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Why You Should Choose South Carolina for Retirement


Retirement should always be followed by tranquility. Read more to know why retiring in South Carolina can be a wonderful idea.

After so many years of work, it is finally time to retire. Retirement can come with mixed emotions. One minute you feel emotional, while the next minute, you feel stressed. Whatever feelings you may go through, one thing that you will want after retirement is serenity. Besides, you will need to make a lot of decisions both financially and personally. From allocating your retirement money to several other personal decisions, it is common that you may not focus on where you should move after you retire.

With beautiful, floral pathways, history in every corner, expansive beaches, and rich history, South Carolina is one of the most alluring places to retire. South Carolina retiree taxes are also very low, which will ensure you have a pleasurable post-retirement experience.

You can ask anyone living in South Carolina, and they will give you a plethora of reasons why you should retire here. In this article, we will discuss a handful of these reasons.

Tax-friendly for Retirees

Tax planning is a top concern for most retirees as it eats away at your hard-earned income. But in South Carolina, taxes are low, and the policies are quite friendly for retirees. There is no tax on Social Security. Other retirement income taxes are low as well.

If you are under 65 years old, you can get a deduction of $3000. If you are older, you can claim up to a $15000 deduction on your taxes! This policy makes it easier to earn income apart from Social Security for senior citizens.

Property taxes here are almost half of that in other states. Also, upon meeting certain requirements, you may qualify for property exemptions which will lower your taxes even more!

Lower Cost of Living

Cost of living includes housing, food, taxes, etc. It may seem less when calculated monthly but adds up to a huge number yearly. South Carolina has a lower cost of living compared to other states, around 7% less! With an amazing neighborhood and an affordable way to live, South Carolina should be one of your top choices while considering places to retire.

Live Like You’re on Vacation

South Carolina guarantees your retirement to feel like a permanent vacation. Places like Greenville and Hilton Head Island are not only scenic but also offer an exciting lifestyle. These places are popular vacation spots where people from all over the nation flock on holidays. Imagine getting to call such a place home!

History in Every Corner

South Carolina is rich in history. Its history dates back beyond the Civil War. Founded in 1670, Charleston is one of the oldest cities that holds evidence of the colonial era of New England. Some of the most popular historical places in South Carolina include Fort Sumter National Monument, Hunting Island State Park Lighthouse, the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, etc. From the days of slavery to the Revolutionary war, the state has a lot of history. If history interests you, South Carolina is the perfect place for you.

The Weather

South Carolina has a humid subtropical climate. Winters here are mild, and summers hot and humid. The weather here is comfortable and brings along natural beauty in every season. Want to indulge in a flowery haven? You know where to go!

Art and Music

It is hard to find someone who does not love art. South Carolina is filled with amazing culture. Different art and music festivals take place throughout the year. For example, every spring there is a festival called Spoleto festival that runs for 17 days! Opera, theater, jazz, and dance fuse together to form the ultimate cultural show.


Do you enjoy the sea and beaches? South Carolina has the nicest beaches with some of the bluest ocean water. Palm-lined beaches and sandy dunes, along with amazing weather, makes SC the most favorite holiday destination for many. So if you are living in SC, you will have near you what a lot of people dream of.

Perfect Spot to Relax

A slow-paced, relaxed life is what South Carolina offers you. If you like calm, this place has got more than 80,000 acres of land to give you a feeling of leisure! There are numerous large parks where you can go for your morning or evening walk with your loved one and feel at peace. If you are more of an adventure-loving person, South Carolina has got attractions and fun activities that are highly rated.

Diverse Terrain

The fact that South Carolina has a wide diversity of places makes it an ideal place for a lot of people. There are mountains, forests, beaches and so much more. Just choose where you want to live.

Pick from the urban style to living in a small cottage near the beach, or you can have it all if you want!

If you love living amongst nature, you can choose the countryside. Living beside beaches can be a viable option for you too. If you like to live out loud, the town is more appropriate for you.

Beautiful, Naturally

South Carolina is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to live in. Filled with natural beauty in every corner, falling in love with this place is guaranteed. Want to watch the beautiful sunset with your loved one? Go to the beaches or enjoy the view of the sun hiding behind the mountains. One of the oldest and important parts of natural beauty in this state is the Angel Oaktree. Being over 400 years old, it stands as the epitome of South Carolina’s nature.

However, be aware of the fauna! Alligators and mosquitoes are some seriously unwanted things you may face in SC. This can be a drawback of South Carolina. But worry not. The police and animal control are always available to help you.

The Upcountry

The Upcountry is a more common name given to the upstate. This is one of the fastest-growing parts of the state. If you are looking to invest in real estate or any other business, the Upcountry is the place for you. From local business to foreign ones, such as BMW, the Upcountry has it all. If you own a property here and want to sell it, you’ll find the perfect buyers here.

If you are looking to buy a house, Upcountry is the place to go! Know what houses are available on cash sale.

The Sea Islands

The Sea Islands of South Carolina are like little worlds of their own. They date back to the time of slavery and the post-slavery era. On some islands, Gullah, the traditional language, is still spoken. It is fascinating that, after the Civil war, only the Gullah culture that was created by former slaves managed to survive in South Carolina among various African cultures.

The Feeling of Being in Movies

Yes, because of all the beautiful nature and weather, South Carolina does give a feeling of movies. But did you know that some of your most favorite shows were actually shot here?

“Life is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you are gonna get.” Rings a bell? Yes, the most famous Forrest Gump was shot in South Carolina. Other mentionable movies and shows that were based here are The Prince of Tides, House of Cards, and Good Behaviour.

Neighborhood and Hospitality

It is important to have a good neighborhood, especially after you retire. If you don’t have many members in your family, you need support from people living near you. In fact, after retirement, life can get pretty lonely. Your children are now grown up and naturally won’t have a lot of time to offer you. Thanks to the amazingly hospitable neighbors in South Carolina, you’ll never feel alone if you ask for help.

The neighborhood will also contain shops where you can easily go for your daily grocery shopping, restaurants that provide top-notch meals, hospitals to fall back to if you are feeling sick, and police stations to keep you safe. See? You have got everything that you need just a few steps ahead.

In addition to these, there are several senior living communities in South Carolina. If you need day-to-day assistance or some care now and then, know that these communities have got your back.

Even if you need to travel, there are senior citizen-friendly public transport and airports to help you make your travel experience comfortable.

After retiring, you want tranquility and safety wherever you live. The best part about South Carolina is that it has something to offer for everyone! The amazing beauty, notable landmarks, favorable tax policies, and a safe place to live are just some of the reasons out of hundreds why you should consider South Carolina to move to when you retire.

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