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Where Do you display urns in your home?


Have you ever heard of a cremation ceremony? Well, if you haven’t, it is when a dead person is burned into ashes and is placed in a funeral urn. Several people want this kind of funeral because of their reasons. Maybe because spreading the ashes would seem more symbolic and respectful than burying them below the ground, or perhaps because it is cheaper than the traditional burial.

But the best thing about cremation ceremonies is that you can bring your dead family member with you in your home through the funeral urns. There are different kinds of urns that come in various styles and decorations.

If you want to decorate the urn of your dead family member, you can try searching for various headstones, cremation jewelry, and funeral urns from I mean, if your family member were still alive, he too would want his urn to look stylish to remind everyone he is still inside the house.

It is also advantageous to have a stylish urn because you can display them in different areas in your house. If you are looking for suggestions on the best place for your urn, I got you covered. Here are some tips on where you should display your urns in your home.

1.If you believe in Feng Shui

If you want a good Feng Shui in your house, you should consider displaying your urn on the areas of your house that emit vast amounts of positive energy. To know which areas of your home have high positive energy levels, you must first determine where your home is facing.

If it is facing at the east, southeast, northeast, or southwest, the area with high positive energy levels is in the northeastern and the northwestern part of your house. There are many more good Feng Shui that you should follow, so you better check it out.

2. Memorial Space

If you have an extra space in your living room, you can create a memorial space for your funeral urn. It would be best if the theme of your memorial space will incorporate the decoration of some plants around the funeral urn.

Having a beautiful memorial space is like making the grave of your dead loved one delightful, which is why an elegant memorial space is essential. If your funeral urn has a luxurious design, you can use the color gold or white in your memorial space.

If your urn has that minimalist design, you can make the theme of your memorial space simple. Don’t forget to place the pictures and other essential things in the memorial space.

3.Out of reach from children or accident prone area

The living room is where you often gather and interact with your family and guests. If you have kids, they will most likely play in your living room because it is the most significant area inside your house.

If you want to display your urns in your living room, make sure that it is away from children and it doesn’t get in the way. It would be a big mess if someone accidentally broke the urn. It would be better if you place it in safer areas of your house like on a book or plant shelf and always consider the room’s theme.

These are just merely our suggestions; where you place the funeral urn is still your decision to make. There might be some personal reasons that we fail to include in our suggestions. You can set the urn in your dead loved one’s favorite place in the house, or if he/she likes cooking, you can place the urn in the kitchen.


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