What Could You Do with a New Retractable Awning This Summer!?


Warmer weather is nearly upon us, bringing in the season of life spent outdoors. Despite the anticipation of summer, once it comes, we often find ourselves wishing for cooler fall days.

No matter how much one loves the outdoors, the oppressive summer heat and glaring sun can confine us to the indoors much more often than we would like. If this scenario rings true, don’t settle for another summer spent in the AC. Consider what you could do with the protection of a retractable awning during the dog days of summer!

The Wonders of Retractable Awnings

Awnings are sought after for many reasons, but perhaps the most important reason is that they provide shade. Not only do they protect against the harsh rays of the sun so you to enjoy your outdoor activities, but they also keep your significantly cooler during the hottest days of the year.

Even better, their insulating properties prove useful year-round, since they keep your space warmer during the coldest months of the year. This all adds up to more time spent enjoying the outdoors, nature, and fresh air!

The benefits of an awning are endless when you consider all the things you could be doing outside. Whether you’re spending time on the patio or relaxing by the pool, there’s no better way to spend the day than under the protective cover of an awning.

Consider the extra space and entertaining possibilities adding an awning could create. Nearly any outdoor activity can be made more comfortable and inviting when you add in the protection of a retractable awning.

Conversely, if you prefer to bask in the sun on occasion, a retractable awning can be fully closed (retracted) to enjoy a completely open space. The sky is the limit, when you add a retractable awning, you transform the outdoors into the perfect space for year-round fun!

The Versatility of Retractable Awnings

If you’ve never had an awning before, you may not be aware of all the options currently on the market. There are several different types of awnings available, each offering their own unique advantages over others.

Awnings can be obtained in a variety of colors and material options including vinyl, fabric, metal, and much more! Some even come equipped with built-in lighting, as well as smart features like automatic retraction in response to inclement weather.

That way you can enjoy your porch, deck, or patio no matter what time of day it is. Moreover, if you find yourself out of town when a storm comes in, you won’t need to worry that your awning will become damaged because you aren’t home to retract it.

Retractable awnings can be customized to suit your unique needs, preferences, and style, no matter the size and shape of your deck, porch, balcony, patio, or roof!

The Benefits of Retractable Awnings

In addition to shade and protection from the sun/heat, retractable awnings offer many other attractive benefits, that you’re sure to love.

Thus, if you are still on the fence about upgrading your porch or patio, merely for the enjoyment of your family this summer, you will be pleased to find out that awnings provide many practical benefits as well! Consider them below:

Save Money on Utility Bills

Awnings aide in lower cooling costs during the hottest months of the year since they prevent sunlight and its associated heat from penetrating through your home’s windows.

This will help take the burden off your AC, while still keeping the interior of your home cool and comfortable. This is a two-fold benefit as it, not only saves you money on your electric bill, but also reduces your carbon footprint. A win for your wallet and the environment!

Keep Your Home Furnishings Protected

Another way retractable awnings save you money is by protecting your interior furnishings from the destructive impact of heat and UV rays. No longer will the sun fade your living room carpets, rugs, and furnishings.

Henceforth, your home will continue looking great, saving you money on the replacement of costly interior furnishings.

Protection With a View

If you are unsure that you want to give up the beautiful view’s nature has to offer, in exchange for protection from the sun, worry no more. You can enjoy the best of both worlds with today’s innovative lateral arm design.

This design adjusts to offer an unobstructed view, all the while offering superior protection from the heat and harmful UV rays from the sun.

A Defense Against Skin Cancer

For outdoor enthusiasts everywhere, skin cancer is a very real concern. When you add a retractable awning, you can enjoy spending time outdoors, until your heart is content, without the threat of sunburn, ageing, or skin cancer.


There are so many options available on today’s market, that there is an awning for nearly every price point. Don’t sacrifice the benefits of a new awning based on your presumption that you couldn’t possibly afford it. Awnings are budget friendly and save you money on your utility bills, making the investment well-worth the return.

Expand Your Livable Space

Most of us wish our houses were just a little bit larger. There never seems to be enough space to properly entertain or enjoy spending time together as a family. Adding a new awning is a simple, affordable way to create extra living space without the hassle and expense of remodeling or expanding your home.

Add Equity

Outdoor features remain popular for those in the market for a new home. Whenever you choose to add a retractable awning to your home, you will instantly increase its equity. This is especially beneficial if you plan to resell your home within the next few years.

So, what could you do with a new retractable awning this summer? The possibilities are truly limitless. Begin by considering your space and your needs. If you are still unsure of what you want, contact a reputable Denver awning installation company.

The experts will be able to offer advice and insight into the best styles, colors, and features, in view of your dreams, so you get what you want and what you need. With a retractable awning, you have the power to create the outdoor living space of your dreams, so you can get back to enjoying the outdoors through the summer and all year long!

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