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10 Tips to Make the Most of Your Pool Season


You will want to squeeze every last drop of enjoyment out of having a pool in your backyard and enjoy as many fun-filled days swimming and relaxing around the pool as possible.

Having a good quality pool heat pump will help to ensure that your pool is always perfectly ready for a dip, and there are plenty of other ways to make the most of your pool season.

Here are some useful tips to maximize your pool time and enjoyment.

A heat pump lets you enjoy your pool for longer

Cooler weather doesn’t mean you have to cut short your pool time. You can extend the season with a range of different heating options that will help to keep the temperature just right.

Consider investing in a premium quality heat pump and think about solar covers for your pool. These options mean you can enjoy some quality family time in the pool even when the weather starts to get cooler.

Go solar for heat retention

When you have managed to get your pool to a good temperature you will want to keep it that way for as long as possible.

A solar cover will help extend your enjoyment for longer as it works well at retaining heat when the night draws in.

Install an enclosure

Depending on your location and the climate, you might want to consider installing a swimming pool enclosure next to your beautiful patio.

Having a pool enclosure will protect you from the elements and allow you to swim whatever the weather is doing.

Let timers take the strain

Making sure your pool is ready for use can sometimes be a bit time-consuming. A good way of being certain that your pool is ready when you want to use it would be to use automatic timers.

You can use timers to power your pool and turn everything on and off based on a schedule that works for you.

Have a backup

When temperatures plummet it can mean that your pool heat pump might be working too hard to keep your water warm enough.

You might want to ask your installer about the option of a gas heater as a backup. It is not the most eco-friendly option, but if you are using it as a backup option it will help extend your pool season.

Winterize your pool

Your aim is to extend your season as long as possible, but there will come a time when it’s time to close everything up. Properly winterizing your pool will ensure that it will be ready quickly when its time to use it again.

Consider a liquid solar cover

Applying this chemical liquid on a monthly basis will create a thin layer on the surface that you can’t feel, but it does help keep the heat in.

Solar sun rings might be a safer option

If you have any concerns about a solar blanket you might want to consider solar sun rings.

These rings act as a cover to keep your pool warm, but, crucially, they separate if someone fell into the pool. This makes them a potentially safer option for extending your pool season.

Heat exchangers are an affordable option for year-round swimming

Heat exchangers allow you to keep your pool warm if you are regularly using your heating system to keep the temperature at a certain level.

Titanium heaters

An alternative option to a heat exchanger, although more expensive, would be titanium heaters.

Designed to operate at maximum efficiency and to maintain an ambient temperature, titanium heaters are one way of making sure your pool is ready for use whenever you feel like taking a dip.

As you can see, there are loads of ways of extending your pool season. That means you can enjoy a swim and some quality family time whatever the weather.

Erica Puisis
Erica Puisis holds a Master’s in Civil Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, specializing in outdoor structures and recreational spaces. Since joining our website as a platform in 2020, Erica has provided insights into above-ground pool selection, installation tips, and maintenance practices. Her background includes roles in civil project management and as a freelance outdoor living consultant. Erica is a keen swimmer in her leisure time and participates in community environmental initiatives.

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