Why You Should Install Access Doors During Your Home Renovation Project

Why You Should Install Access Doors During Your Home Renovation Project

Access doors and panels are easy-to-install entry doors that you can install on almost any surface. However, most construction professionals prefer to install them during renovation, with a thorough plan that includes minor yet vital details such as access door installation. Here are the primary reasons you must install access doors during your home renovation project.

Quick Access

Access doors serve as quick access for the repair and maintenance team, which means that you need to strategically position them in areas near the HVAC system, ductwork, and plumbing system’s main line or control.

By considering installing it during renovation, you can save more from dismantling the walls and ceilings or cutting the surface where you want to install the access panel.

In addition, architects, engineers, and interior designers can give you professional advice on where you should install the entry doors to be highly functional and efficient.

Great Storage Space

Another benefit of installing access doors while renovating your house is maximizing storage space. Access doors can access a storage area under the stairs or behind the walls without sacrificing room areas.

Construction professionals can help you create additional storage space that safely secures your belongings from unauthorized access while keeping your house’s aesthetics.

Enhanced Safety and Security

The good thing about installing the access panels during renovation is that construction professionals can include the installation plan in their construction drawings, meaning they will install the access doors strategically.

By mounting the access door in a well-thought location, you can guarantee the safety and security of your family as it can prevent intruders from successfully accessing it. Enhancing the lock and latching mechanism will also help add an extra layer of protection, primarily if you use the access doors as quick access to safe or panic rooms.

In addition, installing durable access doors that strictly follow NFPA and local guidelines helps prevent potential safety hazards from oil, grease, and electrical fire accidents.

Great Roof Hatches or Skylight Designs

Suppose you are doing a major home renovation or at least a roof renovation. In that case, you can redesign your roof and install skylight roof hatches with transparent materials. They provide natural light to the home’s interior. In some instances, these models can also serve as ventilation access doors allowing outside air to flow freely inside your home to regulate indoor air temperature.

As roof hatches, the skylights can also serve as safe access to your roof areas from your home’s interior. Most skylight roof hatches have easy-to-open, well-insulated hinged covers. This access door feature is vital, especially during emergencies where rescue teams may need to access the house through the roof.

Well-planned Emergency Exit

One benefit of doing the access doors installation during the renovation process is that it allows you to incorporate all the upgrades, including installing an emergency exit which you can use when you can not use your main door to get outside.

Look for supreme-quality access doors that use highly insulated materials. You can choose from several access doors, ranging from Milcor security access doors and fire-rated models to those ideal in coastal areas. These models have distinct features and characteristics that you can utilize to maximize their advantages.

For example, choosing the NFPA fire-rated access door models can prevent the spread of fire, allowing you to utilize it as an emergency or fire exit without putting your entire household’s life at risk of catching fire.

In addition, the panels’ durable materials can also help prevent any inflammable materials, heat, flames, and smoke from getting inside your house.

Promotes Sustainability

Installing access doors and panels during renovation gives you enough time to choose the best sustainable materials for your home upgrades.

Though these access doors use steel and plastic as their primary materials, some models have specific designs to improve the home or any commercial and industrial building’s LEED points.

The wide range of LEED-certified access door collections includes general-purpose, insulated, fire-rated, weather-resistant, and exterior access doors, to name a few. Each model has its purpose, such as the external access doors, which are best to protect your home’s exterior wirings and cables from rodents and different weather conditions.

Enjoy Financial Perks

Incorporating the access door installation during the renovation process is one of the financial perks homeowners will enjoy as they can save more from the service fee.

Aside from that, there are several financial perks that these access doors will give you. It can help maintain your home’s temperature. Highly insulated access doors that can efficiently control the indoor air temperature helps your HVAC system not to overwork, which means a lower monthly energy bill as there is a minimal to no risk of indoor temperature fluctuation.

Final Thoughts

Installing the access doors during your home renovation project is a good idea. The people working on it can give you the best advice on which access panel to purchase and strategically install in your home to maximize its features and benefits. However, you must only purchase quality access doors that meet your needs and local or national guidelines to ensure their functionality and longevity. You can buy only from trustworthy construction supply stores like Access Doors, Panels, and Best Access Doors.

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