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Top 5 Causes of Problems in Air Conditioner and Solutions


The engineering world has done so many miracles. Air Conditioners are one of them. Everyday innovations are happing in this machine. Big giant companies are putting lots of effort into developing the best Air conditions. It does not matter what your location is. Whether you live in a hot or cold climate, in your bedroom, or on your patio you need Air conditioning.

Even in the coastal areas, people need air conditioning and that’ why it is wise to choose the professionals, like Best Air Conditioning Gold Coast. Air conditioners do not help to circulate the air. It also helps to filter the air. This system helps to remove the particles of pollutants from the air. It also helps to reduce the substance like irritants responsible for the health problems like Asthma.

Companies always give their best to make healthy function machines, keeping these things in mind. However, we don’t use them correctly, and knowingly or unknowingly, we are damaging our systems. These ways will help you to understand the problems and their solutions.

Filthy condition of Condenser Coils

This is the part which is an outdoor unit of our air conditioners. It helps remove the heat from the air and expel it out from our room or building.

Being outdoor is the leading cause of the direct contact of pollution and dust. It won’t work if the coils have a layer of dust and pollution. These things interrupt the functioning and increase the load on your system. Which leads to system failure

Solution- Keep your eye on it and keep cleaning it once a week or twice a month.

Inadequate Refrigerant

Refrigerant is a significant component of your air conditioner. It is generally a fluid used to cool like refrigerators and air conditioners. These agents help to absorb the feat and make the surroundings cool without any fence planters. 

Due to any reason, if the system is leaking the refrigerating agent, the inadequacy of the agent can lead to improper functioning of the system. Finding leakage is not just a piece of cake. The technician must work hard to find that tiny hole in the line and fix it. That is why this process is highly time-consuming and expensive as well.

Solution- The moment you see the low frequency of its performance, then call a technician. Until then you can consider an air cooler to keep the heat off you – more info: Air Cooler Rental in Singapore.


Yes, you must be thinking about it that why this is here. People who are living in coastal areas can understand this problem. Living in coastal areas have their advantages. These places are among the beautiful places of the world. Coastal areas are known as the area where land meets the ocean.

However, there are some disadvantages as well for being in Coastal areas. One of the disadvantages is Corrosion. The reason is that some coastal breeze brings some amount of salt with air, which gets accumulated on the external surface of our air conditioners. As time passes, these salt particles start to damage the air conditioner.

Therefore, to get rid of this problem, it would be better to get help from experts like Best Air Conditioning Gold Coast.

Problem of Fan

This is the most common problem we all face in our air conditioners. Generally, we have two fans in our system. One keeps the air inside the system so that refrigerating agents can evaporate the heat and make air cool. Another one blows the hot air out through the outdoor unit.

Suppose any of these fans are not operating correctly due to reasons like too much dirt, no lubrication, damage of faulty motor, or any other problems that are causing non-functionality of the fan.

It can lead to inefficiency of the system and can increase your energy charge. So never underestimate this issue and try to fix this problem as soon as possible.

The system is not getting Turn-On.

You come home from a tiring office day, and you get to know that your air conditioner is not with you, or you are sleeping, and suddenly you got to see that it is not getting turn-on. You try to so hard by checking the batteries or power plug, and still, it is not responding. It sometimes happens due to lose wiring, but don’t fix it yourself. Instead, call the technician who will examine and do the work to fix it.

We all work very hard to earn money, and we should spend it wisely. We give a good amount of money to buy air conditioners. Even after paying this much, we are not paying little attention to it, so it can cost us more in the name of repairing.

Just be more careful while using them. Regular and small actions can help you maintain your air conditioner’s performance, which can last long without any drop in performance. Use smartly!

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