your roof? What is a solar roof anyway?

You can affix solar panels to your roof. You can also install a solar roof which is the shingle and solar panel combined when replacing your roof. A solar roof is constructed with materials that convert sunlight into electrical power versus placing panels on top of your roof to do the same thing.

You may want to contact your roofer for a solar roof or to put solar panels on your roof. But before they begin any service, they’ll check the integrity of your roof first. The roof should be without any issues and in good condition, meaning it is leak free. You don’t want to install heavy solar panels on your roof if there is any damage or if its integrity has been compromised at all. This could do more damage to the roof or inadvertently damage your home.

What Other Things Can A Roofing Company Do?

So now that we have covered four different times where you may need to call your roofing company, what are some other things your roofer can help you with? This will ultimately come down to the company. Some have more services than others. But if you’re considering a roofer that offers exterior home improvement or construction services, you may be able to get more than just your roof is done.

They can install new gutters, replace windows, or even put in a new door. Other areas of your roof can be fixed or replaced by a roofer, too, like the soffit and fascia. These can be damaged due to wood rot from water or even termite damage.

What To Expect From The Inspection

Anytime you need roofing services, you’ll want to call for a free roof inspection. An inspection can uncover a plethora of issues with your roof. Some of which you might be shocked to discover. For instance, you might learn that your roof is actually 25 years old, not ten as you originally thought.

Most homeowners get roofing inspections when they purchase a home. This is highly recommended as the cost of replacement can mean thousands of dollars out of your bank account. When you consider the fact that a home-buying inspection isn’t that expensive and an inspection after a storm is usually free, it just makes sense not to put these things off. The more you know about your roof, the better capable you are at maintaining it and preventing water leaks in your home.


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