20 Beautiful Indoor Hanging Plants You Can Buy to Beautify Your Home

Indoor Hanging Plants

Love for plants is purely an eternal love which is more like an addiction. Plant lovers usually get addicted to buying more and more plants. And they always try to find new and unique places to keep their plants safe and look attractive.

Therefore, some plant lovers have discovered hanging plants. With time, the hanging plant becomes the new tradition to groom the house.

Since, it is a new technique to grow the plant, not every plant suit in hanging pots. If you do not have much knowledge about the variety of hanging plants, then your house may look like a mess.

Certain plants make the hanging pots even more attractive. In this source of intelligence, we have compiled some of the best hanging plants.

These plants may increase the beauty of any place. Read the below information to know much and buy these amazing hanging plants:

Air Plants

An Air plant is the best option as a hanging plant because it does not require any soil to grow. Hence, you can hang fancy pots instead of soil pots. In recent times people are hanging air plants in glass pots. The glass pot is like a ball with an air plant inside it. You can add lights, to make it more attractive.

Do not forget to hang the plant under bright sunlight and place full of air circulation.

Burro’s Tail

Burro’s tail is a plant that requires lots and lots of sunlight. The best part is, it does not require any water more often. They belong to the succulent family. This hanging plant has big flexible branches full of leaves that fall downwards. The leaves help the plant to grow even without water.

Since the leaves trail downward, therefore, it requires a lot of free space where it does not bump with anything. Water the plant once or twice a month.

Golden Pothos

These plants have long and wide yellowish-green leaves. It requires moderate sunlight to bring most of the colors. Under imbalanced sunlight, it may look ordinary plant. The best thing about Golden Pothos is that they are an air purifier and helps you to get a good sleep at night. Therefore, hang them in your bedroom for better sleep.

These plants look very elegant hanging in the room and have good health effects as well.

String Of Pearls

A string of pearls requires mud as well as sunlight to survive. As its name suggests the branches of the plant are full of small green pearls. It looks magnificent hanging on the walls. The green pearls are filled with water which helps the plant to survive even without water for days.

After blooming the plant gives white flowers. If you have a high ceiling and lots of free space then, hang this plant on your walls.

Silver Dollar

The silver dollar is another plant that can be hanged on the walls. It requires special pots made up of bamboo and ceramic material. It is another variety of succulents, which means it can survive with water for a longer time.

Choose a place with better sunlight for a silver dollar. Make sure you do not overload the plants near it as they require lots of free space to grow.


The beauty of orchids is incomparable to any plant. The flower creates a whole different aura wherever it grows. Choose a unique pot to hang the orchids. You can choose one with lots of straws and dry grass at the base. For these pots go for pink orchids.

Hang three-four pots in the same place for an even more beautiful look. Make sure the flowers get enough water and sunlight for healthy growth.

Boston Fern

Boston plant is traditionally from India. It is very famous in India. The plant has different arching fronds. If you are a greenery lover, go for this plant. The plant has long green leaves falling from the pots.

The requirement for Boston fern is soil full of moisture. But do not fill it with water all the time. There grow brown fronds in the plant. Cut them, for the healthy growth of green leaves.


Pansies are for those who love colors. Flowers of bright colors grow simultaneously in the pot with heart-shaped petals. The flowers look very attractive and can add 5 stars to the grooming of your bedroom. Choose a small basket to hand the plants in.

The color of flowers is generally yellow, white, blue, and Lavender. It depends on the choice of color combination. It prefers bright sunlight to grow.


Lobelia is a flower that grows in a mass quantity. The flowers are of electric blue, pink and white color. You can choose one according to your preference. Usually, the electric blue color of lobelia steals the show.

The green leaves coming out of a bunch of blue flowers look attractive. Decorate the beautiful pot of lobelia in your room to make it look more porches.

English ivy

English ivy is commonly known to cover the walls of houses. The plant has the unique property of spreading out more to cover the walls. You can copy the same idea and plant English ivy in a pot. The leaves will swing out of the pot and make your room look full of greenery.

The vines of plants give an elegant look to your place. Hang the plant at a good height because the vine grows long.

Bird Nest Fern

Birds Nest Fern is known to grow in a jungle environment. The plant looks very attractive hanging on the walls of the house. There are long branches below the plant and green leaves above it. You can decide whether you let the branches grow downward or let the leaves grow upward.

Do not expose the plant to sunlight. The bird’s nest prefers to grow in humid areas like the bathroom. Therefore, you can hang them on the walls of the bathroom.

Staghorn Fern

This plant prefers sunlight and grows at the side of a tree. Therefore, try to hang this plant close to nature, on the wall near to your garden. Indirect and bright sunlight helps the plant to grow with its full beauty.

Do not choose the regular pot to plant the Staghorn fern. Instead, go for a sleep wooden planter. These plants are pet-friendly.

Chinese Money Plant

The leaves of the Chinese money plant are in a coin shape. Therefore, it is named after the money plant. The branches are quite small as compared to the leaves therefore, sometimes it is also known as the UFO plant. The shape of the whole plant is geometrical.

The color of the leaves is green. The plant requires indirect sunlight with weekly watering. According to Chinese fortune, the money plant is responsible for the good fortune. The house with a money plant never runs out of money and household stuff.

Donkey’s Tail

Donkey’s trail is a variety of desert plants and hence a succulent. One can find lots of verities in this plant. The string comes in dolphin, heart, and pearl shapes. You can grow the plant according to the preferred height. Usually, donkey’s trails do not grow much longer therefore, choose a small pot to grow them.

It can bear a little more amount of water as compared to other succulents but do not forget to add succulent soil which can drain more and more water.

Angel Vine

Ahhh what a lovely plant it is!

It is also called a lace vine. It is mainly originated from New Zealand. The plant has beautiful vines with can take any shape. You can mold the vines into any desirable shape like heart, tent, etc. the plant requires minimal care and grow faster than any other plant.

You can also trim this hanging plant. If you want to give it a more aesthetic look then add some fake leaves to it. Make sure no one can suspect such leaves. Buy attractive indoor plant hangers to plant these vines.


Oxalis can be used as a hanging plant. The plant is originated in Brazil. The colors of oxalis are very attractive. It is available in bold colors ranges from violet to crimson. The growth of the plant is fast. It can show sprouting within one week only and blossom flowers within ten-week only.

Use a light color pot to plant oxalis as the leaves are of bright color. The leaves are triangle in shape.

Supertunia Petunias

This flowering plant can be the frigid to eyes. The beauty of the plant is very attractive. There are green leaves and beautiful lavender flowers in this plant. During the process, the flower changes its color to many shades.

Use a small pot to plant this flower as flowers grow in mass and fall out of the pot. It attracts lots of butterflies and hummingbirds. Therefore, if you are a bird and butterfly lover then, must try this plant.


Impatiens is also a bright color plant. The flowers are bright pink, and the leaves are dark green. It can be the best option to hang in your leaving area and bedroom. The flowers grow in mass and hence require lots of free space.

Try to plant it in a lighter shade pot or a room with a slightly lighter paint color. The flowers are going to add magnificent beauty to your place.


This hanging plant can make your room very cozy because of its color. The color is kind of maroon which also gives a pink shade. The flowers at long thin green branches. Use a wide pot to bring out the beauty of this flower.

Try to hang it in your bedroom to make it cozier in winter.

Fountain Grass

Do not be surprised by this plant. Trust us, it is going to look very attractive in a hanging pot. Add a medium-size pot and let the fountain grass come out of the pot. It is going to give a very furry vibe to your place.

The plant is very low maintenance. It does not require any trimming and regular watering. It can grow a whole year long.

These are the top 20 plants that you can plant on your hanging pots. Some of them are seasonal plants while some of them are evergreen.  Make sure you give the required environment to every plant for their growth.

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