Top 7 Most Expensive Plants that Can Mesmerize You

Most Expensive Plants

Plants, the creature of God that holds power.

Power to add beauty to an empty corner, Power to add lush greenery in a garden, and power to make you pay a huge amount for their beauty.

Yes, some plants can make you pay 10 years of your salary, and this is not even a joke.

You might think that an individual with stable sense would never pay such a huge amount for a plant. But some people love plants and are ready to pay the money for a plant.

Why are Some Plants So Expensive?

People who think investing their money in plants are worth it are the people who got the right minds and are investing in the right thing. Plants that are expensive fascinate people with their beauty and uniqueness.

Here are some reasons for their expensiveness:

  • The plants bloom only once a year.
  • It takes huge efforts to grow expensive plants.
  • These plants are hard to find.
  • These plants are rare.

But does it justify if it is worth the price? The wealthy people buy it because they can afford it, and common people buy it because they find it a beautiful addition to their house.

Let us look at some of the most expensive yet beautiful plants you could ever witness.

1. Old Pine Bonsai Tree

Old Pine Bonsai Tree

The old pine bonsai tree is a century-old plant sold in Japan at the International bonsai convention in Takamatsu. It was auctioned at 1.3 million dollars which was an 800-year-old bonsai tree.

It is a type of shrub used as an ornamental plant in most houses, and the best thing about the most expensive plant is, it thrives in a tiny container while it remains the same size all year long.

The bonsai tree is considered the living art crafted carefully over the decades and is the prime reason for its high price.

2. Gold of Kinabalu Orchid

Gold of Kinabalu Orchid

This masterpiece is truly a piece of art, and you can only find them in Malaysia at national Kinabalu park, priced at $6000 per plant. It is a scarce type of orchid that grows from April to the month of May.

It takes years to bloom once it is planted, and when this orchid finally decides to bloom, it is said to be one of the most beautiful sights. This most expensive plant has green petals and red stripes that complement its beauty with white and pink stripes.

These orchids are unique and rare, making them one of the most expensive plants in the world.

3. Juliet Rose Flower Plant

Juliet Rose Flower Plant

Roses are the most beautiful flower for most of us, but have you witnessed the beauty of Juliet rose? Juliet rose is one the most expensive flower that is priced at $15.8 million.

There is everything beautiful about this flower, the shape, petals, color, thickness, and the slight pink pigment. Juliet rose was showcased at the Chelsea flower show in 2006, where it made its first impression after 15 years of cultivation and indeed blown everyone’s mind.

The symmetrical structure and the pigment in the center of the flower make it unique and one of the most expensive plants in the world.

4. Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

This is one of the most expensive plants that cost $2,00,000 and is an artificial orchid cultivated by a Chinese scientist, and it took them 8 long years to cultivate it.

It takes a lot of patience and money to own this plant, but plant lovers would still say, “it was worth the wait.” It is because the plant has its own unique and mesmerizing beauty which cannot be found in any other plant.

The smell, fragrance, color, texture, and taste of this plant are truly amazing. Yes, you did not read it wrong. It tastes good because scientists have created it in a way that is edible for humans.

5. Tulip Bulb

Tulip Bulb

The tulip bulb is a plant that was originated in holland in the 17th century and was priced at $5700 at that time. This price might seem expensive at this time so imagine how expensive it might seem during the 17th century.

These plants are one of those most expensive plants that come in different colors like pink, yellow, and red and are also known as the most beautiful flower.

The tulip bulb blooms during springs, and they have over 150 species and 3000 different varieties.

6. Monstera Obliqua

Monstera Obliqua

, Unlike other expensive plants, this plant does not have beautiful flowers, fragrance, and structure, but their unique features are what make it one of the most expensive plants.

The holes in the leaves of this plant are something that makes it a rare plant and is the prime reason why it is priced so high.

The price of this plant today is $3000, and you can find then on any online or offline store. Plant lovers usually get fascinated by its leaves, but people unaware of this plant may find the holes as the art of warms.

7. Variegated Philodendron Minima

Variegated Philodendron Minima

This plant is one of those most expensive plants that is only found in an online store called ‘Trade Me in New Zealand’ and is priced at $8,150. It is the most expensive plant sold on that website and is all worth it.

This plant has glossy foliage with deep-lobe light green color, but the price of a regular philodendron ranges from around $20 to $50. The variegated philodendron is unique and rare, and you can identify them by its blocks, streaks, and spots.

The leaves of this plant have three different colors: green, light green, and yellow, making them one of the most expensive plants.


plants and shrubs that can be planted in your house are all fun and games until realizing they can cost you more than your house. The prices of these expensive plants may vary, but the beauty of this plant is as unique as its price.

A plant lover would not even think once before investing in these plants because they know their benefits that no other plants can replace.

Which plant did you find the most beautiful?

Asher Pollan
Asher Pollan, with a Master’s in Botany from the University of Chicago, has been a plant enthusiast and educator for 16 years at a university. He joined our editorial team as a freelancer, sharing his knowledge of plant physiology, indoor gardening, and botanical science. His background includes roles in public gardens, as a horticultural therapist, and researcher, and taught the skills of everyday gardening to people in weekend workshops. He enjoys botanical illustration and participates in plant conservation initiatives.

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